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@TheElusiveNewReader: @guttridgeb: I absolutely agree with the both of you. Batwoman has had consistently great covers and I hope they can continue with them.

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Who is the woman with the blue hair above Batman?

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@arnoldoaad said:

the costume is much better now, much simpler, but the glider could be much better

right now it looks like an fitness machine

I agree. Ilike the way Orion looks, bu his astro harness needs more work. I know this will sound silly, but right now it looks too frail for someone like Orion.

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If this is pre-DCnU Wonder Girl, then I think Storm would lose since Wonder Girl has the speed advantage. However, if this is current Wonder Girl then I think Storm might win. I don't know of any speed feats for her yet and I think Storm offensive abilities and her skill would grant her a win.

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I think this might be a draw. Limiting Aang to just airbending will only allow him to keep Colossus at bay. I don't think any of Aang's non-Avatar State airbending feats will actually be enough to put Colossus down for the count. At the same time, Aang seems to agile and quick for Colossus so I he could just play keep away the whole time.

Can Colossus do a thunder clap? If so, that might help him.

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I hope this series does well. As Puerto Rican myself, I think its awesome that Vibe is getting his own series and I hope that it is a success. I know it may have a few strikes against it, but I'm not giving up hope. I think Vibe does have a ton of potential and can hopefully become a fan favorite.

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I like Massacre as well and think he is one of the best new villains/characters of the New 52. I hope we get to see more of him and that he continues to be portrayed as the capable and sinister being that he is. I don't want him to lose that terrifying edge that the dual machetes and skull mask instill.

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@Rumble Man: Why would they change his ethnicity or gender?

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I just hope that Reptil survives. He is a great character and I don't want him to die in this.

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The artwork here is fabulous. I love so many if them and the ones featured here are some of the best I've seen in a while. I keep going back to the top of the page and scrolling through them all again.