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Personally, I firmly in believe in Batman's ability to somehow manage to beat the odds and win against anyone... with prep time. But without prep time, Batman is not as great as he can be. So prep time is a major factor in this fight. Bruce is pretty skilled at fighting in random occurrences, but not as good as Danny in my view. And also, Bruce in a random encounter, will not know about Danny's skills and his ability to conjure up the power of the Iron Fist, while Danny will just be fighting a genius level intellect billionaire who is a basic human without powers = another reason why no prep time will help Danny Rand. Now, if you look at fighting skill you can make arguments for either side. Both are equally skilled in martial arts including karate, hapkido, ju jutsu, aikido, and judo and many more. You can make a valid argument for either side in martial art skills. So if this was just a matter of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, then I would say too close to call. But this is much more than just a battle of hand-to-hand combat. A major advantage that Danny has, is his ability to use his chi to conjure up the power of the Iron Fist. If Batman gets hit by the Iron Fist power, no matter how much armor Batman has on, its still going to do some major damage to Batman, if not completely KO him. But is Batman without other abilities? Nope! Like I said before, Batman is a genius billionaire... and billionaire means plenty of high tech "toys" as Joker would call them. Between batarangs, smoke grenades, emp pulses, top strength, speed, and stamina, bat utility belt, batmobile, grapple, and plenty of armor, Batman is incredibly powerful. But is all of that enough to take on the power of the Iron Fist? Honestly probably not! He's gone toe-to-toe with the greatest heroes in Marvel including Wolverine (one of my favorite Iron Fist stories). There is no question that Batman is obviously smarter, but what is intellect without the time to think? That's why in the end I give this to Iron Fist,

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@tommythehitman: never man! I don't hate anyone! Everyone is entitled to their opinion! Everyone has certain likes and dislikes! So no worries!

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@tommythehitman: mmmm you had me and then you lost me! Love all of those except Man of Steel! Wasn't a big fan of it!

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@tommythehitman: to me the Dark Knight is the greatest movie of all time! R.I.P. Heath Ledger

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C'mon people really? No love for the avengers? I mean I loved cap! It's rated my #3 movie of all time! But avengers (my #2 movie of all time) beats it still! Cap was amazing but not on the same level as avengers!

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Without prep time slade is done for

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Gotta be honest and say that I'm all about the music in the movie hahaha xD

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I'm a David Finch guy myself

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Seem how's I'm one of the few who actually hated X2, and thought DOFP was one of the greatest superhero movies ever made, I'm gonna go DOFP

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Black canary is possibly the best hand-to-hand fighter in all of the DC universe. Her feats are unmatched by anyone including Batman. She has been trained by the best, so in a hand-to-hand fight, Moon Knight is buttered toast. Now on the other hand, Marc is also skilled with the weapons he usually carries. So he's not completely alone to fight a simple hand-to-hand fight. But let us not forget Dinah's most powerful weapon she carries... Her sonic scream. Her sonic scream has enough power to knock large opponents off their feet. If Moon Knight is in close proximity to Canary when she let's off that scream, it's over. He will be demolished by the power of the scream alone. But let's say for a minute that Moon Knight manages to avoid her scream and cripple her throat before she can blast it out. Let's say he delivers some pretty hard hits to her. Will this be enough to take down Canary? No, it won't. She's been known to take the most brutal beatings possible and still get up to dish out some more. If you don't believe in her toughness just listen to Roy Harper's (Arsenal) own words: "When I was little, I used to think, of the three, Ollie was the toughest. I was wrong." So in the end I give this to Black Canary ftw!