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I like Lagoon Boy and Garth, so I would like for both of them to appear on Earth-1 since it will help expand the Aquaman family. I really want Kaldur and Lorena to appear as well. All 4 characters are interesting to me and each help bring something different to the Aquaman mythos. Hopefully they will all appear sooner rather than later in Aquaman's series. I especially want Garth to appear with his magic based powers as he has always been a favorite of mine.

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Storm's solo has been written well for the first 3 issues. While I still think issue # 1 is the best, the second and third issues were decent. I'm warming up to Ibanez's art and I can't wait for him to return to the title. Issues 4 & 5 seem interesting since they are dealing with Ro's feelings about Wolverine's death. While I wasn't a fan of these two being together, I do think it's been handled well for the most part. After these two issues thought I really want to the storyline to heat up and kick into overdrive with some more in depth character development for Storm.

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Of the ones listed in the OP, I would have to say that Ivan Reis' are my favorite. I like his modern Aquaman as well as his "6 years ago" Aquaman.

However I do like his look in Flashpoint:

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Ocean Master has been handled very well in the DCnU 52. I like his new look and personality, and his powerset makes him quite formidable. I hope that he can continue to be portrayed well and that he doesn't get jobbed out later on down the line. His love for Atlantis seems genuine and I'm glad he is no longer some sniveling schemer but instead an actual warrior king. Plus Ivan Reis makes him look hot:

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I think Orm has been awesome since the reboot and I too see some similarities between him and Namor. While I don't see him as being as temperamental as Namor, he does have a genuine love and care for Atlantis and the Atlanteans. His pro-Atlantis views reminds me of Namor's own loyalty to Marvel Atlantis.

This scene in particular reminds me of Namor somewhat, although I think Namor would be much angrier in his retaliation.

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Cool character design, but I don't like it for Lady Deathstrike.

I agree. The design isn't bad, but it doesn't seem like a god look for Lady D. This look is much better:

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This thread is awesome and props to everyone who has contributed here with scans and info on Storm's mutation.

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@oceanmaster21: Care to go into further detail? I'm interested in knowing why you think she can win.

Does anyone know if she has the ability to generate electricity like Namor?

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I think Namora has the strength advantage, but I think Archangel might be faster. If he manages to clip her wings then that would take away her flight. But in a coastal battle setting, she can simply go in the water. But then that would probably stalemate the fight.

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Which one of these two characters would win in a fight with one another?


Assume the fight takes place in a coastal region.