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My name is Sam. There really isn’t much to know about me. 

I am from Krypton and I was bit by a radioactive spider when I was 17. 

I have the power to control metal objects and my last name is Xaiver.  I have this problem with my blue skin and my tail always getting in the way.  

Did I mention I am a great archer who has anger issues and a habit of chain smoking? 

I am fond of overly fast guys in blue suits and I have this strange fascination with playing cards? 

You caught me. That isn't even close to me.

I enjoy comic books, and would love to one day be skilled enough to draw comic book art itself.

I am a huge fan of Marvel but I am slowly but surely learning how things work on the DC side.

I also enjoy Dark horse comics.

Going to a comic convention is something I really have to do.

I plan on going dressed up of course, I just need to figure out whom and how I am going to do that.

Gambit- Remy Lebeau is my all-time favorite male character on the Marvel side.

Rogue would be my female pick.

On DC I happen to be very fond of Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and the Black Canary.

I enjoy tons more but there is only so many I can pick from and write out.

I love to talk to others who are into comic books as well.

Send me a message!