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@thejman1990: Lobdell never said that, Jason said that because that is what Kori told him. Lobdell hinted in interviews that Kori's memory was intact but that she chose to forget. This is what Tynion did. She doesn't live in the past, she lives for the here and now and is not held back by her past because she insisted to Roy that he didn't need to know because it was the past, issue 6 is till canon and meaningful. Also, I think you are pretty much proving my point by being biased against Tynion. Lobdell was hated so badly for what he did in the title, but now that a new guy is on who really doesn't need to continue what Lobdell did, he is being hated by the fans, that is a nice contradiction. James is actually taking what Lobdell created and making a story out of it. Everybody is hating on him now solely because he isn't Lobdell. I honestly believe that James is writing what Lobdell would have wanted. Scott set up the conflcit with Roy in issue 14, where there is a small inner dialogue saying that he might need some help. This could be the bounties on their head, as there are cameos for both Deathstroke and Hugo Strange in issue 16.

I honestly want to hear something besides that James is ruining the title. Give me some legitimate criticisms and stop thinking so close mindedly. Everything that Lobdell did is intact I don't know why everyone keeps saying that James ruined it. I also want to say that I don't think James is perfect, these past two issues were far from perfect and he definitely needs to step it up. issue 19 was ok, but I didn't care for issue 20. I am a fan of what Lobdell did, but also a fan of Tynion and am willing to at least give the guy an arc before I say he is ruining a series.

Not so. Lobdell said in early interviews that Kori's mind didn't work like earthlings. She knows people as sight and scent, blah blah blah...In the first issue, in her inner monologue, Kori said that she could barely tell Roy and Jason apart. Also, Kori's flashback in issue six shows her having happy memories AND STATING that she had good memories of Grayson, but didn't remember who he was. He was SEEN in her flashback, in her bed. Working together with Roy as a team. She was SMILING when she remembered this and was telling Jason about it. She said that when she saw him, she would know him. It wasn't written as something that she didn't want to happen or as something that would destroy her. AND why would somebody live on a deserted island and have a stash of EVERY superhero outfit that the guy who, if you remembered him would destroy you, in her possession. I just see this as a contradiction in writing, plain and simple.

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@Protoon: @Protoon said:


I should qualify by saying I'm none too knowledgable on the Nightwing/Starfire thing because I've never read any Teen Titans.

New Teen Titans/Tales of the Teen Titans/ New Titans. But I digress. You're excused.

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@MonkeyToe said:

I'm keeping the dream alive!

@GiveUpNed said:

Honestly so much has happened in this series since this thread has gone up I think that people's views on Starfire should be completely different. This last arc was really Starfire heavy. We saw her in a new costume (do you think she'll go back to the old one when she returns to Earth?), we saw her go in depth into her past and present, and she even mentioned that she may be in love on Earth (I am assuming she means Roy). She seems like a completely different Starfire than the one we all debated 7 months ago.

I can't say that I am impressed with the changes. The costume, though less ridiculous than the previous one, doesn't make sense if Kori is "solar powered" as the DCU character was. But I suppose it made some people happy.

The relationship between Kori and her people doesn't make sense, and the one between her and Kom makes even less. She claims that she doesn't care about her people because they didn't, somehow, rescue her, and yet she completely exonerates her sister who traded her into slavery on a prison planet and didn't lift a finger to try to save her, Kori hugs her and tells her she never doubted her? SHE DIDN'T LIFT A FINGER TO HELP HER AND SHE NEVER DOUBTED HER SISTER!??!

And, apparently, she might be in love with Roy...and wants to live on Earth. Why? When? How?

I mean, she sleeps with Roy, but when and how did she begin to have feelings for her (which we weren't shown, but are being told about.)

And why does she want to return to earth, which has not been kind to her, and she was 'trapped' on only a few issues ago.Because now she has friends? Didn't she have friends before? She was sleeping with Dick Grayson before.

And what about this? Kori is being shown as being bright and able to lead. Why isn't she looking for that man she can't remember? She has enough clues. She knows English, and has the ability to speak any human language. Why isn't she looking for him. And why isn't he looking for her? Why didn't Roy or Jason say anything? They are her friends (or at least her team mates.) They both know who her ex was.

And, last but not least, when was Koriand'r able to start differentiating between t humans? Again, according to her inner monolog, she wasn't able to. That hasn't been explained or changed.

DCU Komand'r was a better character with a dramatic backstory, and was an excellent foil for Starfire. DCnU Blackfire kinda reminds me of the cartoon version.

