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and if you like this go and check out Edmondson and Gerads creator owned series at Image the Activity

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@pikahyper: I think the absolute imperative is that the people who are page rated are distinguishable from those who are not & a two tier system would work with that.

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This is something I'm not the biggest fan of, but it can increase traffic to the site through Google searches, so as much as I hate it, it's for the greater good.

Thankyou for the clarification.

Is it possible to increase the list of 'Creators' roles so less are going into the system as 'other'?

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@g_man: could you please clarify if having 20-30 'other' listings in the credits for every Image title is the way forward?

Many thanks

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indeed for everything comics..... not for eveything business though. Surely these people have to be put under 'other' as the database was not designed for this info.

I would love to hear input from @comicvine

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@nodnolan: That may be how Image "works" but that is not always how it always plays out, some of those people in the Image credits do actually work on the actual comic, sometimes it is reflected in the main credits section sometimes it's not, not every creative team can put together a book from start to scratch, sometimes they need help and that is what Image provides.

The people who makethe comics. (In the case of EGOs Stuart Moore, and Gus Storm) write the credits and design the inside cover. That portion is the top two thirds of the comic is the people who made the comic.

The bottom portion is the standard indicia (provided by Image but including copyright info) this is a set text that include people who work for Image but who DID NOT produce the book.

I do not get why this is difficult to differentiate.

The Joe Q, Alan Fine thing is different, those are ludicrously mandated to be in the credits page. That is different from the set text in the indicia.

Robert Kirkman had NOTHING to do with Morning Glories. Its a book in Valentino's part of Image. There is absolutely no way that Kirkman should be on the database credits page of the book once, let alone for 5 issues.

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@pikahyper: Thats exactly what i'm saying all those production artists and production manager had nothing to do with the comic. Thats how Image comics works.

I don't buy Marvel comics, but I would absolutely agree that Alan Fines involvement in the creation of books is questionable. Joe Quesada may make it to the odd Creative assembly so it is possible he may have had limited involvement.

With Image the comic is completely designed and created by the people in the credits, who simply supply a high res finished comic. The people in the company information have absolutely nothing to do with the comic and to include them in the credits is doing a disservice to the creators.

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@pikahyper: Credits for that Ego #1 issue are in the big text. Everything else is corporate bumf. Image has been listing all that in comics for their 20 year history.... so why has people putting it on comic vine only started in the last 5 months.

It is not valid to the creation of that comic. They are credited in big text. (which is equivalent to the date on a Marvel credits page) it is valid to the working of the company. They do not work on the individual comics.

Robert Kirkman being Chief Financial Officer of a company SHOULD NOT qualify him for being on the credits of every comic Image produces, especially as Comic Vine has functions that list the amount of 'appearances' of a creator for a comic. Kirkmans not had ANY input but he'll appear above fill in artists an letterers. and within a couple for months his Marvel Team Up, his Brit, His Tech Jacket will be buried below any long running series.

People Use the Database to go and see what Kirkman has written. Not what he has been CFO for.

Surely it wouldn't be considered to put Stan Lee in the listing of everything that Said 'Stan Lee Presents...' for Marvel in the 90's as that was just contractual obligation and he had nothing to do with the comic.

Its all well and good being the most completist database out there, but if you're putting so much unneccessary info in a listing that its making it difficult to find information in database searches it should stop.

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Its obvious what should be in the credits on this page. The text is hardly even readable bottom left next to Image's 'i' and I absolutely believe should not count as credit worthy in issue details. It devalues the database if it is included.