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Can't wait to see it Hiro is going to be my favorite

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I say Injustice, I love Arkham Origins, but was a bit disappointed that they didn't use Barbara or Dick as challenge map playable. Injustice included Dick and Barbara with Catwoman, Joker and Harley. I'm a Bat-Family fan only thing that disappointed about Injustice was no Tim or Jason. I also feel like Origins is a bit harder in certain areas than Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, its not that I don't like hard but there is a limit to how hard I like if I can't beat the villains then there is an issue, which is my case in the Bruce Wayne Campiagn

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I was a bit disappointed to see Tim removed from the story, makes me wonder if he exists in the new DC cinematic universe. I actually wanted to see a scene with all the Robins Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian. I was also upset that the fight between Nightwing and Damian got removed, it would of been nice to see. Also, Nightwing was still my favorite part of the film, but his voice actor didn't feel right, I liked it better than Justice League:War

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I think they could start Supergirl's origin on Krypton. It would be nice to go with Dick from where he was born, most everyone knows the story of his parents death, I'd like to see further back than that, and Superman well we could just see him grow up into Superman.

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Tim and Dick both but since I couldn't vote for both, I voted for Tim, because I chose randomly, but for me out of the two its really really really hard. The characters are like children in a since, you like them equally and its really really hard to just choose one especially since for me Dick and Tim are two of my favorites in the DCU. Infact the past few months for me with Forever Evil have been very hard not knowing what is going to happen to Dick and worrying about how whatever happens to him will affect the Bat-Family. I was really worried about losing one of my faves. As much as I both hate and love to admit this though, I've been giving a thought about voting for Tim and I think I was right, because he is a really good detective, athletic, and really smart.

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Its great to see Nightwing, he is one of my favorites. I want to see Tim Drake in it to, because even though I love Nightwing, I love Tim to and he is crucial in the comic book. I don't just want to see Tim, but I'd also like an Oracle cameo, because both have yet to appear in the DC animated film. I'm a huge fan of the bat-family and hope to see more.

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I think if they do The Court of The Owls, Nightwing will need a main role

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I voted for Killing Joke, because Mark Hamill said he'd come back if they did that, but I'd also like to see Court of The Owls and Battle for The Cowl and then a movie with Dick Grayson as Batman.

@degraaf: I think that would be great we need a movie about Dick or even a TV series.

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Looks like Nightwing (Dick Grayson) is going to die, by the front of that cover unfortunately he's my favorite character, but despite that there are still other characters I love and if there is a chance that Dick will come back, even if I wanted to I couldn't give up on DC and yes its hard to see my favorite character die.