Omega Nebula: Talabeths


The Talabeths are a space faring people; known in the galaxy as craft masters, they live far out past the Xiox on a planet called Talabath; they are said to have created the dimensions of time and space. The Talabeth’s set the restrictions for nature; such as Gravitational pulls; Time Warps; the rotating of the planets, and the changing of seasons. However Talabath was erased from space when; a rift in the continuum caused space and time to be present in the same medium causing Talabath to be erased from reality. The continuum had been broken; and the planet Talabath had been secured in a “pocket” between time and space; forever living life without the effects of each dominion. Feeling that they were saved from certain doom; the leaders of the planet constructed a huge temple to the gods of space and time; this temple was a symbol of the blessing from the god of time, and the god of space as well as the mercy of fate. The leaders placed a Jewel; with powers from the 7 kingdoms in this shine; as a gift to the gods. The gods then promised to keep the Talabeth’s safe as long as the jewel remained inside the shine.

The Jewel of Ordinance

The Temple of Shi'a

Talabath in Time

The City of Eon is the only city on the planet of Talabath that is visible outside the pocket of time and space; this is due to a collision of charged particles surrounding the cities magnetic field (aurora); that allows it to be seeing during certain parts of the night. During the day, the city can be seen through mirrors, and pools of water, this is due to the power of Anti-Matter; a power also granted to the people of Talabath. This allowed those gazing into huge bodies of water to see the huge city within the ripples. Though there was plenty of temples and shrines around seven kingdoms of Talabeth; the most prized one rested atop a mountain; this was the temple of Shi’a; Shi’a was a Talabathian woman that was killed when the Hiralens invaded; her death sparked the start of rebellion against the Hiralens and it was her death that aided Talabeth in victory. Underneath the shrine of Shi’a is the hall where the leaders gathered to first give an offering to the gods.

Talabath Agree's to send Reginald into Distortion World

Reginald with the JEwel of Ordinace

Since time and space has suspended war from entering the Talabathian lands; many of the Talabathians spent their time readings; and teaching, some honed their time bending skills; others spent thier time cultivating their land and continuing to grow produce for the whole planet. However to the deserts in the west; these Talabathians were not stuck in time rather in space; their lands continued to get harsh; as well as many people suffered from the gravity shifts and were hit by violent earthquakes. Most of the people here didn’t believe in the “Salvation” from the gods; and those who did were radical enough to plot against the Jewel held in the shrine. From here a man named Reginald rose to power after the death of the chief elder. He unified the whole west territory to become the Sang Kingdom. The unification of the territories, alerted most of the people in the Eon Territory; though they did not rush to stop Reginald; as they did their best to appease him. He spoke that since his territory was getting the worse part of the Time and Space; problem that the rest of Talabath should aid then without question. Most of the other territories, agreed and gave the west, the food; technology and other essentials it needed to thrive; except the Eon Territory; that felt the Sang Kingdom should make do with what they had. This angered Reginald; and he used with Anti-Matter powers to pull a beast from the real world into his world; he dropped the aquatic beast right in the middle of Eon City and it nearly destroyed everything. The appeasement of Reginald ended, the leaders from the 6 other territories, got together and decided that they would use a huge distribution of anti-matter to plunge The whole western territory into Distortion world.

