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not to bring a dead topic back to life.. but:
I do believe that Danny is the only true "Human" of the group.  The rest are natives of their respective dimensions, no?

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The Fanboy in me wants to say Dante.  I know he doesn't have the raw strength, or speed.... or even natural durability... But, I really don't see anyone ever killing him, and if he has his DMC 2 powers, he can slow time.  Plus, he beats people that should wipe the floor with him all the time.

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Thanks!  I hope to stick around for a while.
..killing folks with dark magic... classic...

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It is, it is!  I just saw you were online and was about to say something to you when I saw this comment!  I actually kinda gasped and lit up. lol.   How's it been bro?  I haven't talked to you in ages.

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Ok, here's my next little bit.  Slightly shorter I believe, but just trying to get into the style of things.  The reason some names and dates are X-ed out is simply because I haven't chosen names or dates yet :)

RATED T (Violence/Language)




So, today started off quite slowly, and I began to think my journal entry tonight was going to be short and full of more explanations… But no, Gehenna had to get us into more trouble.   As always.

 You’d think the guy would realize I don’t have quite the same stamina as him.   He’s lived with me for over a year now, but still seems to think we can be out running missions and preforming his little ‘eradication’ every single day.   Word came in this morning that a new little cult of ‘witches’ had blown into town, and was trying to establish a foothold on one of our contacts’ turf.  Normally, I could give two sh**s less about a group of newbie witches, but this contact has been very helpful to all us ‘Grays’ in the area… So I agreed to gear up and go with Gehenna to check things out.

 By gearing up, I mean packing some of my more useful books and artifacts into my backpack, and grabbing my trusty little firearms on the way out.   Guns you ask?   Against demons, witches, supernatural foes and the like?   Yes.   Good ole barbaric, man-made weaponry plays a big part in our day to day lives.   As Gehenna once told me: “I may be from hell, and I may be tougher than anyone we run into out there on the street… But fill me full of enough buckshot, and I’ll be as dead the next guy”.  

 And off we were, moving up town to see if we could find anything out on this new batch of trouble makers.   Our day turned out to be pretty fruitful to say the least… By noon we were already balls deep in fire and brimstone.

 “I need you to work on that veve a little bit quicker!” Gehenna shouted to me as he was thrown against the wall of the witch’s sanctum.   Sliding to the ground, he shot me a quick glance, making sure I was doing what he asked.

 “These things aren’t instant! You know that!” I replied, drawing the veve into the ground as quickly as I could.   I had to look up from time to time to make sure I wasn’t about to be attacked, but luckily, my partner was one of the best in the business, and even though he was currently getting his ass kicked, he was doing a d@mn good job of keeping the witches away from me.

 What I was doing in that moment was opening a channel.   You see, having as little natural power as I do, you have to find ways to be of use.   Luckily, I’m great at making people like me, and this came in very handy as I found out how to call on powers from higher beings than myself.   Drawing a veve (basically a demonic seal, but different in this case, as I was calling on a Loa) was the first step in asking for favors from beyond.   When it was complete, I would mumble a few words to the Loa, and pray I was still in his good graces, to which I guess I was.

 Immediately, my veve flashed a brilliant light, then disappeared.   This assured me my channel had worked, and things were about to take a turn in our favor.   Kalfu was the Loa I was speaking with, and Kalfu is one of the most revered ‘gods’ of Voodoo religion.   I won’t get into how I met him at this moment, but I will say that it is very beneficial to have beings of his status looking out for you.   You see, he is the ‘god’ of many things to the practitioners of Voodoo, but what specifically I was calling upon was his knack for bad-luck and destruction.    

 Brick by brick, the sanctum began to fall apart as if it had been hit by an earth-quake.   One by one, the surrounding witches were struck by falling beams and rubble.   It was surely not their lucky day any longer.

 “We need to get out of here Gehenna… This change of pace won’t last long, and I don’t wanna be stuck here if the whole place comes down!” I shouted, grabbing at all my supplies scattered about.

