Villains that you would like to see the Teen Titans face

Which villains would you like to see the Teen Titans face that they haven't faced already or haven't faced in some time? I would love to see the Teen Titans fight with Grodd or Ocean Master. I like both of those villains and think that they would be credible threats for the team. Also, I would like ti see the TT face Atlas. I think his status as a Superman villain and as a mythological figure would be good reason for him to face Superboy and Wonder Girl. I also think that the Meta-Breed and the Reach would also provide more spotlight for Blue Beetle and Static
Any others?

Posted by ChadwickDavis

I also think Atlas would be an excellent selection. I would like to see the teen titans fight these fight these three individuals. 
Blaze: I would like to see how well the Teen titans would stack up against another demon unrelated to Trigon (He is a great villain when used right, but the horny demon with a thing for human females and only fights teenagers gets used up really quick) Furthermore we all know that Raven is a half demoness how would she fare dealing with another hybrid (Shazam and an unnamed demoness) who willingly embraced her demon side the dynamic would be very interesting. There is also the possibility for a Dark Raven awakening (how would she stack up against Blaze.) And how would the Teen Titans Stop them when the fight got out of control. 
Amanda Spence: She murdered Superboy's ex (Tana Moon) by placing a bomb around her neck and detonating it. She died in superboy's arms. Amanda Spence caused Superboy's loss of innocence, she has an issue with wonder girl (who is with superboy) , and she is willing to attack loved ones. How would the Teen Titans fight her. 
Suicide Squad: Super powers and advanced with no conscience. They are essentially what people fear the teen titans are, reckless, dangerous, a disaster waiting to happen. With the titans death toll how would they fare against a team that is willing to die.          

Posted by nj06

Blaze would be an excellent choice for the reasons you mentioned. It would be great to see Raven be actually relevent to a story that doesn't involve her father or Brother Blood. I think she could serve as a dark mirror to Raven as she is what Raven would become should she simply give in to the darkness within her. Great choice!

Posted by Sinestro2828

I'd like to see the Titans fight Bizarrogirl, Black Alice, or Livewire, I think any of these characters would make fitting challenges for them.  OH!  Parasite too, in his mind the Titans would be "easier prey" than superman or the justice league, I can see him attacking the team to drain their powers to use against Supes.
Black Alice would be a threat to Raven, Wondergirl, and all other magic powered titans, and Livewire would consider Static to be the perfect living power battery for herself.
As for Bizarrogirl, she's as strong as Supergirl and completely nuts, a dangerous combination and certainly not an easy foe to conquer.