Into distortion world

Sang Kingdom

Much like; the pocket between time and space; distortion world did was not affected by however; this place was dark and, twisted, nothing would grow; and nothing was real. People whom lived here grew up between realities. They did however have one advantage that the Talabathians back in the pocket did not have, and that was; they could shift in between reality and anti matter. Reginald devised an idea; using his own powers he entered the reality; and then used his powers to open time and space and then reentered the pocket of the Eon Kingdom; in a fit of rage and hatred he attacked the kingdom himself during the night. In his rage he attacked the temple of Shi’a and stole the Jewel of Ordinance from the temple; after doing this he returned to distortion world; leaving Talabath doomed; to be destroyed by the wrath of space and time. Back in distortion world the outsider Talabathians held him as a hero; and many of them began to construct temples in HIS honor; however he told them that they’re efforts were in vain, as they were not going to live there longer; Distortion world would be risen! Using the Jewel of ordinance, the Sang Kingdom rose; in the middle of the Pacific Ocean it can be seen but not reached; one must travel to the top of Everest in order to gain access into the civilization. Everyone who lived in Distortion world, traveled to live in the Sang Kingdom, that appeared above the ocean; however Reginald knew that going into the real world would mean he was able to die; he decided to stay with the Jewel of Ordinace, in Distortion world where he would rule the events happening in the Sang Kingdom.

Since the death of Reginald, The combined efforts of the sealed Talabeth's and the Ninjans saw the creation of a Temporal Relay, which allows the Talabeth's to transverse space again.

Talabetheian Powers

Power Of choice*

Time Control




Omega Nebula: Crattians


A craggy world of igneous and basaltic mountains, Cratto is wracked by constant geologic activity. Because of the smashing of the continental plates, new mountains are constantly being created.

Cratto has a dense atmosphere composed of nitrogen and carbon monoxide. Due to the constant earthquakes and landslide activity, surface exploration is not advised. The rubble-covered wrecks of a half-dozen expeditionary ships stand in mute testament to the planet's instability.

The Crattians make their home on the Moon of Cratto, During the Cratto War; the forces of Ninjeta battled the forces of New Haven to protect Ninjan technology. After the Ninjan- New Haven conflict, The Crattian joined the OSA, to help keep tabs on the Ninjans. The Crattians don't worship any deity, nor do they have a class system. Though they have a military, they aren't very strong, and typically find themselves supporting their allies. The Crattian Government is a republic.

The Crattian society are believed to be genetically deformed Ninjans, at least if you asked the Ninjans. Because of the shade of Green, Crattians and Ninjans are said to be distant relatives. The Crattians, however have both male and female entities, in contrast to Ninjans; whom are only female.A common theory is that through evolution, female Crattians stopped giving birth to males; because of this “defect” it was the Crattians that exiled these women who eventually became Ninjans.

The subject over Ninjan-Crattian relativity is a touchy subject within the world of Xiox and the Cratto moon, it is considered an insult if mixed up.

The Crattians have been historically plagued with Civil Conflicts, each time a conflict occurred, power changed hands. The Royal Tushk family were documented as the first rulers of the civilization; they were a notoriously aggressive and enslaved those in debt to the system.

The Tushk Dynasty crumbled on its self, as quarrels within the family, brought it down. The King Tushk and Prince Rigor Tushk engaged, in a full scale civil war. Prince Tushk won the conflict by using the sympathizing traitors from his father’s camp and slaves freed from his raids.

Rigor ended slave labor and began signing grants for mining of the Cratto planet. The initial mining of the unstable planet proved fruitful; The Crattians were in possessions of some of the galaxies most precious resources.

Rigor began offering trade options with the then, King of New Haven and Queen of Ninjeta to trade resources, because of this trade boom; the Moon of Cratto became the most prosperous planet in the Omega System.

Rigor’s reign came to an end with his natural death, following the death of the “First Prince” Cratto went through seven leadership changes all of whom were weak and lacked the aggressiveness to compete in the galactic market.

As a result, the Ninjans set up an outpost on the planet of Cratto and began to mine for their own minerals.To stop this practice, the Cratto council agreed to develop a serum that’d allow the Ninjans to birth naturally powerful children.

The Planet New Haven, feeling rejected; as its king fled to Ninjeta to be with the Queen, decided to invade Cratto. Lead by prince Mannahar; the New Havenders sought to capture this serum for themselves. The Reigning Princess of Ninjeta brought her troops to Cratto; The Ninjans and Crattians aided each other in fighting off a full blown war. The end of the war saw Zavanna, using her mind to vegetate her brother.

