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Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Its Going down!!!! Fish for Brains, put some custard on that and you have a meal!

Posted by jrock85

What comic is this from?

Posted by KRYPTON

Wolverine is sensitive about his height.

Posted by Nudeviking

@jrock85 said:

What comic is this from?

One of the Prelude to Schism books. I think issue 3.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Oh boy...I bet the dialogue was stolen from Stan Lee.

I like him, by the way, so that isn`t meant to be an insult.

Posted by Grim

"because i said it over here." lol. +1 to Namor.

Posted by royale_with_cheese

The only person with fish-for-brains in that scenario, is the artist who decided to draw Namor in his speedos.