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This really angers me. Before this game was created they said the roster would be diverse and yet we get nothing but batman characters, the games called gods among us not batman and pals. Now we lose another dlc spot to scorpion, who I'm sure wont be abused by the millions of spammers who already inhabit the servers. This just proves they don't listen to fans or read comics because if they did we'd get people like animal man or booster gold or someone other than a batman character but no now we are getting this red hood and subzero so thank you netherrelm

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sorry got carried away with the darks

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Everyone hates change but the goal of the new 52 was to reinvigorate the characters (mainly superman), allowing for new stories to be told. This relationship is exactly a component dc was looking for. Instead of always having a damsel in distress Superman has someone who can match him, and charge into battle at his side as an equal. This creates a new dynamic someone Superman can relate with while at the same time clash with via there moral codes. People should open up more. The only complaint is that we haven't really seen much of this couple but hopefully the future will bring new energized stories.

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@feargalr: for one they wouldn't miss using their justice league characters they used to push the new 52. That's why cyborgs dumb ass is in there, so I highly doubt they are going to miss out on jokers cash cow butt. Also a while ago there were leaked concept art featuring the exact same characters they have in there plus aquaman and green lantern.

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Enough with the batman characters! The game is called Injustice gods among us not batman and friends.No red hood, no robin, and even though he's already in the game no joker! Also green lantern and aquaman are in the game.

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In my game the main villain would be braniac and his plot to turn humans into human batteries. Superman would go through routine missions in the beginning putting out fires, stopping bank robberies, and a car chase. When Superman stops the car chase one of the passengers turns out to be metallo and would engage the first boss fight, after he is defeated metallo would start mumbling robotic kryptonian and then off in the distance a large explosion of light hits and everyone in the radias disapears including lois lane, jimmy olsen, perry white, and other known superman characters. Superman would go to the scene looking for life but find nothing until he finds a piece of luthor tech and is engaged by robots. On his way to luthor's building meteorites start falling from the sky and superman has to destroy them before they hit the public below. Aftwards superman then flys to luthors building where he has to fight multple drones and guards till he reaches luthors main room where luthor's body guard Livewire is waiting for you in another boss fight. After the fight Luthor tells you he has no idea what happened and how superman always just assumes Luthor is involved etc. Then another light wave flashes off in the distance and Superman quickly flies toward it doing side missions on the way like putting out fires and destroying meteorites. When he gets there he finds a large amount of fires that you have to put out and then bizarro shows up, but he's acting differently speaking the same kryptonian language that metallo was after you beat him bizarro mentions a shiny spaceman and bald man. This angers superman and he returns to luthor corp. again side missions along the way. When you get to the building Luthor sicks more robots on you then you have to fight a stronger livewire while Luthor runs to the roof where he is waiting with his green power armor with a braniac symbol on it. You fight Luthor and after you beat him Luthor discusses his plan to exchange a few hundred humans for the rest of the planet and gives you the name of your main villain braniac and points to his symbol on the armor. Then Superman remembers all the falling space rocks, the kryptonian, and his symbol on everything then you fly into space in fun interactive sequence dodging falling meteorites and increasing speed till you reach the ship. Where you fight braniac drones until you get inside where you see all the capsules with people namingly lois. When eradicator shows up for another boss fight. Then you release everyone and exchange lois when you activate a teleporter sending them all back. Then you have to fight braniac for the final boss. After he is beaten he sets the ship to explode and superman returns to a normal earth with regular problems, roll credits, and leave cliffhanger ending.

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Made a tribute video looking for any kind of feedback.

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For ma and pa kent I think they are both dead, but they were able to raise superman from an older age like 5 or 6 and were able to instill in him their values, but he has to figure out how to apply them as he tries to figure out his powers and social influence. On a side note I would like to see him collapse in front of their graves in a moment of emotional weakness, having him spill his guts about trying to do the right thing and how much he misses them and how alone he feels. As for where he's been in superman 1 I think he's been at the fortress of solitude learning all the info Jor-El has stored there. As for the world killers I think they are working through luthor looking to destroy the remnants of krypton like in Earth One. Any thoughts hypotheses

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