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Detective Comics 1 0

I knew what I was getting into when I read this first issue of Detective Comics, the same old same old with Batman. STORY-There is really nothing wrong with the story, but its just not very out of the box and it doesn't really suck you in. It takes place roughly around year 2 maybe end of year 1 in the batman timeline, and the familiar faces and themes are definitely going to show. However, it looks like Batman is headed in a darker direction with the villains losing all signs of their previous ...

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Action Comics 1 0

Reintroducing Superman as a younger more impulsive hero, who is not yet aware of just how powerful he really is, Action Comics delivers an exciting first issue. We all know who Superman the Icon is find out who :the superman" is, this issue shows us just how large a leap it s going to take for a an impulsive boy from the stars to become the world's greatest hero. This superman is a lot younger and a lot less in control of his power, calling him reckless is sort of understatement. He isn't afraid...

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