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Its SUPER dissapointing that whoever voiced Green Lantern in JL War isnt reprising his role. As cool as Nathan Filion is all I hear is Nathan Fillion. The actor in War was one of the best parts of the movie. He was hilarious when he needed to be and serious when the time came for it.

I thought Hal Jordan finally had his iconic voice actor. Hopefully hes back in whatever sequel we will see to this. If he isnt than just stick with this voice cast. If its in the same continuity I dont want their voices to sound different in every film!

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@bigswarz: Like I said Bucky is the obvious and natural succesor to Captain America. Falcon is 2nd. I think the big reason that people are having any problems with this is that its happening at the same time as the female Thor thing. It looks more like a publicity stunt than actual character progression. If this had happened a few months ago no one wouldve cared. Oh and I actually do think a few people had problems with Bucky becoming Cap.

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Is the next big twist going to be that theres a new gay Iron Man?

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Of course. I dont like it all that much but at least it makes sense unlike female Thor. If there was anyone other than Bucky that was going to take up the Captain America mantle it would be Falcon.

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Im loving this series and Futures End a whole lot! This book is great at building up mystery and the artwork for the most part is great especially in the past 2 issues.

Its just a shame that no one is reviewing Futures End. Its gotten really interesting and I'm loving characters that I never expected I would like. It reminds me alot of 52 in the way that it focuses on B-C list characters.

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absolutley ridiculous. THOR is a person not a freaking mantle/codename like Batman, or Captain America. There it makes sense someone will take their place when they die (Dick and Bucky). Thors a dude.

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@illmatic4177: I understand that comepletley. What I'm saying is that in this particular month DC MAYBE couldve come out on top if not for original sin. Thats all. Its not like theres NEVER been a month thats happened.

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@manwhohaseverything: except thats not exactly true. Marvel has a big event going on that double ships while DC does not. The numbers would likely be slightly in DCs favor if not for Original Sin.

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This is real tough. I love both shows!

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@nahuel: Dont give up hope yet. It looks like DC is launching a TON of new books in October.\ I wouldnt be surprised to see Cyborg pop up soon. Maybe even at SDCC