Captain America Redesign

Hi, if anyone new is reading this, a few weeks a go i said i would post new redesigns for the origins of marvel characters with new twists because of the New 52 in DC. So here we go. Steve Rogers was a frail teenager who wanted to serve his country in world war two. When he was selected to be part of the super solider experiment, Steve jump at the chance to serve. Unknown to him, this was expected to fail since a jealous bully Nick Fury tampered with the Vita Rays. But, the experiment was a success, Rogers was now they pinnacle of human strength, speed, intelligence, agility, stamina, and metabolism. Because of the tampering thou, Dr. Erskine could not replicate the procedure fully, so no other soldiers could be made. Rogers was made captain, were he had Dum Dum Dougan, Fury, and James "Bucky" Barnes serve him. He fought with colonel Logan to stop the evil Red Skull. On thier final mission, Cap and Fury came face to face with the Skull, Baron Zemo and von Strucker. After Cap beat them and they surrendered, Fury knocked out Rogers from behind, threw him in the frigid artic waters of upper Norway, and killed Skull, Strucker, and Zemo. He (Fury) claimed cap sacraficed himself and he got a promotion. In 2012, Captain Rogers was found and restored in his home country, remembering nothing of Fury's betrayal, and went on to lead the Avengers as Captain America!

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New York Comic Con

So I went to Comic con in New York City this past weekend. I was wondering if anyone else went and if they have any awesome moments. Mine was getting Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's autographs on Justice League number 1.

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Wolverine redesign

James Logan was born in 1892. His father, Thomas Logan, fought for the Union during the Civil war at 13. After the war, he moved to Canada in hope of finding gold. Instead, he got a job as a foreman at the coal mine where James would be born. James would run away at the age of 14, when he killed his father with his claws to protect his mother. He lived with wolves for roughly eight years, when he joined the army to fight in world war one. After he discovered his healing factor, Logan would continuing serving the military through both world wars. He a greed to donate his blood in order to make more soldiers like him. In the 60's, James volunteered to have adamantium bonded to his skeleton. The project was a success, but when Logan learned he was going to be brainwashed and forced to lead the super powered mercenary group Alpha Flight, he escaped. For twenty yeas he wander the world, becoming one of the greatest warriors ever, having his son Daken and taking in Nightcrawler and Rogue as his children until his old friend Charles Xavier called. Chuck had formed a school for mutants to learn and had a them called the X-men to help the world. But Xavier knew that someone would have to do the dirty work to save the world. So with SHIELD's permission, Xavier asked Logan to become Wolverine, and lead the mutant black ops team the X-Force to stop evil super beings, mutant or otherwise, from killing millions by any means necessary. So, Wolverine accepted, as long as his children could be students at the school. Thus Wolverine is born!


New Marvel

Ever since the New 52, I have been thinking of redoing the Marvel Universe in my image. Please give feed back on the posts and my first character to redesign is:



The Spectre is back in the New 52!

In the new Phantom Stranger, we finally see the Spectre, and he has a twist origin! what do you think about his implied origin and how should they go with it? I personally think it means he is now omnipotent. Please comment.


Superman vs Apollo

Who would win in a fight


Both at full power

pre flashpoint

Not holding any power back

Location: New York

Setting: Apollo has arrived and is causing troble since he has no idea where he is. superman flies and tries to stop him from hurting civilians


Silver Age or Dark Age?

Now, we all know that the Silver Age is full of childish antics like how Batman fought aliens instead of organized crime or how Superman was way to powerful and had weird adventures. But would you rather read the childish strories of the silver age or the super angsty, brooding, and over the top violence of the so called dark age of the 90's antiheroes? please comment.