The direct consequences of the Cratto war saw, the birth of a stronger Crattian republic; and growth in relations with surrounding planets.

Crattians Powers

* = Power of Choice

Earth Control/Manipulation




Omega Nebula: Ninjans

The Ninjans

In the beginning, the Ninjan god Current created The Planet of Ninjeta, and its sister planet of New Haven. On the Planet of Ninjeta lived a race of woman formally known as Ninjans; while on New Haven a male population known as Havenders. Current purposely separated the two species and placed an embodiment of herself in Ninjan form in charge of the Ninjans and a Male embodiment of herself to take charge of the Havenders. At the time of creation, the Havenders lived in a condensed forest known as the Haven Forest. The Havenders spent their time under their “King” perfecting their physiques, as well as their hunting skills the males lived life without their basic male instincts . Seeing that most of the male Havenders died young, and didn’t have the means of reproduction, Derekken (Current’s male embodiment) shifted the focus from the hunting society to the exploration society. Derekken allowed for the first Havenders to be sent into space; and he accompanied them to the sister planet Ninjeta.

Ninjans and Havenders

At the time of creation the Ninjans lived in a more civilized community, despite the fact that there was a Queen present; the Ninjans had the earliest form of government and used it to settle disputes between ‘sisters’. The Ninjans excelled in science and philosophies; much like the males they were without the basic female instincts. Ninjans were only female and were typically green in complexion. Havenders resembled humans.

Upon the arrival of Derekken, the Ninjans had never seen males before; and vice versa. Initially there was conflict between the Ninjans and Havenders; but it was quelled when Derekken and Queen Ninjeta met for the first time.

The moment Derekken and Ninjeta made contact, both Ninjans and Havenders became aware of each other sexually. Both Derekken and Ninjeta wed, giving birth to twins; one male one female and both agreed to run both Haven and Ninjeta from Ninjeta. Derekken named his son Manahar and Ninjeta named her daughter Zavanna. While their mini empire flourished; the efforts of both Ninjans and Havenders combined allowed for a quick industrialization of both planets. As Ninjeta took to raising their children a series of conflicts took place, to unify the different Ninjan Tribes.

The unifying the people

King of New Haven

Upon the rise of Queen Ninjeta on the surface of Ninjeta; a group of Ninjans who refused to be ruled found solace in the lakes and seas of Ninjeta. Having found one of Current's secret treasures; these Ninjans began to adapt and evolve into a special water-bred of Ninjan. Because of their control over most of Ninjeta's waterways and lakes; the Aquarians often found themselves in direct conflict with their Ninjan sisters. The Ninjan's were drove out of Farwick by the Aquarians; who had learned how to control the power of water. Later The Aquarians would be defeated and abdicated the right to Farwick.

The province of Celadon is reffed to as the "Twin" State as it looks the most like Farwick . This city was once the capital however King Derrekken moved it to Farwick, as it was where the Ninjan Civilization had been born.

Derrekken began to rapidly expand the borders of his kingdom. He first campaigned in the north against non-Farwick-Celdadon Ninjans such as the Attalonians, securing his northern border and gaining much prestige as a warrior. He next turned east, to the territory along the northern shore of the Triuon Peninsula . The most important city in this area was Triuon, which controlled the way into Farwick and also was near valuable silver mines. This region had been part of the Aquarian Empire, and Aquarians still considered it as in their sphere (They had drove the Ninjans from the city). The Aquarians attempted to curb the growing power of King Derrekken and Celadon, but were limited by the quick battle tactics of Celadon .

