'Artesia Besieged #3' Preview Blog

Wow. Look at this art work, it is absolutely incredible. I received this preview courtesy of Archaia comics, the same company that brings you Mouse Guard, and I felt compelled to share it with you guys.

Overview of where we are now
The first two issues of ' Artesia Besieged' were released nearly two years ago. This means that the release of the third issue was put on hold, and Archaia was unable to bring us the third installment until now. Issue three of ' Artesia Besieged' is due for release this Wednesday, July 15th and is both written and illustrated by Mark Smylie. I am happy to say that based on the preview of this book, this appears to be one of the most promising comics this year, or at least this month. I loved the way that in the first page of the book we open up to an introduction from the author and receive an overview of where we have been in the story. It's as though the writer doesn't skip a beat. I really am excited about this issue and this series, and I wanted to share the preview with you guys. Please be wary that this comic contains adult content of the sexual nature. Enjoy!

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Posted by dondasch

Definitely going to check with the local shop about the first two issues.

Posted by EveWolverine3913

that was very touching...

Posted by comicman1
I agree!