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@X9: Oh, gosh, I know what the words pimp and slut mean and I really meant to use them

Obvioiusly, you don't. A boyfriend is not a pimp, and someone who restrains themselves from acting violently isn't a slut. I believe that you just call a women you don't like degrading names, just like, in your example you, voicing what Jason "should have said" after Kori kissed him, you called her a stupid bitch.

And, again - NOT blowing someone up because they ripped your top of doesn't make her a slut. (Do yourself a favor, look up the word slut. Seriously.)

I still think she sucks, she's dumb and, hell yeah, promiscuous. And you should really be careful when saying I'm being hypocrite cause, afterall, I didn't use Jason, Roy or anyone else to compare with Starfire. I'm not even a fan of these characters, so it's not like I can put up with their "promiscuit" and not with Starfire's.

Your thoughts aren't based on knowledge about the character, though. So what you think about her is unimportant to anyone.

And I didn't use Jason's/Roy's sex life to compare it with Starfire's. I just think it's funny that you overlook their past in order to rant about Kory's.

I also think it's hilarious that you put quotation marks around "promisciut" when that's how YOU misspelled promiscuous in your ranting misogynistic post. Makes me LOL.

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@X9: Sorry, but your comparison between her reaction to Lobo ripping her "top"off and the action of a woman punching a man in the face makes no sense. What I was shocked about is that not only she allowed him to do that but also had that nice atitude of "hey, you ripped my top off, but don't worry, let's talk about you working with my team" Hell, any woman (especially someone who has SUPER POWERS) would've said "You touch me again and you won't even have to worry about working with the TT anymore, cause I'll make sure you'll never be able to use your hands again" That would've been nice. Or at least she could have pretended she was upset or sth, act like she didn't want it to happen again. See, her atitudes end up turning her promiscuous in a way or another.

I was trying to point out that you're basing Starfire being a slut on what Lobo did, and not on what, if anything, Starfire did. Not blowing someone else up doesn't make one a slut

About the pimp... sorry, I wrote it wrong :P

And you obviously don't know what a pimp is.

Oh, please, how many times she grabbed Dick and said "teach me everything" when he was trying to show her Earth technology or any other thing which had nth to do with touch, kissing or having sex? As she always used the excuse that "it's common in my planet" well, we can all assume her culture is promiscuous, if compared to our standards

None that I know of. Can you site some examples. We don't know that her culture is promiscuous. The only people we have seen have been in monogamous relationships. Starfire. Her parents. Her husbands. And you seem to have wrongly paraphrased Kory. She said that her people are taught to love everyone, "always emotionally, sometimes physically." In other words, physically loving more than one person was not the norm in that culture.

And what the hell Roy and Jason have to do with her conduct? It's not them I'm criticizing, it's Starfire. Whatever they might have done or not, it doesn't change the fact Starfire acts like a slut. A slut who, inclusive, asked Roy to have sex with her just because she was bored. Who's the most promiscuos now?

I'm not saying that Roy and Jason have anything to do with her conduct. I just think it's hypocrytical of you to call Starfire promiscuios (when she clearly isn't, outside of DCnU), when Roy and Jason have a far more sexually liberal past. And, it's kinda plain that you don't know what a slut is, or promiscuous. You might want to invest some time in looking those words up.

That's my problem with Starfire. She's not sweet/naive and sensual... she's stupid and pretty much worthless. A character I see nth special at all.

Maybe not in DCnU.

I happen to prefer THIS Starfire.

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@X9 said:

@Nightstar1: Starfire allowing him to do that makes her dumb. The "girl" has super powers, she could've hurled him far away from her before he could even get close to her "top".

The slut part is because EVERYTHING she does or people do to her has to do with sex, sexuality, private parts, touch and so on. It's annoying. Not exactly because of the character, but because of the role writes want her to play.

For example, when Jason says to her: "I gotta tell you something" she immediately kisses him. He's confused, of course, so she says "This is how my race acquires linguistic knowledge. You said you were going to say sth. So I assumed..."

YOU ASSUMED WHAT,bitch? Who on universe (Earth is not a good word in that case) thinks a person is going to say sth in another language just because that person said she/he'd say something?! THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE! If you wanned to kiss him, as you know what kissing means on Earth, you could've found a better way to do so. If you didn't (following the irrational logic), you could wait till he starts to say sth. If it was in another language, THEN you should kiss him! Duuumb!

