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Character Info


Name: Arthur Farington

Codename: The Nobleman

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blonde

Age: 26

Height: 6'4

Weight: 300lbs

Identity Status: Secret

Nationality: American

City: New York City

Aliases: Noble, Captain Noble, Holy Patriot, The Highborn

Arthur Farington gained his abilities from the mysterious cosmic-entity known as Origin who crafts a "Saviour" every thousand-years throughout the Galaxy. Although unknown to Arthur, he was chosen as he is a descendant of a long-lost prince/warrior whom Origin had once considered. Charles Merrick, a publicist who made it his mission to make a difference in the world, decided to craft Arthur into something more - something special. Arthur, with help from the public, began to go by the name of Nobleman (or simply "Noble"), the Highborn.

Powers and Abilities

Nobleman is one of the most powerful super heroes on the planet. He has massive amounts of super strength due to his body constantly feeding energy from Origin. He has heat and x-ray vision, and can fly at incredible speeds. He has a sonic scream strong enough to blow peoples heads off.

Supporting Characters



The original team lineup consisting of Captain Nebula, Smackdown, Battle-Max, Alerion, Jawsmith, Headlong and Jetwing were disbanded after Battle-Max had a mental breakdown and destroyed Harlem, resulting in many deaths. Years later, Nobleman brought the idea of reviving the team in response to the public-fear against other groups and the ongoing-war against Government agency T.H.R.O.N.E. The new lineup consists of Nobleman, Lodestar, Blackstorm, Arcane, Speedhawk and Goldsmith.

Lodestar - Lodestar (also known as Lady Lodestar) is a sport/company-sponsored hero who is often referred to as Nobleman's female counterpart. At one point the Government had the two fake a relationship to gain public-interest. Lodestar is a member of the Trinity.

Blackstorm - Alexander Black (also known as Black Bill) is a hero that worked under strict-Government orders. After brutally murdering supervillain Trank on live television and earning a bad name for himself, the Government threatened to throw him back out onto the streets. Blackstorm was eventually recruited into the new and revived Absolutes. He is considered one of the most dangerous superhumans on Earth and is looked upon by many as a God, with some worried about his full potential. Member of the Trinity.

Arcane - Arcane/Andros is a sorcerer. Arcane is good-hearted, often putting his teammates before himself. Arcane gained his powers from an ancient stone, giving him the "Power of Wisdom".

Speedhawk - Speedhawk is a speedster who is very new to the vigilante lifestyle and is constantly trying to live up to the celebrity-status of an every day hero.

Goldsmith - Goldsmith is a superhero in possession of a gauntlet with undiscovered power.

The Brave Family

Originally just a poor family of superhumans, the Brave's decided to reveal themselves to society and become the union the world solely needed. They are considered the most notorious among the superhero community and have made a fortune out of their career. Noble Causes (Family) parody.

Maddox "Sir" Brave - Leader and father of the Brave family.

Questrey "Quest" Brave - Maddox's husband. Possesses many mystical/witch-like abilities.

Lycoris Brave - Half-human/alien, Lycoris is the biological son of Ouestrey and step-son of Maddox. It was revealed that Lycoris is actually the son of the Brave's from an alternate dimension.

Alexander Bolton "Bolt" Brave III - Also known as Bolt-Boy and Cobolt, Bolton is a super-speedster. During the period of when his father had been MIA, Bolt left the Brave family to experience being a hero on his own, re-naming himself "Bolt-Boy". Bolt is the founder of the Teen-Superiors, a group of teenage-outcasts formed in retaliation towards Government-Agency T.H.R.O.N.E. When his father returned, he approached Bolton, begging him to return home - Bolton initially declined, stating that being with the Superiors made him feel 'more at home'. When Elliott had a near-death experience at the hands of supervillain Snowstorm, Bolton returned to the Brave's, reuniting with his true family. Bolton has a robotic-bird named Gil whom he found while traveling with the Gypsies.

Dextra "Dex" Brave - An adopted-mutant who possesses stellar energy-based powers.

Orianthi "Ori" Brave - Considered the "Diva" of the family.

