i like a dark story as much as the next guy... but there everywhere
TV, movies, video games, books
comics have been dark for a long time, its nice to finally be able to see some more light 
also i agree with the guy a few posts up who said that its more like returning heroes to being heroes

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too close to call

i have really enjoyed dark reign, mainly because the beginning of the reign was when i really started reading comics (aka: got addicted to them) and i have bought a lot more dark reign stuff than blackest night stuff, on top of that, its more realistic, it gives the marvel U an even bigger dose of the realistic tone it has for me, and the absolute best parts were the Deadpool tie ins (specificaly the part where wade became the meat, lol), and i really liked the list issues, especially avengers, the hulk, wolverine, and spider man (the others were above average, except for secret warriors, that was my least favorite list issue)
but i can't deny how it has consistently disappointed me, secret warriors is boring as $#!T, Utopia, although it started out amazing, and ended with pretty sweet issue, just dragged out for the middle four, when nothing really happened, dark wolverine was a let down, and dont even get me started on how crappy dark avengers is
blackest night however, is awesome and it has never disappointed me, i rarely buy DC stuff, but i can't wait for the Blackest night Tpb

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Dark Age

pretty much every story whether in movies, video games, books, comics, or tv is really dark right now (excluding comedys)
not to mention Dark Reign
i would rename the "modern age" of the 80s and 90s the Iron Age

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first, and most importantly, anyone who dies STAYS DEAD, no one gets resurrected, especially not jean grey and steve rodgers 
second KILL OFF THE SENTRY, i HATE that guy, he is totally annoying and he needs to die 
next, expand the ultimate universe, but never more that lets say, five ongoing  and two limited series at a time, i like the ultimate u small, but bigger than it is right now (two ongoing and one limited) 
no more oneshots as prolouges and epiloges to events, like Utopia, i shouldn't have had to buy two oneshots in addition to the ongoings 
i'd do everything possible to reduce prices, comics are really expensive 
paperbacks and hardcovers would come out sooner 
no more events for a while after DR ends 
REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF WOLVERINE, i love that guy, i really do, but my god he is in at least a third of marvels series right now, its starting to get annoying
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in order to be a black lantern you have to be dead, so when the good guys destroy the black lantern central power battery all of the black lanterns will go back to being corpses, and NO ONE stays dead in comics except for Uncle Ben, so a bunch of them will eventually be resurrected

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