They could also do little to halt Derrekken when he turned his armies south, and took over most of Triuon. Control of Triuon meant Derrekken was now closely involved in the politics of central Ninjeta, and almost back in the land of Farwick. Derekken's presence in Trioun saw the outbreak of the Lank Wars; which pitted the Attalonioan Ninjans against Trioun and its allies. Trioun recruited the Celdons to join them, and at the battle of Attalonious, Derrkken decisively defeated Attalonius and its allies. This eternal conflict conflict between the Ninjan tribes finally ended, leaving the whole civilized section of Ninjeta, unified.

As a result Celadon became the leading state in the middle Ninjeta kingdoms, and Derrekken became head of the Ninjeta, firmly putting the Celadon leader at the center of the Ninjan political world. 98% of the troops of the Ninjan armies were female, Those who were captured by Derekken; were forced into slavery. Their families could buy their souls for a heavy price; most of the Ninjan slaves were sent back to the struggling planet of Haven to repopulate, a tatic that would cost Ninjeta.

In the continuing conflict with the Aquarians ,Derrekken marched east around Farwick in an attempt to capture Keltic and the Aquarian Front. , thus cutting off the Ninjan Sea grain supply that provided Aquarians with much of its food.

The siege of Keltic proved to be successful, but the Aquarians realized the gravedanger the rise of Celadon presented, and under Queen Starla built a coalition of many of the major states to oppose the Celadon.

Most importantly renegade Triuon Ninjans, which had the strongest ground force of any of the city states, joined the effort. The allies met the Celadons at the Battle of Farwick and were decisively defeated, leaving Derrekken and the Celadons the unquestioned master of Ninjeta. Following these Internal wars, the Rebirth Culture of Trioun happened and saw a time of peace not seen since, the Ninjans were forced out of Farwick by the Aquarians.

The Rebirth period

The Rebirth Period was brought only partially to a close two centuries later with the establishment of Triuon rule over Farwick lands .Many citizens of Farwick migrated to Celadon, Trioun, and Attalonia and the many other new "Rebirth" city-states in Ninjeta.

Rebirth Farwick before Trioun's rule

The rebirth period for Farwick Ninjeta is a boom in culture for the city. Sports, Architecture, Politics and other aspects of culture ran rampant during this time. It was at this time period that The Ninjan languages were revamped and changed so that invaders would not understand the Ninjan Text. Farwick was captured by Celadon first, however it wasn't legally Celadon's until Derekken defeated Trioun.

Rebirth after Trioun Rule

Were a more people driven style, they experienced advances in technology, science, Politics and Military powers. These people developed a counter language to that of the citizens of Farwick. Since Trioun was always in control of Farwick, most of the people here resented when Farwick became under Celadon rule. The high militaristic sentiment that came with Trioun Rebirth set the tone for a Ninjan War.

The Cratto War

Zavanna Tempest

Shortly after her parents death, Zavanna sought out and obtained the power of Light and the power of mind. Having been placed on a planet he felt was useless, Mannhar grew jealous and launched an attack on the planet of Cratto. Cratto had been engineering technology for the Ninjans that would enable them to naturally grow with powers.

This war was fought in the air space directly between the two planets, neither of the planets made a significant move on the other. Zavanna personally came to its aid and led the counter-charge against the Invading New Haven. Zavanna and her team succeeded in relieving the beleaguered Crattians. Despite overwhelming numbers, Zavanna was able to plow through the swarms of Haven forces and saved Cratto.

Zavanna used her mind medallion to permanently vegetate her brother; as a punishment; she used her fertility powers to transform Ninjans Asexual; meaning they wouldn't need the males of Haven to reproduce. This act ended New Haven turning the planet near desolate. A few years later, minor conflicts with New Haven, caused Zavanna destroyed the planet.