Jarek Brave - Jarek is Questrey's second-cousin and joined her in the formation of the Brave family after discovering his abilities and when his family threw him out. Jarek is able to harden his skin, having incredible resistance to harm.

Sunblast - Maddox's powerhouse-brother and Orianthi's boyfriend.

Rocket Brave - Rocket is the youngest of the family and has only began learning of his abilities; as of recent, he has shown super-strength, super-speed, vast healing factor(s) and mild flight. Maddox has assumed that Rocket's powers derive from Sunblast.

Droid Brave - Droid is the Brave's personal robot and assistant. It was revealed that Droid was built as a replica/memory of Maddox and Questrey's old friend Drew who died during the early days of superhuman riots. Drew is the biological father of Lycoris from an alternate reality in which Maddox was the one who died during the riots and Drew became Questrey's husband and father of her children.

Thunder Eagles

The Thunder Eagles is a well-known team of heroes that originated in Phoenix, Arizona.

Captain Blast - Leader of the Thunder Eagles, Blast is a mutant.

Starblitz - Starblitz is the title of many Galactic heroes, although Valeria gained her abilities from a dying star and decided to use the codename 'Starblitz' to honour the original who died during 9/11.

The Tellurian - Also known as Outlander, Tellurian is an alien from the planet Nepon. Tellurian is supposedly the last surviving member of his race and was at first identified as a Global threat.

Virtual Man - An A.I. that uses the body of the deceased-supervillain The Absorber.

Will-Power - A street-hero/fighter with super-strength.

Lighthammer - A hammer-wielding hero who identifies himself as a 'God' (mentally unstable).


Founded by Holy Joe.

Holy Joe - Founder/leader of V-Power. Holy Joe possesses super-strength, speed, stamina, flight, etc.

Sprinkler - Said-to-be sibling of Diver-Jack.

Dr. Ozone - Also known as the "Space Centurion", Dr. Ozone is a symbiote-infected human with many astral-powers.

Avator - A shape-shifter alien.

The Blu - Super-speedster.

Victor the Vigor - Giant-like superhuman.


The Meta-Men is a team of mutants brought together by William Goodman. Although seen as outcasts and orphans, the team is somewhat respected by the general public.

Plasman - A mutant with the abilitiy to absorb all-energy and release it through his hands. Plasman is the leader of the Meta-Men.

Maximal-Man - A beast-like mutant with an aggressive nature. Possesses super-strength.

Windchill - Windchill has ice-based powers and was trapped in his ice-form when he was young.

Endo - A woman with endless abilities yet to be discovered/unleashed, she is considered the most dangerous mutant/member of the Meta-Men.

Starshot - Starshot has many inferno-abilities.

Jumper-Jack - Teleporter.

The Sentinels

One of the few teams not affected by Government officials.

Allan The Mighty/Al-Mighty - Leader of The Sentinels.

Diamond Man - A superhuman with the ability to turn his skin into metal. Diamond Man has held a grudge against Allan for being the leader of The Sentinels and has constantly tried to take his role.

Silver Eidolon - Eidolon has a gem implanted in his chest, giving him many mystical abilities.

Thrasher - Has no superhuman abilities, but has proved his worth as a hero.

Powermount - A Transgender hero.


A group of teenage heroes, the team was formed in retaliation towards T.H.R.O.N.E.

Bolt-Boy - (Also known as Bolt Brave) Founder and former leader of the Superiors, as well as a member of the Brave family. Bolt-Boy was mainly inspired by the failure of The Absolutes.

Skybird II - Helena is the heir of the original Skybird (her father).

Shadowstep - Black Bow's sidekick.

Highlighter - The most powerful member of the Superiors and current leader.

Retribution Squad

A team formed by Government-Agency T.H.R.O.N.E. Avengers parody.

Major America - A soldier hand-picked by T.H.R.O.N.E. to become an example of hope to America. Although said to be born the way he is, his real origin of his peak abilities came from a synthetic drug that the Government had stolen/exploited from scientist Doug Solarin.