 “I agree with ya buddy, but we aren’t leaving this place without some answers.” He said calmly, walking forward into the destruction.   I looked on with slight awe as I saw him fearlessly make his way across the room, dodging everything falling from the walls and ceilings.   Let me make this clear right now - that place was coming down… the ground was shaking, the walls were cracking… It was as if a group of giants were outside kicking the sh** out of this little makeshift temple, and anything stuck inside would surely be crushed in its’ downfall.

 Reaching for the holster at his belt, Gehenna drew his Kimber 1911 pistol and placed two quick shots into the nearest screaming witch, who dropped lifelessly to the ground.   Holstering his weapon, he slung the dead girl over his shoulder and made his way back to me.   “Ok, now it’s time to go.”

 So here I am.   It’s 11 PM and I’m sitting alone in my room, with Gehenna out there trying to resurrect a dead witch for interrogation.   What a charming life, aye?

 Oh, by the way- I mentioned ‘us Grays’ earlier.   To further explain, a Gray is what the two of us, and most others in our line of work with the same ideals call ourselves.   Again, it was coined by Gehenna, who told me “I don’t fit into the absolutes of Black and White… I use the blackness of my nature, and the blackness of this world to do things that others can’t.   It’s my own way of making sure good things get done when good people can’t do them.”

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Thanks guys!  Like I said, this is just a small project I've been toying with in my head... But if you do indeed like it, I'll get around to posting more as soon as possible!  Thanks again : )

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Hello All!  If anyone remembers me, which I assure you there is no reason too, I apologize for my hugely long absence from the site.  
I've recently been playing with ideas for a story to write during my deployment, and finally typed up a little bit of a Prologue.  It is not at all a completed work, or part of completed work, and to be honest, I'm waiting on feedback before I decide to continue with the idea or not.  I figured this one of the best places to first release my ideas, seeing as I used to read people's stories here all the time.  So please, take the time to skim over the little bit I have, and if you have the time, any comment (positive or negative), as well as any ideas would be thoroughly appreciated!  Thank you!

UNTITLED - Rated T (Slight Violence, Slight Language.  Will surely be upgraded if further installments are made)

My Name is XXXX.   Years prior to now, I would have never even entertained the idea of keeping a journal... but recent events, along with the suggestion from a dear friend, have made it seem like a fine idea.   And now, only on my third sentence, I am lost for words. Hmmm… where to start?

 I guess the best way to begin is to explain some things.   The year of XXXX was a big year for me- it was when I first learned that the world as we know it is a LOT bigger than I had thought.   First let me tell you, God, and the Devil, surely exist.   Now, I’ve always been a believer, but last year was the first time I had what you may call ‘solid proof’.   His name is Gehenna, and he’s the dear friend I mentioned earlier.   Gehenna seems like an awfully dark, strange name, doesn’t it?   Well, that’s because it is.   He’s what most Christians, or most people for that matter, would call a demon.   Now how does one befriend a demon?   I’ll tell you soon, but I want to finish explaining a couple things first.

 Now, humans aren’t the only things walking around this earth.   As far as I’ve encountered, and as far as Gehenna has related to me, there are four different types of ‘beings’ inhabiting the world.   There are humans of course, Demons, Angels, and what we like to call the “Elevated”.   To the average eye, we all look the same, and it would take the witnessing of a supernatural action of the latter three to discern them from humans.   Demons and Angels are pretty explanatory, and even though I’m sure I’ll end up explaining more about the two later, I want to jump into the “Elevated”.   That’s what I am.   Elevated are basically just humans that have already tapped into an amount (small or large) of their ‘Divine Nature’ mentioned by Peter in the good book.   But just because I say ‘Divine Nature’, doesn’t mean that every one of the Elevated uses his or her powers for good.   An Elevated can come from anywhere, of any family, from every different background- thus- they can choose to use their ‘powers’ however they please.   Elevated are broken down into different categories of two main types: Micro (Dreamers, Seers, Knowers) and Macro (Gifted, Advanced, and Doers).   Of course, most of the terminology I’m using is made up by either Gehenna or myself to better explain things.   Now, if an Elevated grows in his/her powers greatly enough, they become what we would call a Demi, as is Demi-god.   Demis have been around for as long as written and unwritten history, although, as far as I know there hasn’t been any fresh ones for centuries.   Most gods of old mythologies were in fact just Demis (or possibly even demons) who wished to be worshipped.

