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@paranoidandroidz180: Abrams is directing all three of the new "core" trilogy. Episodes 7, 8, and 9. This is one of a couple STANDALONE Star Wars films.

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Blue Devil is up there.

Hollywood stuntman Dan Cassidy is wearing a SUPER high tech mechanized devil suit which is magically fused to his body...after other set workers accidentally set free a demon which Cassidy fights off.

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LOVE the cover.

So very noir, with a nice bioshock feel.

Higgins was screwed out of writing Nightwing by Forever Evil. This should make up for it.

EDIT: just finished the issue. Lol'd at the obvious Nightwing costume tribute.

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At first it bothered me that Ollie wasn't called Green Arrow right off the bat. But in retrospect, think about how far we've come:

First- "The Vigilantie"

Second- "The Hood"

Third- "The Arrow"

Only one name left. I think after Roy becomes Red Arrow, the media will pick up on it and throw "Green" in Ollie's title to distinguish the two of them.

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Clint Eastwood was born to play Wolverine. (google images. now.)

As was Jackman, but less so.

Ryan Gosling was born to play Aquaman.

Chris Pine was born to play Flash.

Dwayne Johnson was born to play Black Adam.

Sarah Jessica Parker was born to play Beta-Ray Bill.

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Next season will likely feature Ra's as the big bad.

Since Sara is in the League, her loyalties will come in conflict, and when she chooses Team Arrow, she'll get killed off by him or Nyssa, spurring Laurel to "look good in the leather jacket."

Meanwhile, Malcolm trains Thea so she can be speedy without wasting too much of Ollie's screentime.

Thea and Roy fight at some point. Thea wins because Roy's distracted by love/Thea plays dirty.

However, Team Arrow wins the day.

/season 3

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Sap energy from them. The energy loss will cause them to become solid.

Telepathy also seems to work.

It's a great power nonetheless. Always thought Manhunter could/would use it to take down Supes if the time came.

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1. That suit has to get an upgrade at some point. Looks very much like a "first costume," which is fine for now, but later it will not be.

2. Weather Wizard looks good, nice CGI, and NICE TO FINALLY SEE POWERS IN A COMIC SHOW

3. I wish Barry was older so they could introduce Wally/Barry as more of a father son type relationship. But oh well.

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After that Eurovision concert happened, you should start asking why more super HEROINES don't have beards.

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Hugh Jackman

Patrick Stewart

Michael Caine