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Birth of the Ninjans

In the beginning the Ninjan god Current created The Planet of Ninjeta and its sister planet of New Haven. On the Planet of Ninjeta lived a race of woman formally known as Ninjans; while on New Haven a male population known as Havenders. Current purposely separated the two species and placed an embodiment of herself in Ninjan form in charge of the Ninjans and a Male embodiment of herself to take charge of the Havenders.

The Havenders.

Art from Action Comics Annual #12.

At the time of creation, the Havenders lived in a condensed forest known as the Haven Forest. The Havenders spent their time under their “King” perfecting their physiques, as well as their hunting skills the males lived life with their basic male instincts . Seeing that most of the male Havenders died young, and didn’t have the means of reproduction, Derekken (Current’s male embodiment) shifted the focus from the hunting society to the exploration society. Derekken allowed for the first Havenders to be sent into space; and he accompanied them to the sister planet Ninjeta.

The Ninjans

At the Time of creation the Ninjans lived in a more civilized community, despite the fact that there was a Queen present; the Ninjans had the earliest form of government and used it to settle disputes between ‘sisters’. The Ninjans excelled in science and philosophies; much like the males they were without the basic female instincts

Upon the arrival of Derekken the Ninjans had never seen males before, and vice versa. Initially there was conflict between the Ninjans and Havenders; but it was quelled when Derekken and Ninjeta met for the first time.

The moment Derekken and Ninjeta made contact, both Ninjans and Havenders became aware of each other sexually. Both Derekken and Ninjeta wed, giving birth to twins; one male one female and both agreed to run both Haven and Ninjeta from Ninjeta.

Derekken named his son Manahar and Ninjeta named her daughter Maya. While their mini empire flourished; the efforts of both Ninjans and Havenders combined allowed for a quick industrialization of both planets. As Ninjeta took to raising their children a series of conflicts (The Lank Wars, The Aquaeran War, War with Trioun) split the Ninjans.

The Aquaereans

Queen Starla, Mistress of the Ninjan Water Medallion

Upon the rise of Queen Ninjeta on the surface of Ninjeta; a group of Ninjans who refused to be ruled found solace in the lakes and seas of Ninjeta. Having found one of Current's secret treasures; these Ninjans began to adapt and evolve into a special water-bred of Ninjan. Because of their control over most of Ninjeta's waterways and lakes; the Aquaereans often found themselves in direct conflict with their Ninjan sisters. The Ninjan's were drove out of Farwick by the Aquaerens; who had learned how to control the power of water. Later The Aquaerans would be defeated and abdicated the right to Farwick.


The Capital City of Farwick lays in the middle of the planet Ninjeta, and stretches across 17,000 miles on the planet. It is the home of most of the Ninjan population. It is the home to the famous Hall of Class, and a gigantic statue honoring Queen Ninjeta and King Derekken.

Farwick was the first area in Ninjeta where advanced early civilizations emerged. While the whole planet of Ninjeta is under Queen Ninjeta's rule, the country is set up as a series city-states . These city-states, where hand picked by Queen Ninjeta to run as independents. Farwick emerged across the Ninjan planet as the most dominant City-state and it's influence spread to the shores of the Aquaeren Sea , Lank Regions and Attalonia surging to great levels of prosperity that resulted in an unprecedented cultural boom, Ninjeta boomed in architecture, drama, science and philosophy, and nurtured in Farwick under a Monarchy environment. With it's growing prosperity King Derekken opted to unite all the uncharted areas under the power of Queen Ninjeta. The rise of Farwick sparked a series of revolutions from the Ninjan city-states to oppose this growing monarchy.

Farwick and Celadon led the way in repelling the Aquaeran Empire in a series of battles. Both were later overshadowed by Kelic and eventually Triuon, with the latter under the guidance of King Derekken uniting and leading the Ninjan world to victory over the Aqauerans.

The City of Celadon

The city of Celadon is reffed to as the "Twin" City as it looks the most like Farwick . This city was once the capital however King Derrekken moved it to Farwick, as it was where the Ninjan Civilization had been born.

Derrekken began to rapidly expand the borders of his kingdom. He first campaigned in the north against non-Far wick-Celdadon peoples such as the Attalonians, securing his northern border and gaining much prestige as a warrior. He next turned east, to the territory along the northern shore of the Triuon Peninsula . The most important city in this area was Triuon, which controlled the way into Farwick and also was near valuable silver mines. This region had been part of the Aquaeran Empire, and Aquaerans still considered it as in their sphere (They had drove the Ninjans from the city). The Aquaerans attempted to curb the growing power of King Derrekken and Celadon, but were limited by the quick battle tactics of Celadon . They could also do little to halt Derrekken when he turned his armies south and took over most of Triuon.

