Dream Injustice: Gods among us roster!

So in the Gamespot article they reported that there would be AT LEAST as many characters in Injustice as there where in Mortal Kombat which shipped with 28 characters. With only Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Solomon Grundy, and Harley Quinn announced that leaves at the very least 22 characters left. This gives me ALOT of hope for this game since they will really have to pull from beyond the mainstream to fill out such an expansive roster.

Here are some characters I hope are in the game

Lex Luthor: All but confirmed. One of DC's most popular characters and he is seen in the trailer in his power suit

Captain Cold: Flash is getting ice shot at him in the trailer. VERY likely

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan): One of DC's most popular characters and he was in DC v MK. Positive he will be in it

Sinestro:(alternate GL costume would be awesome)



Black Canary







Red Hood

Robin: (probably Tim Drake unfortunately since Damian is still too young)





Booster Gold

Blue Beetle


Martian Manhunter


Any and all of these characters would be awesome in the game!


Marvel's ridiculous event tie in strategy

A few years back when I started buying comics on a weekly basis I picked up quite a few books from Marvel, most notably the Avengers. I had started with issue one and I was enjoying it just fine. Then Fear Itself happened. An event that I had NO interest in all of a sudden just derailed the Avengers for a few months and I just stopped picking it up. In fact it helped me decide to drop every Marvel book from my pulls, and I almost exclusively started buying DC.

I absolutely HATE the way Marvel handles their big events. I dont buy Marvel much anymore but from what I can see if anything this "strategy" of theirs has gotten even worse. AvX has tied in to every Avengers and X-Men title for around three issues now and Im not sure if its going to stop for another couple of issues. The OTHER big problem is that their events happen ALL the time! so a couple of times a year the ongoing stories in those books just grind to a halt unless you are into the event.

I understand the purpose of it. It creates a world that is more interconnected but it just gets ridiculous in my opinion.


How I would relaunch a Booster Gold ongoing in the DCnU

With the news that JLI is probably being canceled I realized that one of my favorite characters Booster Gold will once again be without a home. One of the BIGGEST dissapointments of the New 52 to me was its treatment of Booster Gold who had a received a tremendous development since 52 and which was all lost with the relaunch. In fact its one of the main reasons I had dropped JLI after its first arc.

Now if JLI is being canceled this would be the perfect time to relauch Booster in his own ongoing. The greatest thing that could happen in this series, to me at least is if it was relauched like this.

Booster Gold wakes up one morning after the disbanding of the JLI and is struck with a massive headache. All of a sudden memories of his Pre Flashpoint life start coming back to him along with the events of Flashpoint. This happens due to him being the only other main DCU character that made it into the Flashpoint event other than the Flash himself, and his previous time traveling and multiverse saving activities. This gives Booster a new mission. To find travel the timestream and find out what exactly happened to the DCU and why it was altered like it is. But first he has to find a timesphere and Rip Hunter!

Well at least I think it would be cool