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So the new 52 doesn't effect the movies or television shows, or the games. Thats not confusing at all. What was the point of the new 52 nonsense if it didn't impact everything else too?

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I'd love to see a Daredevil game which was just as in depth and satisfying as the Arkham series has been.

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Absolutely love the shot of Groo, makes me want to run down to my basement and dig out my collection to read it all again. Thank you or that!

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The Devil, hands down. While I know all about Grayson having tech in his suit and an excellent teacher in Batman, give the Devil his due. All of he other sense are heightened, its much more then a radar. He can hear a fly buzzing blocks away (Guardian Devil). He can fight through loud noises (Underboss), which a lot of people think would stop him. He never gives up, no matter how tough things go and when he is pushed, it never turns out good for the one doing the pushing (Hardcore). Daredevil is an amazingly strong character and I feel much more motivated to persevere then Nightwing, trouble with the Devil is, and always has been, when he isn't in his own book he is forced into jobbing to more popular characters. If this were to happen, feel Grayson would win for that reason and that reason alone, he is more popular. If I were writing it, the battle would be long, drawn out, and see both men tested to their limit. In the end, Matty's drive and pugilist attitude would see Grayson down for the ten count.

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Weightless Sojourn, the fourth in my "Signature Series" is now available at!

Appreciate you taking a look!


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I remember being excited for the Crow television show when it was in development. Was hoping there would finally be a faithful adaptation of the book. Instead he cried black ink and fought snakes. Then there was the Blade television show, was also looking forward to that. Didn't get past the first half hour of the pilot before I turned it off. Maybe I expect too much, maybe not. Must say, with Ed Bernero mentioned, I am a little hopeful for a Punisher show. Do love Criminal Minds a great deal.

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Cross between a Pepperoni Pizza and a well made `Home style` cheeseburger when I`m out and Tacos or Fajitas when I`m in. Best desert is my fiance`s amazing cheesecake when I`m in, or an ice cream cone when I`m out.

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This is something I used to have a strong opinion on, felt very strongly these "real life superheroes" were all lunatics. After watching the Superheros Documentary from HBO my opinion changed. Several of them are doing good things and are incredably brave. Dark Guardian, for example, goes out and confronts drug dealers head on. Showing no fear, even when a person threatens violence, he stands his ground. The man was almost twice his size, totally intimidating, and Dark Guardian made him go away; he made that area of the park safe. Another one is Life, he spends most of his time getting to the know the homeless on a personal level, handing out food and drinks at his own personal expense. He wears a costume so people take notice of what he is doing, leading by example.

Do feel more then a handful of them have some issues, Master Legend comes readily to mind, he was not portrayed well in the documentary. Quite a few of them are untrained and will get hurt when they upset the wrong person, nonetheless, their hearts are in the right place and the idea of doing good deeds loudly is a good one.

The story of Kitty Genovese is a great example of why these people are popping up and several of them say hers was the story that inspired them, thirty eight people watched her get brutally killed in a New York neighborhood on March 13, 1964 and no one did a thing. Its terrible and not totally isolated around the world. Scream rape and no one comes running. Scream fire and you have a crowd.

If a "real life superhero" stops someone from doing something terrible, stops someone from becoming a victim, does any kind of good at all, its worth it. Period. Can't take the crazies and lump them up with the ones who are making a difference. Every clique has a few bad eggs. Pay attention to the ones doing good things and not the ones failing. Would be nice if the media showed the good for once. Guess a man handing out food and water while sitting down with a homeless man in a costume that looks like a dead cowboy isn't sensational enough.