And the kissing-learning thing is so unecessary. As I said, everything related to her has to be fleshly somehow. She wouldn't need that. She's a beautiful alien, she doesn't need to look like a whore to people think she's desirable. (and by people I mean comic characters; the ones who just like Starfire because she's hot are freaks, I mean, she's fictitious dudes, go get real women ¬¬)

Sorry, but the "she basically only slept with Dick" excuse is not valide. She acted cheaply (dumb to learn EVERYTHING except sex ¬¬), but she was like a slut loyal to her pimb. Once the pimb is gone, just slut again.

Last but not least, her clothes thing. Well, in most ocidental societies women are free to show their bellies, necklines or use shorts which show their legs, right? No problem. But if you're one of these women and go to Iran or Paquistan, you'll certainly wear sth more sedate. Of course, you wouldn't be obligated to wear burqas, (except in some situations) they're not part of your culture, but you'd dress up in a different way for a matter of respect and also to protect yourself from misunderstandings and so on. IT'S THE SAME SITUATION WITH STARFIRE! I'm not even complaining about the purple thing she wears as an uniform (well, it's tiny but I can assume it's an uniform meant to be sexy, as many of super heroines' costumes are ¬¬) but it wouldn't kill her to make an effort to, at least, wearing a dress or sth! Especially when she's on a planet where most people don't want her arround!!! And wasn't she member of a race of warrior? Who the hell fights in those clothes?!

The same thing goes for her cultural promiscuit.

Anyway, I'm glad I took it all off my chest. These are some reasons why I don't care about this alien. I actually don't have patience with Starfire. And this final version of her in the New 52 just killed any hopes of changing my mind. Many people are gonna read and be angry, and bla bla. It's my opinion and you gotta admit what I wrote makes sense. Even why, it's a "Why I hate Starfire" topic. I'm not being inadequate or anything...

A man ripping a woman's top off doesn't make her a slut any more than a woman punching a man in the face makes him a wife beater. Lobo was acting like an ass. And, in the story, she seemed to have been taken by surprise, but instead of flouncing back to the ship, in a quivering mass of tears, she's like, "Hey, I came out to talk to you about working with my team.".

As to the Jay/Kori kiss, I didn't understand it myself. She already knew english. It didn't make sense. My thoughts are that Scott Lobdell needed to sex up the story. I have no respect for him.

(What's a pimb?))

Cultural promiscuit? Her culture isn't promiscuit. At least not in the wolfman/perez NTT. And you mention this, when you've got Roy Harper (mr. promiscuous before Dick Grayson took the title) and Jason Todd, the guy who slept with his adopted father's baby's momma? You're kidding, right.

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@fullofmetal: In the Wolfman/Perez run, she wasn't anyone's doormat.

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@X9 said:

wasn't talking about Dick and honestly I don't really care about what may have happened between him and Starfire ¬¬

The picture above just confirms what I think of her. Would any heroine from DC let him do that? No. Except the redhead alien there ¬¬ (2)

Dumb slut XP

Lobo ripping off her top makes her a dumb slut?

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@X9 said:

She asked to. He refused.

And it's just a matter of time before it happens.

Sorry, but to me she's just a slut :P

If you're writing about the scene in the most recent version of the Titans, then you're wrong.

They were already in a sexual relationship. She asked him if he was in love with her, and he said that he loved her but that he was no longer "in love" with her, so she left him.

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@GiveUpNed: @GiveUpNed said:

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@Nightstar1 said:

Comic books are a valid literary form? Also, in this case, that someone who wants meaningless sex isn't a woman. It's a man, who is speaking and acting for a woman,, or at least an "animal in a woman's body".

Comic books are very much a valid literary form. The man didn't speak for her, as you can see, Starfire does what she wants, when she wants. In Red Hood and The Outlaws #6 Starfire explicitly states clothing is meaningless and you shouldn't connote them to a past experience.

Scott Lobdell (a man) is the person who writes the words she speaks, and Kenneth Rockafort (a man) draws the actions which Scott Lobdell (man) wrote. It wouldn't mean anything, except that she's claiming to speak for "liberated" women, all while acting like a frat boy's wet dream. Starfire states that past men/clothing don't mean anything to her as she's sniffing the gloves of a man from a past relationship. Irony is ironic, isn't it?

You keep using that word! I do not think it means what you think it means!

Which word? Irony? Which is a technique of indicating, as through character or plot development, an intention or attitude opposite to that which is actually or ostensibly stated. "Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line"! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha... "

Indeed. I'm impressed that this badboy is still trucking. WE NEED TO GO DEEPER!

That gave me the CHUCKLES!

CHUCKLES, eh? Laughter doesn't break you from your slumber. Only music and gravity!