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Storm has a ton of raw power and her abilities are more versatile; however Starfire also has a lot of raw power in her own right, and she is also physically stronger and more durable than Storm. She can also survive various temperature extremes.

I'm not sure which of the two is faster though.

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Who wins in a fight between the former Queen of Wakanda and the Princess of Tamaran?




The fight takes place here:

-This is a mix of pre-& post-DCnU reboot Starfire so feats of both versions count.

Will Storm's mutant powers grant her the victory? Or will Starfire's solar powered starbolts allow her to defeat her foe?

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@ccraft: I too would like to see a Hawkman and Aquaman fight drawn by Ivan Reis. He can definitely capture the action and the emotion that a fight between these two would create.

I can see Hawkman havng an early advantage in the fight with his ferocity catching Aquaman be surprise initially. However, thanks to Aquaman's durability and strength, I think he can hold his own against Hawkman long enough to make the fight more even. His strength is capable is hurting Hawkman pretty badly if he gets in some good strikes.

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Who wins in a fight between the scarab wielding Blue Beetle and the Old-Power manipulator Skaar?

Blue Beetle



The fight takes place in an abandoned El Paso.

-This is a composite Blue Beetle of his pre-reboot and current forms, so feats for both count.

-Skaar starts in his Hulk form and Blue Beetle starts with his armor on.

-Skaar gets his swords.

Who wins?

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With prep then I think Hawkman will take it. He is fast enough to fly down and maybe launch a sneak attack on Aquaman by swinging his mace at Aquaman's head. Plus a city environment is no real help to Aquaman.

I think a straight up fight with no prep for either one would be more even. Aquaman has the strength advantage, but Hawkman's armor provides decent shielding and he does have a flight advantage still.

It would be interesting to see how Aquaman's trident and Hawkman's nth metal weaponry match up.

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@TheElusiveNewReader: @guttridgeb: I absolutely agree with the both of you. Batwoman has had consistently great covers and I hope they can continue with them.

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Who is the woman with the blue hair above Batman?

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@arnoldoaad said:

the costume is much better now, much simpler, but the glider could be much better

right now it looks like an fitness machine

I agree. Ilike the way Orion looks, bu his astro harness needs more work. I know this will sound silly, but right now it looks too frail for someone like Orion.

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If this is pre-DCnU Wonder Girl, then I think Storm would lose since Wonder Girl has the speed advantage. However, if this is current Wonder Girl then I think Storm might win. I don't know of any speed feats for her yet and I think Storm offensive abilities and her skill would grant her a win.

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I think this might be a draw. Limiting Aang to just airbending will only allow him to keep Colossus at bay. I don't think any of Aang's non-Avatar State airbending feats will actually be enough to put Colossus down for the count. At the same time, Aang seems to agile and quick for Colossus so I he could just play keep away the whole time.

Can Colossus do a thunder clap? If so, that might help him.