Things to do at a comic convention

So, all these pictures are pretty terrible. To be honest, I wasn't even going to post them. We took them because we passed by a booth of just a bunch of wigs and I couldn't resist. I'll even post the wig cap picture. It's pretty bad. I await all your criticism below.

My favorite is the lunch lady look. I might make it my avatar.


Post Your Favorite...

Picture of a character who is currently somewhere in comic book limbo! I'll start by jumping the gun a little bit. Above is a picture of Warren Worthington III who (if my predictions are correct) will fall out of comics for a little while after the release of issue #18 of UNCANNY X-FORCE on December 7th. I love the picture above of Archangel because he appears both demonic and angelic at the same time; and it perfectly captures the recent evolution his character has endured. Post your favorite!