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@rustyroy: he really didnt have that much input on the Green Lantern movie. He really didnt have any control or creative decisions.

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2.) You should be happy to hear that Tom Cavanaugh is still a series regular for next season then!

4.) There was really no reason for Thawne to escape. He NEEDED Barry to create the wormhole, and to complete the Timesphere. He couldnt convince Barry to run and make the portal by force. He was exactly where he wanted to be. In a seemingly vulnerable position and trying to reason with Barry to change things so that they could both have their way. I also believe he sorta let himself get captured for that very reason.

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@dan12456: If by nowhere in sight, you mean a giant wormhole opening trying to erase all of existence, then sure. Nobody said a paradox would be as simple as waking up in an alternate timeline. Eddie only killed himself because Thawne existed. If Thawne didnt exist then Eddie wouldnt have killed himself so Thawne would exist again. If Thawne existed it would lead to the Eddie killing himself ect. ect. so on and so forth. It is a huge paradox that folds on itself. Thats why the giant wormhole opened and tried to swallow this timeline. We will see repercussions in the next season for sure.

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@eyedcyou: That could be the case. I thought of that as well, but Im hoping that theyve seen the backlash and reacted accordingly to it. I dont HATE the tattoos as much as some people, but the forehead one is the one that I just cant defend.

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@eyedcyou: He has a ton of tattos across his chest, and that forehead tattoo that clearly arent visible. He may have the tattoo across his stomach though

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@the_kidd said:

Wow, where was all this paparazzi when they were filming BvS?

@_mongul said:

I really like Leto's Joker mannuerisms.

I think he's going to kill it.

Like wise.

It seems like they were MUCH stricter with security on the Batman V Superman set. Its sorta amazing in this day and age how little leaked from that set, especially considering how anticipated the movie is.

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invisible lol. Here all the time, but in the background

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Its a backlash towards its popularity. It happens with everything. Take Frozen for example. There is also the element of the Marvel V DC rivalry. A lot of DC fans are sick and tired of Marvel fans constantly bashing every little thing that comes out of the DC films like announcements, pictures, teasers, ect. So in response they attack the MCU. The MCU isnt perfect and shouldnt be treated as the end all be all of superhero films like some people treat them.

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Some crazy stuff here! Someone (presumably in the film crew) shot video of a scene of Harley and the Joker arguing in the Suicide Squad. Possible a flashback, or something since Harley looks to be in civilian clothes. A thing to note is that Joker doesnt seem to have the tattoos! At least not to the extent that we saw in the promo shot! Oh an Harley has her accent.

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found out about it at theres another video at this link of another take if youre interested