The Great Eruption

The great eruption was the explosion of New Haven at the hands of Zananna, the two planets were so close; the eruption caused massive death and famine on Ninjeta. For 45 years, the Ninjeta sun never rose; causing the planet to enter a freeze period. Since Ninjans are weak to the cold; those who didn't flee were killed. Those who did survive, were ultimately hunted and killed by the Aquarians. This marked the great exodus to Xiox; the Ninjans allowed the Aquarians to have the whole planet. Ninjeta is now known as the "Olde world"


The home world and capital of the Ninjan, after the great eruption. After the destruction of New Haven at the hands of Zavanna; the Ninjan moved to the sister planet XIOX. Not long after landing on Xiox, the Ninjans began to set up small out-post in space. The trade between the Ninjan outpost and Xiox allowed the Ninjans to set up massive cities and space stations all over the Omega Nebula.The Ninjan technologist have set-up a “ghost” network throughout there “Empire” to allow telecommuting. Xiox maintains the Ninjan hierarchy of the “Old-World” Nation-states, though all are affiliated beneath the overarching banner of the Omega System Alliance. Due to the superior engineering capabilities the rift between the Ninjan classes are more noticeable than ever. Advanced nations have eliminated most genetic disease and pollution. Less fortunate regions have not progressed beyond 20th century technology, and are often smog-choked, overpopulated slums.

The Magnum Opus Space Station

The Magnum Opus is a space station that orbits the planet of Xiox, This space station is the entry port on-to Xiox.Any meetings between the OSA take place at the Magnum Opus as it is the single most state of the art facility the Ninjans created. Workers from all over the Ninjan Empire were imported to craft the expensive station; including a handful of Talabeths. The Talabeths are blessed with the ability to manipulate time and space; their expertise allowed for working “canals” between the Omega Systems and the rest of space.

As befits such an important galactic location, MO boasts multiple layers of defense. The first is the Nebula itself: the nebula's composition is such that it is difficult for attacking fleets to navigate, thus preventing them from launching a concerted attack.Also do it it's unnatural positioning in the orbit; the MOSS is usually on the cold side of the planet.

Another link in the MOSS defensive chain is the Ninjan Fleet. The fleet is a massive task force consisting mostly of Xiox vessels but also including ships from the other Ninjan planets. The Ninjan Fleet, led by the CSA (Consolidated Sigma Army), constantly patrols the space around the station. However, should any aggressor manage to break through the Ninjan Fleet, reinforcements from all over the galaxy are only minutes away, due to the network of mass relays located nearby. The station's hull is sufficiently strong that, even when subjected to the most advanced weaponry available, it would take several days of sustained bombardment to inflict any serious damage to the superstructure. On had there are 20,000 Sigma soldiers ready to defend the MOSS.

The Hall of Class

The hall of class is actually a park-like complex containing the offices of the various branches of the Ninjan government, The Sigmas, The Royals and the Nobles all have a significant hold on this area, while the Celeste class have 0 representation in politics at all.Because of the little representation the Celeste have, it’s rare than any of them ever leave Xiox as a whole; studies show that less than .02 percent ever make it off Ninjeta.

The tower at the center of the Hall houses the Royal Class and the main traffic control for the station. Any ship within a few thousand kilometers comes under the jurisdiction of MO Control. The Royal Chambers themselves are not open to the public and access is only granted to officials and those with special clearance. They are beautifully furnished, with cherry trees and fountains, as well as numerous staircases leading up to the central platform where the Royals convenes.

Powers of the Ninjans (Born AFTER the Cratto War)

Super strength- Ninjans can lift up to 200 tons, 100 tons is considered easy. Anything over 150 and they will experience problems

Flight- The Ninjans can blitz most opponents, with their speed and flight combined.

Keen Eye-Sight- Ninjans can't be effected by time, this also allows them X-ray and Ultra-violet sight.

Durability/ Endurance- Ninjans are tough enough to take a good 4 hours of straight punishment before falling.

*POC (Power of Choice)


Water - The double hydrogen compound on a Ninjan's skin will temporarily disable or cause powers to malfunction.

Ice- Ice will pierce a Ninjan's thick skin. Also a significant temperature drop will cause a Ninjan to weaken.

WOC* Weakness of Choice