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There are some really cool looking books in September. As someone whose enjoying Futures End its exciting to see that world expanded upon!

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Superman/Wonder Woman has been pretty good so far in the New 52 so I really dont have any problems with this. I just cant wait for the movie! I enjoyed JL War alot so of course Im SUPER pumped for the sequel.

The only disappointing bit of news is Nathan Fillion coming back as Hal. I never thought I would be saying those words, but the voice actor in War was one of the best parts of the movie. Whenever I hear Nathan Fillion as Hal all I hear is Nathan Fillion.

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Such a cool issue! This and Futures End were great this week. Cant wait to see where the story is headed!

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This is a great review and what I expected after seeing the trailers. I figured it wouldnt be anything other than a fun popcorn flick, and you know what thats okay! Not every movie has to be super deep or groundbreaking. This looks like a good time.

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Please...please please PLEASE bring him back! Damians one of my favorite characters in comics and I really miss the little bastard. I'll be seriously pissed if they dont bring him back and we get a new Robin instead.

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@micah: yeah and EVERYONE knew it was coming. Ever since Disney bought the rights to Star Wars and Dark Horse lost the rights to Star Wars comics everyone knew it was only a matter of time before Marvel started doing Star Wars. Not a surprise, and hardly an announcement

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Batman v Superman teaser and Wonder Woman were some of the only good things to come out of this very "meh" Comic Con. Its a bit of a disappointment really! There were hardly any COMIC announcements at this COMIC con

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The test footage is awesome! Ryan Reynolds really is great for the role. Hope FOX gets the hint that fans want more of this!

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Im glad some people agree with me lol. I cant believe how much everyone dropped the ball. Unless they come out of left field and actually decided to announce some stuff tomorrow its all over. :(

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Heres another picture. Also Superman!