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Most likely the Phoenix Force has kicked out the Cytorak influence and it will find another host. Much like it did during Fear Itself, Cytorak does not like to share. They maight find a new person and Colossus will coach the new Champion of Cytorak.

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Dont worry i was quoting Transmetropolitan, seems its a DC issue. The rest of then comic apps are fine. The maintenence sign is back up.

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I run all the comics apps and I can still buy my comics and read them, but DC instead wont let me buy new comics... it's odd. I made an account, which the Marvel and DC app dont require, which is awesome! But DC kept asking for my an account, so I broke down and made one. Problem not solved... it's odd. I just want to read the Night of Owls books and the Flash issue that came out this week. I'm wondering if anyone else has the same issue. It could be I'm up past the border, it's only the iOS versions... ...or maybe its a crew of magic space grimlins that think I stole their drugs and gave it to a futuristic newpaper editor who I saw beat up fives guys at the bar last night and won. I swear he just handed me a pillow case and said 'fill it up'. What was I supost to do? He had an exspense acount! Then he left the bar with a group of women, some of whom I think may have been ex wives and/or hookers... what a day. I've done all the basic IT stuff; re-install the app, re-boot the iPad, curse the name of Jobs, drink apple juice, beg the name of Jobs for forgiveness, hope and e-mail DC about the issue. Awe well... If anyone findsout anything hit this sucker up. Cheers

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Ok so why does Android service still work and the iPad service inable ot service purchases?

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Over the last three months ive been downloading my comics from dc and marvel off their apps. Dc dropped last weekend, now a weeklater, the under maintenece sign is down, but i still cant buy my comics? DC has not replied to my querries, does anyone else have the same issue? Cheers Dozer

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Reminds me of the New Fantastic Four 3 part story run. Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine and Ghost Rider. Pretty neat so far.

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Red Skull vs The Hulk, yeah I'd love to see Banner hold back old green genes while he tries to stay a step ahead of the Red Skull. That would be very kewl. 

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With the Casandra Cain Batgirl, I loved the 1st 50 issues, I tried the new team when the original team left, but I followed a few issues later. Too bad I loved that series. 

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What do people think of the way Wildstorm has handled Marc.  Killing off WildCorps, taking his leg, making him director of IO.  Wtf!  I like Jodi as Backlash but I was hopping he would have died as per Backlash issue 25.  The continuity re-write ala DC is cursed with has now affected Wildstorm and too much has changed while too much has stayed the same with no account for the recent world shift. 

Lame.  What say you?