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Hello G-Man, Mat and Corey. I hope you all had a fun and RESPONSIBLE St. Patty's day!

My question is about the police procedural style comic book shows that are coming about. I'm sure each of you has an opinion on whether or not you like those types of shows but, I was wondering what comic book characters do you feel could benefit or at least work in a police procedural type show?

As Mat knows, my vote would go to making a Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy police procedural. In a stroke of pure genius, Mat also had the idea of making Ka-Zar the police chief. I can only imagine Grant Morrison voicing Moon-Boy and translating for Devil Dinosaur who would only be able to speak in Japanese Kaiju monster growls.

Oh and Tony, be sure to catch up on Grayson. A character that you've been wishing to get fleshed out in this book has finally made an appearance! As always, thank you for all the work you guys put into the site and I wish you guys good luck with the hectic convention season that you'll be enduring for all us Viners.

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I'm not ashamed to say I got a little choked up during the final scene between Barry and his dad. Such a beautiful moment between the two.

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I'm preordering this right away. Best show ever!

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The best part about this cover is how smug he looks XD. Good to have him back.

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So happy I backed this. They totally nailed it!

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As a Batman Inc. fan, I kinda geeked out when I saw Saint Hadrian's Finishing School For Girls again:) Dick Grayson was characterized perfectly as expected but, I'm surprised how much I enjoyed Helena Bertinelli's characterization in this issue. She has that ultimate Bond girl vibe to her which I really like. I'm not gonna lie though, at times when I read Dick's lines, I heard Archer's voice in my head. Just from the way this issue is structured, I have a feeling this book won't suffer from a second issue slump like many other books do and will be even more bombastic! Looking forward to this ride and thanking the DC Gods that Dick isn't six feet under right now...

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@nightwing_beyond: You would have taken an entire star for boots?...

Normally no, but this issue has been delayed for a while. There's at least 30 issues of New 52 Nightwing out for the colorist to take reference from. I just thought that such a glaring color error could have been easily avoided.

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I wonder... At 00:51 when you hear someone say, "what are you doing". Could that be Tim Drake or Dick Grayson on the radio talking to Batman?

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I understand why they didn't go with World's Finest. The phrase "World's Finest", means nothing to the mainstream non comic reader audience. I suppose they chose Dawn of Justice to allude to the fact that this movie builds to the Justice League although it is a little bit on the nose for my taste. I dig the new logo though. I especially like the scratches under the Bat logo.

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I would have given this a three too. One star off for the weak Dick/Owlman closure and another for the miscolor of Dick's boots (his boots are colored red). You'd think after the long delay such a glaring color issue would've been caught. Still loved every moment we got with Luthor. I am satisfied with the issue overall. Just reminding future posters, a 3 star review doesn't mean @inferiorego hated the book guys... He just thought that it was good but with a few glaring issues. Don't give him grief over this please.