Control of Triuon meant Derrekken was now closely involved in the politics of central Ninjeta and almost back in the land of Farwick.

Derekken's presence in Trioun saw the outbreak of the Lank Wars; which pitted Attalonious against Trioun and its allies. Trioun recruited the Celdaons to join them and at the battle of Attalonious, Derrkken decisively defeated Attalonius and its allies.

As a result Celadon became the leading state in the middle Ninjeta kingdoms and Derrekken became head of the Ninjeta games, firmly putting the Celadon leader at the center of the Ninjan political world. 98% of the troops of the Ninjan armies were females, to losing armies were sold into slavery to Derrekken. Their families could buy their souls for a heavy price; most of the Ninjan slaves were sent back to the struggling planet of Haven to repopulate, a tatic that would cost Ninjeta.

In the continuing conflict with the Aquaerans ,Derrekken marched east around Farwick in an attempt to capture Keltic and the Aquaeran Front. , thus cutting off the Ninjan Sea grain supply that provided Aquaerans with much of its food.

The siege of Keltic proved to be successful, but the Aquaerans realized the gravedanger the rise of Celadon presented, and under Queen Starla built a coalition of many of the major states to oppose the Celadon.

Most importantly renegade Triuon Ninjans, which had the strongest ground force of any of the city states, joined the effort. The allies met the Celadons at the Battle of Farwick and were decisively defeated, leaving Derrekken and the Celadons the unquestioned master of Ninjeta.

Following these Internal wars, the Rebirth Culture of Trioun happened and saw a time of peace not seen sense, the Ninjans were forced out of Farwick by the Aquaerens.

The Rebirth period

The Rebirth Period was brought only partially to a close two centuries later with the establishment of Triuon rule over Farwick lands in 146 BC.Many citizens of Farwick migrated to Celadon, Trioun, and Attalonia and the many other new "Rebirth" cities in Ninjeta.

Rebirth Farwick before Trioun's rule

The rebirth period for Farwick Ninjeta is a boom in culture for the city. Sports, Architecture, Politics and other aspects of culture ran rampant during this time. It was at this time period that The Ninjan languages were revamped and changed so that invaders would not understand the Ninjan Text. Farwick was captured by Celadon first, however it wasn't legally Celadon's until Derekken defeated Trioun.

Rebirth after Trioun Rule

Were a more people driven style, they experienced advances in technology, science, Politics and Military powers. These people developed a counter language to that of the citizens of Farwick. Since Trioun was always in control of Farwick, most of the people here resented when Farwick became under Celadon rule. The high militaristic sentiment that came with Trioun Rebirth set the tone for a Ninjan War.

The Temples of Ninjeta

Before leaving the planet in the hands of her children, Current constructed temples to honor herself all over the planet. These temples contain the powers of Current (Minus water as the Aquareans have it)

The power of Light, Growth/Fertility, Fire, Water, Earth, and Mind.

The Ninjan- New Haven War

Upon learning of the power of Current, Maya sought out and obtained the power of Light and the power of mind. Having been placed on a planet he felt was useless Mannhar grew jealous and launched an attack on the planet of Cratto. Cratto had been engineering technology for the Ninjans that would enable them to naturally grow with powers.

This war was fought in the air space directly between the two planets, neither of the planets made a significant move on the other. Maya personally came to its aid and led the counter-charge against the Invading New Haven. Maya and her team succeeded in relieving the beleaguered Crattians. Despite overwhelming numbers, Maya was able to plow through the swarms of Haven forces and saved Cratto.

Maya used her mind medallion to permanently vegetate her brother; as a punishment; she used her fertility powers to transform Ninjans Asexual; meaning they wouldn't need the males of Haven to reproduce. This act ended New Haven turning the planet near desolate.

Ninjan/New Haven Basic Powers

Because Ninjan female and New Haven males are indistinguishable from humans; it is not easy to tell who is a Ninjan.

Super-Strength- Because of the gravity of New Haven and Ninjeta; the aliens developed a greater muscle mass to that of humans. Ninjans are able to lift 10x times their body weight.

Flight - Ninjans are able to fly naturally; though the age at which this power manifest varies.

Durability - Ninjans are strong enough to survive most explosions (Not Nuclear), and can take a considerable amount of damage.

Keen Eyesight- Ninjans can see and remain unaffected by changes in time or reality. This is do to the close proximinity they have with the Talabeth the master of time and space in their galaxy.


*These are the most basic powers any Ninjan will have not including anything else they have learned; as they can copy a skill on sight.