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I’m kinda on the fence about this one. I think the main issue here is the history of minorities inclusion in this country. This has been kind off a debate throughout entertainment that I’ve seen with comic, television and film characters. On one hand, I kind of think it can be harmful to constantly look at ourselves as the “black version” of something else. But on the other hand, I do realize that a lot of the reason that we get so hyped about these characters, is because of their iconic legacies that have been steadily building, even before we were born. And people have to realize that though there where probably many capable black writers back in those days, their inclusion into mainstream entertainment (especially anything not behind the scenes and anything not buffoonery) was pretty much nonexistent. And by the time African American characters started being included in these comic book universes, they weren’t created by black writers and they were portrayed as the stereo typical one note personalities that were the majority of all black imagery being presented by Hollywood at the time. No one would ever expect characters like “Lobo” or “The Absorbing Man” to out shine or equal the popularity of characters like “Batman” or “Superman”, so why would “Luke Cage”? So I get that, in order to break years of programming to only see all African Americans as one or two personality types (the slick talking criminal, or the serious soldier) , they put them in these iconic character rolls, where their creators actually based their appeal of off cool sci fi concepts and indepth stories instead of just the hook of “Super Ethnicity Man”. But at this point, I think we get it. We’ve seen with Nick Fury, Spider-Man, Green Lantern and Iron Man, that black characters do work when the concept and story are actually cool. But the next step is for more black creators to get involved in creating new, actually awesome characters and realize your personality and story canvas in unlimited, from lawyers, doctors, thugs, college students, billionaires, aliens, whatever. Because, though I enjoyed watching “Good Times” growing up, I was very, very happy when “The Cosby Show” came around. But at the same time, I’m glad The Cosby Show was The Cosby Show and not “The New Ozzy and Harriet”.

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I think obviously, what bendis is saying, is that eventually, all this gets resolved and the classic x-men do return to the past with mental blocks of these memorys. That's why there are no current changes in the time line. but maybe this will be their way for the resurrection for professor x and present jean grey. because if the past professor x reads through the mental blocks of the returned x-men's minds, maybe he'll keep what he knows to himself so not to disrupt the timeline, but just change 2 things when the time comes, like faking jeans last death and his death at the last minute of those incidents so not to disrupt the timeline, and keeping both of them in hiding until the classic x-men return to the past, where past him will again read their minds, thus keeping the time loop intact.

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@thatlad: I just mean unstoppable voice vs. unstoppable eye beams as well as both being leaders of super powered races. I just wondered if maybe the writer intended this as some sort of plot line where cyclops had secretly found out about Xavier's secret club and specifically planned to counter them as some sort of fail safe just incase Xavier ever tried to shut him down.

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Has anybody ever noticed how the original members of Cyclops extinction team seemed to be a person who could either counter or effect every member of the illuminati?

Iron man = Magneto and Danger

Professor X = The White Queen and Danger

Reed Richards = Dr. Nemisis

Dr. Strange = Magik

Black Panther = Namor and Storm

Black Bolt = Cyclops

Namor = Namor

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I don’t think Cyclops has been necessarily painted as a villain. If you really pay attention to the story and history, almost everyone who stood against Cyclops came off as a contradictive hypocrite. These are just my top three reasons why they have no case against Cyke. 1.) Why is it ok for mentally unstable Scarlett Witch to just float around in the world freely after completely altering reality and erasing the majority of mutants on earth, and it’s not ok for Hope to try harness the Phoenix Force (Which was coming no matter what) under training and supervision in order to try to use that power to fix what Wanda broke? 2.) Why can’t Cyclops prepare students to fight as a last line of defense against something that won’t stop hunting them, and Wolverine can try to kill Hope as a first option, use X-23 and Elixir with X-Force and recruit Skarr to fight against Romulus? 3.) Isn’t Captain America taking Hope into custody because of her potential threat kinda like the U.S. Government wanting all superhumans to register because of their potential threats? In fact, isn’t what Captain America is about to do with the X-men, just a more polite way of doing almost exactly what Tony Stark and Norman Osborn did in Avengers Initiative and Dark Reign? Since the Phoenix is this great omnipotent force that couldn’t be stopped from getting to Hope, Cap should have listened to a more informed Cyclops and allowed him to continue to focus Hope into a prepared emotionally calm state to absorb it, instead of just showing up to Utopia exactly like Norman Osborn did at Asgard, making Hope feel like a hunted criminal and running for her life from Wolverine. The only thing the Avengers did was, Create the Phoenix Five, put Hope in an even more stressful state to receive the Phoenix in and finally end up using Cyclops plan once their backs were to the wall and had no other choice. Cyclops may not be too popular amongst the Avengers and X-men anytime soon, but the opinion of him probably wouldn’t be that bad amongst the overall mutant community. His sacrifice of playing the “bad guy” actually ended up repopulating the mutant race and will finally bring the X-men and mutant issues into the mainstream marvel universe. They should all start wearing T-shirts saying, “Cyke was Right!”.