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lol assassin's creed fan?

Posted by No_Name_
@gambit987 said:
" lol assaissin's creed fan? "
Juuust a little
Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

That guys costume was good, but it could have been a lot better, shame there was not more people dressed like the character.

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@Babs: I think we both know that 'fan' is an understatement :P
Although I don't blame you. AC2 was the first, and currently the only, game I've managed to get a Platinum Trophy in. Brilliant game. Brotherhood can't come quick enough for me! :D
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@Hamz:  cool I played both games and I am gonna buy brotherhood for sure.
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@Babs: The second I saw this thread i got all excited at the possibility of some Thor, Green Lantern and possibly some Cap footage. Damn it Babs you know how to build a guy up then dash his hopes at the last moment ;)
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cool !

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love it. I m a huge fan of assassin creed!