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Well he was burnt up in the Sun at the end of Grant Morrison's New X-Men run, when the space station he and Jean was on had been thrown towards the Sun. He went outside the station with an effectively dead Jean to go out in fire. Whether it would eventually have killed him is unknown as it re-awakened Phoenix in Jean, and she drew herself and Logan out of the Sun. Although allot of him had been burnt away and was able to re-generate back.

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Hard to believe they would cancel Laura's title but keep Daken's (why not the other way around)

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Didn't know Gorgan had come back from being turned to stone and shattered. Still he was a pretty cool villain there so that's a plus. Still on the whole this seems a weaker team, I expect it'll all blow up in Osborn's face again. And will the public be fooled a second time, or is Osborn going to attempt to discredit the current Avengers cast?

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@madrid_san: She had to make the fight even somehow ;)

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@hitechlolife: He could become the new Apocalypse permanently (it would definitely be more interesting then just having En Sabah Nur coming back to life again). It would be interesting if as happened with Weapon X in AoA and Warren here, that Apocalypse remains a title/role that can be taken (or forced) on a new vessel rather then on person anymore. It can allow future Apocalypse to be killed permanently while allow future stories with Apocalypse to still happen, and it allows for radically different Apocalypse's to emerge.

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Well if he does have those adamantium mircoscopic chains linking his bones then he can't we can assume his skeletal structure is virtual unbreakable (particularly if his ligaments are also adamantium beta) which seems to be indicated by the times he's had his flesh stripped from one of his arms etc and his bones have remained in place. So dislocating any bone truly would appear to be impossible though it might still be possible to move/twist his neck vertebrae enough to snap the spinal cord. Whether that would kill him or just take him done for a bit I'm unsure, it probably might not kill him outright though and I assume he would heal.

In the Wolverine vs X-Men arc recently in the Wolverine book Cyke had a plan to kill Logan (assume he got out of control) that involved Maggie stripping him of his adamantium, and then having Namor rip his head off.

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I hope not, hopefully the result of the story is that (at least for now) the Angel persona will be lost so Warren will be only Archangel dark persona (but deprogrammed from the Apocalypse mindset persona he's exhibiting). This way he would no longer be the Warren he had been, and might be a reason he is unable to be a function member on any X-Men team. But he would remain in X-Force, and gives avenues to take the character in further dark directions.

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Well with X-Force 17 AoA Jean seems (along with allot of the rest of the AoA X-Men) to have come to 616. So do you think this is the rumoured Jean return or is 616 Jean still coming, in which case we will have to Jean Grey's running around (possibly both with Phoenix powers, not to mention Hope, I have a feeling this Phoenix return event will lead to a headache for me...)

If this is the case, which one if any would be Logan love interest, or will there be a new triangle Logan and Jean and Jean (I hope not, I'm getting tired of Logan in love triangles)

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Not going to address the specific controversies (I think TadThuggish's posted comic sums up my feeling on the Starfire thing) but I do think DC didn't go far enough. The half-reboot thing is confusing still at times, in what still happened, and did it happen the say way (like the Death of Superman, it seems to have happened in Superman, but is still to happen in Action, and how did it happen etc), and for new readers these things still get referenced or used. To me, if they were going to do it they should have gone all the way, and complete clean slate or not done it at all.

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In pure power terms Bobby for sure, but this doesn't take into account the full range of skills and abilities possessed by both, as power alone doesn't determine a victor (look at Anakin and Obi-Wan). In reality (heh) it all depends on the situation, the opponent etc, different situations would favour either one, and I would say Logan has greater durability, and is the better combatant.

To be honest in depends on the battle or disaster, what effects or powers are in play, the full skills and talents and their applicability to the situation to which one would be better.

Short answer, both would be better then the other in certain situations (and of course on who is writing the book, and which character is the focus of the story).