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I thhought this was always sort of a 50/50 thing. They may inherit their parents poweres (Polaris) or have totally unrelated powers (Qucksilver/Scarlet witch). But they did always touch on oddities between relatives and powers, such as Cyclopse and Havoc, their powers don't affect eachother. I think it could go either way cuz that's how genetics work. It's just a crapshoot as to which genes are dominate, like two blonds giving birth to a brunette, sure they're blond but that doesn't mean there's not a brunette gene floating around inside them somewhere.

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unrelated to thread...

still just trying to figure out how to make a image show up

<a href="http://s117.photobucket.com/albums/o77/culvercomics/sketchbook/?action=view&current=Raph.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o77/culvercomics/sketchbook/Raph.jpg" border="0" alt="Raphael"></a>

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DangerousCurves all the way.

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well i would have drawn something... but since no one will tell me how to make it show up in the thread i guess i wont bother. thanks for all the help fellas.

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Gave the DP one 5:40 and didn't laugh at any of the "jokes" so i stoped watching. I gave the McD's one about 16 seconds and It made me feel less bad about Hiroshima.

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okay, sorry to intrude on a thread with a question (wonderful Joker pic by the by) but i've been trying to post some pics. Before this 2.0 business one just had to put the direct link down... well when i do that, it just gives a clickable link... what do i need to do to get the pic itself to show up?

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I heard a rummor that Johny Depp has already been cast to play The Mad Hatter... got no idea if it's true.

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He's an evil mastermind. That's his thing. Now he's a hot chick in the Helfire Club...

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i'm just wondering what the point could posibly be...?

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it all boils down to "which one do you like more" and thats who will win. DBZ kids say Goku, DC kids say Superman. And no, they don't have set powers, it fluctuates constantly. And when pussed to a certain point they either run out or tap into a deeper level of power they didn't know about. Gohan being the perfect example of this, he gets the snot knocked out of him left and right untill one of his friends gets hurt or killed, then he explodes with rage and kicks ass. And the essence of the Sayians is that they get stonger with every strugle. Sort of a constant evolution. Now... Superman is definatly a more important character in the grand sceme of things, he's an icon. But I think pretty much and Z fighter could give him a run for his money. The first season of DBZ give an origin story that's a pretty basic rip of Superman, I belive Goku and his ilk were conceived at a superman level of strength and power and grow from there.