 Me, I’m just a ‘Gifted’, or the lowest level of Macro Elevated.   What it means to be a ‘Gifted’ is just that I’m basically one step higher than humans.   With small effort I can be faster, stronger, or smarter than anyone else.   It also means I can see other beings for what they really are.   I didn’t really know any of this until I met Gehenna though- Which I guess it the next thing I’ll get into, and probably my last story for this entry.

 It was March of last year, and still quite cold in Michigan, so some friends and I were out for drinks to warm ourselves up.   As the night neared its end, and all my friends had already left the bar, I gathered my things together and made my best effort to sober myself up a little before beginning my walk home.   Taking the quickest route I knew (which led me through some alleys that never ceased to give me the chills), it wasn’t long before I heard the scream of a woman coming from a nearby parking complex.   Always wanting to be the hero, but never given the opportunity, I clutched my jacket to myself as my heart began to race and I ran off towards the beginning of the night that would change my life.

 In the parking garage from where I had heard the scream, I came upon a group of a few potentially frightening, and obviously intoxicated men surrounding a young girl who now lay unconscious on the cement.   I could only assume what had happened, or what they planned to do next, but every trail of thought that blitzed through my head at that moment seemed to justify my next actions.   Tossing my coat to the ground, I clenched my fists and took off at a sprint towards the unknowing group of assailants.   Launching myself at the nearest one, I easily brought him to ground due to his surprise. Thrusting my fist into his throat a couple of times was all I could manage before his buddies reacted.   A swift and forceful kick to my ribs sent me sprawling to the cement myself, and that was followed by another swift kick to my skull.   My adrenaline held off the pain enough for my instinct to tell me I needed to get up quickly.   Now squared off with two men, and another still clambering to his feet, fear had started to slip into my thoughts, but it wasn’t enough to slow me down, yet.   One of the men came rushing at me, and I thanked my high school wrestling days as I instinctively preformed a duck-under on him, wrapped my arms around him from behind, and brought his body crashing to the ground.   Again, even though I had brought one down, the two others were quick to provide him with aid.   Kick after kick rattled into me before I could sprawl forward and return to my feet.   Now I was definitely starting to think I was outmatched, but I knew running wasn’t an option.   I began to figuratively ‘see red’ as I almost lost myself to instinct and rage.   But right before I sent myself at the men again, I saw another figure approaching from their backs.   He stood a little taller than me, at about 6’2’’, with a very thin, modest build.   He had long, slightly wavy golden blonde hair, and wore what I might think of as goth or biker gear.   It wasn’t his appearance that intimidated me, but something else… his piercing blue eyes made me feel like curling into a ball and giving up, and it almost felt like he gave off an aura colder than the already freezing winter air.   This was Gehenna, and looking back on this moment, even though I thought things were about to get a ‘hell’ of a lot worse, I should have been thanking someone for his arrival.  

 The rest of that story involves Gehenna beating the living sh** out of those men, and using abilities that I couldn’t believe at the time to make sure they would never harm another person again.   He would proceed to make sure I was alright before tending to the fallen woman.   I’m sure you can believe how confused I was when he told me later that night he was a Demon… But what shocked me most was when he explained to me “God gave us all free will, Pal…. Even us ‘denizens of hell’ have a choice.   We may not be promised any sort of salvation or forgiveness, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t use my immortality for someone’s benefit, aye?”.

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M-11 Rocks!!!

And I also agree with Pixelized!

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John Valentine said:
"Nitric said:
"...This Sucks....

Strange is the best. And up until recently, I'd say that there is no-one in the universe that could take his place.

They better have some d@mn good reasoning why he's been such a chump lately.

Pathetic. Getting anrgy won't change anything."
Yeah, Pathetic you are. Who said anyone was angry?
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