Witchblade Inspires Jim Lee's Gaga Costume Much?

Jim Lee loves to do re-designs of popular costumes we all know and love, often drawing inspiration from character designs we may already be familiar with. Take his Wonder Woman costume re-design, for example. Was it a coincidence that she looks a little bit like Rogue from his early days at Marvel?

Well, he's done it again. Lee recently sketched a costume design for Lady Gaga- or is that Sara Pezzini with a dye job? That sure is what it looks like, to me. I wonder; if Gaga decides to go with this outfit, will Top Cow get some cash? :)

Posted by Aiden Cross
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Probably won't be edgy enough.
Posted by GundamHeavyarms

Perhaps, but then again Lee loves jackets, especially half-jackets.  I agree with Doctor!!!!!, that outfit is too tame for Gaga, in order for it to be really shocking she'll have to show more skin and debut the outfit on stage while coming out of a dead cow singing her heart out while covered in entrails and blood.

Posted by SuperboyRob
Posted by FalcomAdol
@Aiden Cross said:
Looks more like Darkchylde to me.
Or any of the half-dozen other blade handed metallic characters who escaped from the 1990s.