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Tim and Dick both but since I couldn't vote for both, I voted for Tim, because I chose randomly, but for me out of the two its really really really hard. The characters are like children in a since, you like them equally and its really really hard to just choose one especially since for me Dick and Tim are two of my favorites in the DCU. Infact the past few months for me with Forever Evil have been very hard not knowing what is going to happen to Dick and worrying about how whatever happens to him will affect the Bat-Family. I was really worried about losing one of my faves. As much as I both hate and love to admit this though, I've been giving a thought about voting for Tim and I think I was right, because he is a really good detective, athletic, and really smart.

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Its great to see Nightwing, he is one of my favorites. I want to see Tim Drake in it to, because even though I love Nightwing, I love Tim to and he is crucial in the comic book. I don't just want to see Tim, but I'd also like an Oracle cameo, because both have yet to appear in the DC animated film. I'm a huge fan of the bat-family and hope to see more.

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I think if they do The Court of The Owls, Nightwing will need a main role

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I voted for Killing Joke, because Mark Hamill said he'd come back if they did that, but I'd also like to see Court of The Owls and Battle for The Cowl and then a movie with Dick Grayson as Batman.

@degraaf: I think that would be great we need a movie about Dick or even a TV series.

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Looks like Nightwing (Dick Grayson) is going to die, by the front of that cover unfortunately he's my favorite character, but despite that there are still other characters I love and if there is a chance that Dick will come back, even if I wanted to I couldn't give up on DC and yes its hard to see my favorite character die.

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@2cool4fun: At least he's been in animated shows, that's better than nothing he's one of my favorites, as I said in another post wish he were in it him and Dick both. I want a movie with Dick, Tim, Jason, and Damien

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Okay in Injustice Gods among Us I hated Damian Wayne and I hated him in the comics, but from what I've seen in this trailer I may like the animated version of him. He's no Dick Grayson, or Tim Drake, this animated movie trailer almost made me regret what I've said in the past about the character. I love Tim and Dick they're my favorites, I know Damian has issues with Tim and actually told Tim to wear the Batgirl costume when Dick as Batman decided to have him become Robin, Bruce was missing at the time presumed dead. In Injustice Damian killed Dick and that made me hate the character even more, but this trailer shows some new potential that may change my mind on the character, the voice actor sounds great and really sounds like he fits the role and isn't annoying like I thought the character was, but maybe I was wrong.

Dick and Tim have always been my favorite characters, I was disappointed to see they aren't in The Son of Batman, then again they may not of been in the comic either, I haven't read it but oh well I'm still looking forward to this movie and like I said above Damian may change my mind. Looks like they've finally decided to make him like-able and not annoying enjoyed the preview, I do think however this would of made a good Bat- Family movie considering that we don't yet have one, having characters like Dick, Tim, Barbara, and even Jason would of been great, but like I said I'm not disappointed I just want a movie with the whole Bat Family one of these days.

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I'd spend it with Dick Grayson , Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon maybe even Alfred, not Batman unless he's in a good mood and knowing him he isn't too Christmasy. Maybe even April, The Ninja Turtles and Splinter would be fun also, but I'd have to take a trip to 2105 to see one more person Cody Jones.

One other that I'd think would be awesome is Zatanna. If u asked me what villain I'd spend the holidays with it would be Harley Quinn and maybe The Joker, unfortunately with the Joker I probably wouldn't come out alive.

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@mojo65 I hope this is the case, because I've heard some other things like someone saying that Dick will die in the last issue of forever evil and claiming to have read it. I sure hope this is true and I'd appreciate it if it were plus this would make since for Dick. Would rather have Dick outlawed than dead.

@mojo65 said:

This was posted on /co/ over a month ago by someone claiming to be a DC insider.

>There will be three new Justice League titles launching in April. The already announced JUSTICE LEAGUE CANADA will replace JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA thru August as a result of events in FOREVER EVIL. The others will spin out of FOREVER EVIL as well:

>OUTLAW JUSTICE. In this modern day western adventure series, superheroes have been outlawed in post-FOREVER EVIL America and the most wanted man in the country is Dick Grayson. He will lead an underground band of heroes operating behind enemy lines, hunted by both sides.

>YOUNG JUSTICE will focus on the lives and loves of the next generation of superheroes. This series will include THE NEW 52 debut of heroes like: Aqualad and Miss Martian.

>All of these series will be part of the build up to September 2014's big event: JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED, a 52-week long Justice League series, featuring heroes and villains from across time and space, led by Booster Gold and a popular returning hero not seen since THE NEW 52 started.

>Also debuting in April, THE ALL NEW NIGHTWING #30. Who is the mysterious new guardian of Gotham City? Not even Batman knows HER secrets.


Though I guess with the change in what they are doing with the Batman main title she'll be introduced a bit earlier. Or this is total bullshit and just a weird coencidence, I hope not though cause other than hero's being outlawed I like the sound of everything here.

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@shanana said:

@shanana said:

This movie won't flop, the Allure of Batman and Superman; with an appearance from WW has already made people (Non comic readers) WANT to see it.

What's going to kill it is the acting; but by that time you've already bought the ticket lol.

i have faith in the acting. cavil was a fantastic superman imo affleck has proven me wrong and i have gone on record saying i take back everything negative i said about the guy. now for this chick as wonder woman......... she was good in the fast franchise and was a bad ass in her own right but i dont think she has been in anything else to make people go and say oh yea her . like i said im waiting till i see the film and if it sucks i have to take my hat off to wb for at least trying something new for a change.

Agreed give them a chance. I will also be watching the film and absolutely agree with you