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Well It will eventually happen sooner or later, but people are going to be pessimistic about it in the meantime.

Here's the thing a lot of the problems people think will come out of this, most likely won't.

1. Over Population

Most people think it means too many people, but the media is talking about Big Oil. The price of solar is expected to match fossil fuels sometime this year. Scientific breakthroughs like the EM Drive could also put fossil fuels out of business way faster and take us to Mars. Right now, REAL Over Population shouldn't be a problem for at least another few hundred years.

2. Work Place

The funny thing about this, is that robots will take you're jobs way faster then any 400 year old dude will. Big companies don't want to pay living wages to people. So their already looking into automated robots and AI to do the work. So at some point in the near future it's very likely are ideas about capitalism will change and become more internet based.

3. Human Nature

A lot people think humans will lose drive, if they stop aging, but i don't buy this. For starters humans are driven by Ego, Sex and Relationships. So aging is not really a big part of the equation.

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Romney as president would be bad for a lot of reasons.

Here's a few i can think of.

1. He believes in magic underwear.

2. He doesn't even science brah.

3. He's a Israeli fanboy.

4. He's against the ganja mon.

5. He hates the rainbow.

6. He works for the man.

7. He's more of a robot then Obama.

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It depends on what you mean. If you mean eternal youth then yes it could be a reality in 10 to 20 years at least in mice. We are already almost half way there with regenerative medicine,nanotechnology & artificial intelligence.

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@combatt: No he doesn't know about him unless Kudo slips up.

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Somebody should send this thread to Microsoft.

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It seems you don't confidence in you're fighting abilities. If that's the case you should do at least one martial art to build you're confidence. Even if it didn't turn violent it's good to have those confidence to stand up to whats wrong.

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Kudo gets one week prep.

Both are in character

Their final showdown will be at time square at 12:00 am.