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Oh wow.. that looks extremely lame

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Capullo stated earlier today that this is the sketch he will be handing out at the New Orleans WizCon. That doesn't mean there won't be an upcoming Riddler story, but I don't think the intention of his post was to 'tease' said story.

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To me, the problem is that these characters are horribly BORING. I couldn't care any less for either of them.. especially Kyle. Who is he? Why should I care? I found the dialog between the two of them agonizing in the last issue where Northstar is carrying him through the city. It has nothing to do with being gay, it has to do with the fact that there is so much attention being paid to characters that no one cares about! I was fine with the Cyclops/Jean wedding, the Spidey and MJ wedding, etc because I actually give a crap about those characters

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I understand that the Thing is strong but how does he throw a chest through water hard enough to smash apart without losing momentum? Doesn't that defy the laws of physics? And I wasn't aware that he could breathe under water...when did that happen?

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I don't think it would work. The reason these latest super hero movies are so good is because they are somewhat believable. I loved the extremis story but I don't see myself believing that Tony could store and entire suit with all it's digital systems, weapons, boosters, etc in his bones. It's just not believable and I think would turn out hokey.

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The art is so lazy. I personally liked this issue but I was so disappointed in the art. I was able to deal with the crappy art in the first issue since it was mostly discussions... but this issue is packed fully of epic action that would have been so much better with epic art

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Am I the only one who's hated this stupid owl story line after like the second issue? It's the same tired villian over and over again and it's being rammed down our throats

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@feargalr: I've already received an email with a new code! Using the form on their support page seems to be the way to go!

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When does this issue hit stores?

edit: Did research, looks like 5/9/2012

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@feargalr: I directly emailed support, but I'll try the site. Thanks for the tip!

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