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A Beautiful Story About Trust 9

There will be MAJOR SPOILERS in this review. To get to the core of what I like about this issue, many things will need to be spoiled.Here is the tl;dr version of my review. Do yourself a favor and read this book! It is something different and refreshing.Let me start off by saying that Tom King took a large gamble with the structure of this book. Luckily for us readers, it paid off tremendously. So far, Dick Grayson has not even appeared in the Futures End weekly series, so I already knew going i...

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True Nightwing 0

This review won't be in my typical style where I break down things into pros and cons like my usual review style. Instead, I am just going to discuss how this issue made me feel as a huge Nightwing fan. I've followed this book very closely since issue #1 and have enjoyed the run as a whole very much. Anything that was frustrating with the run was out of the Kyle's hands (*cough* *cough* editorial) so once it became apparent that Kyle Higgins did not have very much freedom in dictating what he c...

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All Aboard the Nightwing Express!!! CHOO CHOOO! 6

The GoodIt has been a long September without Nightwing. Luckily, the wait is over now because our, "Not So Dark Knight", has returned and in spectacular form! While Nightwing did appear throughout some Forever Evil titles, I found myself missing him being conscious... Never mind, on with the review! I expected a bombastic issue with gratuitous action and Nightwing just beating up the Prankster yet, Kyle Higgins completely shattered my predictions for this issue making it something completely d...

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Nightwing is a pro at Oculus Rift and Alfred cheats! 0

Spoilers AheadThe GoodLet me start by saying that this was so close to being a five yet, barely fell into the four range for me. This issue certainly went in a direction that I didn't expect from what the solicits set up for the issue. Adding the virtual reality simulation was quite cool. I admit, I imagined Batman sitting playing the simulation demanding Alfred to bring him more hot pockets XD. Batman has failed to complete the issue for over four days and continues to play at the dismay of Alf...

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An issue mashed with adventure and setup topped with feels! 2

The GoodI can full heartedly say that Kyle Higgins has the pacing of a single Nightwing issue down to a science. The beginning of the issue has Nightwing thwarting some Prankster thugs in the John Hancock building. I am reminded of the confrontation in the Dark Knight movie between Batman and the SWAT team in the large building under construction. The fight was very cool with Nightwing cracking some great one liners and showing off his moves and arsenal. Nightwing's attitude toward the falling d...

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Pure comic magic, plain and simple. 4

I'm going to go into major spoiler territory this time so I'm going to save you some time if you don't want to hear my impressions and just tell you that YOU MUST buy this issue if you are a batfan at all. It is the perfect jumping on point for any who haven't given the previous Batman Beyond title a try and this issue is like unicorns raining from the sky, pure comic magic.On with the review.The Good Batman Beyond 2.0 takes place over a year after the 10,000 Clowns story that took place in the ...

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Another smash hit from DC animation! 3

WARNING SOME SPOILERS AHEAD. A part of the magic of this movie is finding the hidden Easter eggs and references in this movie so if you're a minor spoiler purist... Anyway, you've been warned.I somehow luckily managed to get to see Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox early and I have to say, I couldn't be happier with this movie. I know that many people disliked the Flashpoint event for being somewhat, "scattered", but, like with Under the Red Hood; DC animation has turned an ok comic story i...

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