Psylocke, Brit or Asian Confusion

Okay guys...I've been following Uncanny X-Force since #1 and I'm completely confused. Since the visit in other world Jamie switched Psylocke back into her original body. Correct? And now that Jaime's dead...will she stay in her original British body? Or did I get this whole situation wrong. Because I simply have no idea. Is she in her British or Asian? Somebody please explain to me. And also if you don't mind her power set of her current body she's in. Please and thank you!


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She decided to forego switching back into her original body and instead stole her old Captain Britain suit to free Fantomex and flee. When AoA Jean freed her from the effects of the Death Seed, she also expanded the boundaries of her telepathy, so she is now an Omega level telepath. She also has telekinesis, but the strength level of it is uncertain. lt hasn't been depicted consistently since her latest return, and Remender also refuses to utilize it. She's still consistenly uses her psy-knife, she's been shown to use the psy-katana a few times. She's back to doing psycho blasts in Uncanny X-Force. Hope that's helpful.

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@ragdollpurps: Okay that's actually really helpful. So is she officially a British ninja and in her original body? Not in her Asian body right? I don't know, I just want to be certain. Haha! Oh and thank you! :P

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@nightlock: Lol, no she stayed in the Asian body. She decided that her old one wasn't who she was anymore.

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@ragdollpurps: Haha wow that makes so much more sense to me now. Guess I got to re-read that whole Otherworld arc again. Thank you so much! Appreciate it!

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Her body is actually more Eurasian than either White or Japanese. She's neither but both. That's why most artists draw her Caucasian, with the tan tint of an asian woman. So she kept the body Jamie brought her back in, the Eurasian one.

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Yeah that's what I thought when she switched back to her Britain mantle. So I guess she's mixed with both now? That's cool! Thanks man!

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During the (horribly confusing) body switch storyline, it was revealed that Spiral intermingled Betsy and Kwannon's DNA, leaving them with physical traits of the other as well as placing their minds in each other's bodies. So technically she's Asian with lingering Caucasian traits from her original body that is now dead.

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Haha tell me about it. Well I now understand after so many years of confusion. Lol.

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Everyone either just doesn't know or refuses to acknowledge that the dna of the two women were mixed. :/

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@ragdollpurps: Yeah in my opinion I think that's pretty awesome.

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wish that now that she is an omega level telepath that she is somehow able to control both bodies in a sense of being able to alternate between them or even have both in the field at the same time.... but that wont happen