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To the Spider-Man-oriented thread voters : 
Peter made a deal with the devil...
...that still in effect ?

Wonder Man beat Wolverine bad in Infinity Crusade
but was defeated by Thor in an Avengers Annual
only because Thor threw the full power of Mjolnir
plus the full power of lightnings from the sky in his last hit.
This Thor was Eric Masterson I believe though.

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Oops ! Just saw I was answering the first page of the topic after having posted...
Going to catch up to the other pages :P

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Hi. I just registered.
I like him. 

He's my favorite with Quasar & Nightcrawler very close behind...
(My real life self is more like Nightcrawler actually...)
Nothing going for him ? He is the TERRAN Superman ! Think about it !
I'm not racist but you get my meaning >;P 
A "not perfect" Superman, often doubting, often shy.
Actually, he DID get a decent costume by Jeff Johnson (penciler). 

That was the costume most like a Terran Superman,
but Jeff subsequently drew him in a new costume in the last issue he penciled.
After that, subsequent writers / artists rarely came back to the previous one...
and, in my humble opinion, it mostly got worse,
except I like his ionized form. It also makes sense with the "new" rather unknown powers
revealed in his ongoing series. 

Good luck not liking him, he is still there in the 31st century as Hollywood ;) sorry  

Also, why not a movie with him ? After all, he is an actor ;) 
Wonder Man The Movie
Bits of trivia :   
Alternate Wonder Man
(from Exiles)  
furthering my point :
Initials :  
Wonder Man
Wanda Maximoff  

Simon Williams
Scarlet Witch 

(taken from a letters page in the ongoing series)
Also, there's him :

That answers your question ? ;)