Armor Man - Armor Man is a hero that has equipped himself with a suit of armor designed for battle. Unknown to many, Arthur is required to wear the armor after months prior when he needed a substitute for his blood infection that was slowly killing him.

The Lord - Lord is considered the powerhouse of the Retribution Squad. Behind the scenes, Lord is very violent toward his teammates and has engaged in sexual assault against Beretta, stating that it is her obligation to "serve" and "please" her country.

Smackdown - Smackdown was once a member of The Absolutes but quit after their forced disbandment. Smackdown is a giant-blue beast.

Beretta - A T.H.R.O.N.E. agent, Beretta joined the Retribution Squad as a subsitute for her service in Prison, offering her services to The Government.

Purple Archer - The Purple Archer is a vigilante that works for the team as their "inside man".

T.H.R.O.N.E. (Tactical Homeland-Regime Operations and National Enforcement)

An American peace-keeping organisation/force tasked with keeping superhumans in check, they oversee most incidents that occur and have a close relationship with the Pentagon. According to Maxwell Thrones, T.H.R.O.N.E. is the only thing standing between humans and superhumans from an 'all out war'.

Known Members:

Dwight "Jester" Campbell - Jester has been somewhat involved with T.H.R.O.N.E. for many years. Campbell is said to never age due to receiving the same treatment as superhero Major America.

Maxwell Thrones - Head of T.H.R.O.N.E., Maxwell is the son/heir of the original founder, William Thrones. Maxwell has a deep hatred for superheroes and has exploited his power over them for his own means.

Asher "AC" Cadman - Head of the research department.

Church Sommerfield - Tech-master.

Drusilla "Dru" Korben - Head of Division B.

Robert "Rush" Rushman - Agent.

John Burrows - Killed in action.

Wallace "Wally" Welkin - Pilot of the carrier, Welkin is not a follower of the political war against humans and super's.

Jacob "Pak" Preston - Pak is considered the muscle of T.H.R.O.N.E. - at one point he engaged in a brawl with Diamond Man when testing the serum stolen from Doug Solarin which proved to be a success. He also killed superhero Jetwing.

Percy Ward - Originally a bounty-hunter, Ward was recruited by Thrones after seeing his potential as a soldier, hoping he didn't end up playing for the 'wrong side'.

Caulder Vance - Weapons specialist and Jester's supplier.

Oswald "Oz" Larsen - Physicist.


Charles Merrick - Nobleman's mentor/guidance.

Midguard - A God-like hero, Midguard has been said to be a Viking and thus is one of the most powerful superhumans on the planet.

Trackstar - Speedster who considers himself 'the fastest man alive'.

Black Bow - Black Bow is a vigilante archer and mentor of Shadowstep. Green Arrow parody.

Diver-Dave - A hero that resides in Atlantis and said sibling of Sprinkler.

Tyrik Solarin - Tyrik Solarin is a bounty-hunter that works for the ASL (American Superhuman League), contracted to hunt down meta-humans. Tyrik himself has cybernetic implants (making him a Cyborg) and is capable of emitting powerful electrical discharges from his hands.


Christopher "Cash" Delmore - Cash Delmore is head of Delmore Inc., holding a grudge against Nobleman after discovering that Origin had chosen him as the "Saviour". Delmore had been studying Origin his entire adult-life after the Khrelan invasion on Earth years prior, making a deal with the invaders to assist in turning Origin's energy into a nuclear weapon.

Trank - Deformed-mutant that can alter his size. Known enemy of Captain Blast, murdered by Blackstorm.

The Absorber - A scientist whose body had died yet reformed itself into a radiated-state. Killed in action. Body currently in use by Virtual Man.

Orbital Man - Highly-powerful superhuman that can alter the earth's atmosphere.

Vordan - Known member of the Khrelan and ally of Cash Delmore.

Snowstorm - Former superhero. Snowstorm has the ability to control the weather. Known enemy of the Brave Family.

Don Reaper - 2000-year old Vampire that was resurrected by descendants.

Bo and Arrow - A supervillain-duo and World-class archers. Known enemies of Black Bow.

Jawsmith - Former superhero and original member of The Absolutes.