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Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Lara Croft ;)

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


Who? = )

I`m guessing...Croft, Lara.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Pre-Reboot Lara Croft. I know tat tank top, short shorts, and leg strap thingy anywhere!

Posted by EdwardWindsor

Sadly I know already via Facebook. Still good effort though

Posted by Delphic

Hi Lara

Posted by RazzaTazz

Lady Croft

Posted by DaveAsahina

Of course she's Lara croft! XD

Posted by jrock85

LOL Too easy.

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

Can I have the boots when you're done.....

Posted by Surkit

A BaBs! (guess what it means go on :P)

Posted by bounce2dasupaheros

tombraider lc

Posted by BradyDale

Are you ever going to post a photo of the final costume? After all the build-up to it in your video, you only show up in it for like a half second in the distance, surrounded by other photographers.

Way to full participate. I have never cosplayed, but I respect the two chubby old guys that went as Booster and Beetle.

Posted by No_Name_
Posted by UnderDogs_OverBoard

@Babs: Nice Boo---

oh mods might ban me...

Posted by UnderDogs_OverBoard

@Babs: I was really going to say nice BOOTS ahahahahaha

Posted by Silkcuts

Glad you had fun with the cosplay

Posted by max_hydrogen

You're titties make me want to build AN EMPIRE!!!

Posted by cosmicx

TombRaider who crossfits