I don't get Old Man Logan

O.K.  That's a bit of an overstatement.  I get what Millar is going for in Old Man Logan, but I don't get why people around here seem to regard it as such an awesome story.  Is it simply because Millar is involved?  If it's Millar you want I'd suggest you go back and read Wolverine issue 32, Prisoner Number Zero.  Next to the first issue in the series, I would say it was simultaneously the best issue and story arch in this volume.

Yes, Wolverine is old.  Yes Hawkeye is old and blind.  I'm sure the two are going to kick some major ass during this story line, however look at it for what it is.  It is not Days of Future Past.  It is not Maestro's world.  It is no AoA, or even Bishop's future.  So far it is an O.K. run.  I am enjoying it, but I think it is far less than what people are making it out to be.
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Posted by G-Man

It's just so nice to see Wolverine in a different light.  I also really dig McNiven's art.  It's such a desolate world.  Makes you wonder what could've caused it.

Posted by Mr. Wilson

I like it.  I'm just waiting for him to pop his claws!

Spider-Man Reign will always be my fav future.

Posted by fesak

It's a bit overhyped, and there are better similar stuff to read.
Still, there hasn't been many alternate reality stories in a main title lately, so maybe that's why people like it.

Posted by Obi Wan Kenobi!

I, personally, am loving Old Man Logan and well it's because Wolverine hasn't had a such a good arch in a long time.  I'm Just happy to see the series returning to decent storytelling and action.

Posted by CharlieKabagambe

screw you,whoever you are. OLD MAN LOGAN IS AWESOMENESS ITSELF. MILLAR IS A GOD AMONG INSECTS. i mean have you read mike careys crappy  xmen legacy storyline?