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I do like that it has become a mainstay for him. It provides for a great visual and really makes him that much more dangerous.

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Storm takes this. She can drop the temp to exceptionally cold levels. Or she can just create a massive storm with massive lightning, gale-force winds, and monsoon level rains which can then cause massive floods.

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I think this design is just okay. I'm not blown away by it but it could have been worse.

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Yes I know. Maybe the title of the thread can seem somewhat misleading. However, even though she is fictional, I still find it fun to talk about things that I feel Storm would like. In regards to music:

-What type of music do you think Storm likes?

-What do you think her opinion would be of current "mainstream" artists?

-Who do you think are some of her favorite artists?

With the above in my mind, which songs have you heard before that you think Storm would like? I know Storm likes Tina Turner's version of "Proud Mary." What other songs do you think she would like? Pick 8.

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Not sure if this was done yet, but has Storm's-carrying-the-airplane-with-her-winds feat been added to her powers list/first page?

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What type of music do you think Storm listens to? What kinds does she like? Who are/would be some of her favorite artists? What are/would be her thoughts on todays "mainstream" music? What kind of "oldies" does she like?

Also, if you could pick 8 songs that you just KNOW Storm would like, what would they be?

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I want Aquaman's ability to access the Clear to return. I'm fine with the idea of it being connected to the Red, but if writers want to make it its own thing then I'm okay with that too. I like the idea of him being connected to all ocean life, so that should include all animals, but also plants and even other Aquatic races. This would give him control over the animals while only giving him the power of empathic sensory with the more advanced aquatic races. He wouldn't be able to actually control them, but he can sense their emotional state. I think Aquaman should have an empathic/biogenic connection to ocean plants. He should be able to sense how "healthy" a patch of seaweed or kelp is simply by swimming thru it or touching it. He should have some minor non-offensive abilities as well like magic sensory. I don't want him casting spells but he should be able to sense various forms of magic (light, dark, even chaotic). This would allow him to sense the opening into the Xebel dimension just by being near it. He may not always "see" it with his eyes, but he would be able to sense it.

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@blackwind: I agree. I think it works perfectly for him and I'm kinda glad that he isn't as over-powered as some heroes like Superman. While I do like Superman too, I feel like his power-levels lead him to being written inconsistently way too often. I also feel like it leads to too many CIS & PIS moments.

Aquaman's strength level is perfect because he can still do a ton of damage. However he can still be injured and killed much easier than the more over-powered heroes which makes him more vulnerable than them. I think this leads to better story telling and makes for more interesting character and story drama.

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@blackwind: I didn't realize this but thanks for the info. I guess Aquaman's superior strength & other stats give him the win even over Hawkman's flight advantage. I would still like to see these two interact more in comics. I can see them being unfriendly allies.

I would like to see Aquaman vs. Namora as well. Battle of the blondes!

I'm not sure who is stronger between the two in or out of water, but I know her flight advantage might prove to be too difficult for Aquaman to overcome.

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Since the reboot, I'm glad that Aquaman uses is trident as his standard weapon. While I never thought he needed a weapon to begin with, I am glad that he now uses one. I hope his trident sticks with him.

I was also a fan of Aquaman's harpoon days too. Seeing Aquaman with his trident I think also helps add to his royal status and heritage. I think its a worthy weapon for the King of Atlantis. I think it was mentioned to be able to absorb magic, but I wonder if it will be revealed to have any other properties or abilities in the future. I assume its indestructible/unbreakable as well.

Also, since it has 5 points, is it still really a trident? Shouldn't it be called a pentadent?

What are your thoughts on Aquaman's trident? Do you like it? Dislike it? Do you want him to keep it? Share your thoughts and ideas.