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This is a bit of a tough one for me since I started reading comics regularly in trades first not through single issues. I also started alot later than most, when I was in my first year of college. For me it would be:

Batman and Robin, Dark Victory, All Star Superman, and Ultimate Spider-Man

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The Barry is the Reverse Flash theory is definitley interesting and I could see somehting like that happening but I dont think thats where theyre going to go with it. I think its something along the lines of having the 2 Reverse Flashes being Wells from different points in his life. There could a younger and an older one. Wells name is probably Eobard Thawne and Eddie is his grandfather or something.

I do think Eddie will become Zoom at some point though, with a story similar to that of Hunter Zolomon

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Its crazy how nearly all Marvel books are 4.99 now! I was thinking of giving this a shot but the price seriously turns me off. The same thing happened with the SHIELD comic the other week.

It was the last week of the year and my pull list was super small. I had also started watching SHIELD on netflix so I was a bit curious. It wouldve been the first Marvel issue I bought in at least a year but lo and behold the dang issue was 5 BUCKS!

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This trailer was pretty much nothing. Not good, not bad...just there. I like Paul Rudd alot though so I do have some hope for it, its just disappointing that Edgar Wright isnt involved anymore and honestly that doesn't bode well for the movie. I can see this being Marvels first box office failure. It may break even on the Marvel name alone but it isnt going to be the surprise hit Guardians of the Galaxy was.

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Bull. The people voting for Terry had little to no knowledge of Damians abilities, especially his skill and healing factor. They seriously downplayed his skill just because he said he wasn't as good as Dick or Bruce. Just because he isn't as good as them doesn't mean he's as unskilled as Terry.

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Aquamans movie is coming out this month so its gotta be him

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@scouterv: Just because he isnt as skilled as Bruce or Dick doesnt mean hes as unskilled as Terry. Terry has had a bit of training under Bruce at an older age, while Damian has been trained under him for probably somewhere between 7-10 years depending on how old he was when he took over not to mention his training from the League. Theres no question that Damian is more skilled.

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@scouterv said:

I think Terry can take him.

Terry is pretty skilled in most instances these days, and I'd argue he matches Damian on pure skill at least, and even Damian admits he can't match Dick and Bruce anyway.

Terry has the superior gear. His batsuit and his gear are far more than what Damian has at his disposal, just from the Beyond series alone. I believe Terry has a new suit now, since fighting the Justice Lords or at least his old one has upgrades.

Terry, I think, would also have the tactical advantage. I believe he'd take Damian on a psychological playing field the same way he took Joker. He's arrogant (Damian,) and more than likely Terry will exploit that, though I don't know how Damian would react being older.

Then the physicals should be within Terry's range as well, as the suit already made him pretty powerful and he could take blows from Superman.

I honestly don't see how Damian could take this. At the very least, he could POSSIBLY stalemate if Terry can't put him down, but Terry can probably keep the damage up. I see Terry taking this 8/10 times.

Damian takes this for one major reason that everyone seems to be forgetting. Damian as Batman has a Healing Factor. Hes also been trained by the League of Assassins since 3 and Batman since he was 10. Hes also far more ruthless than Terry. I would say Damian takes it.

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Not even a contest. BATMAN

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Hes probably the best Robin at a skill level but when it comes to things like teamwork and following orders he falls short. He's still young though so he has plenty of time to grow. He may not be the best Robin because of those shortcomings but he is my favorite Robin.