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Name: Jake Hamilton

Alias: Nighthunter

Identity: Public

Age: 10 (Body of 28 years old)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Green

Birthplace: Laboratory of the original Nighthunter

Nationality: White American

Species: Human

Marital Status: Single

Group Affiliations: ICE Dragons

The original Nighthunter

Jason Hamilton

Jason Hamilton was the first Nighthunter. As a baby he was taken by the LHS where he grew up believing that he would one day become their greatest weapon against metahumans, he however had a greater plan in mind and through the ages got to know the greatest heroes and villains where he learned everything he could from in an attempt to fill his agenda.

Jason died at the hands of Andferne when they were both part of the Zero Squad after an ambush of the latter.


The last wishes of Jason Hamilton

Jake Hamilton is the second person to use the name of Nighthunter, the first one was Jason Hamilton who was known to the world as both one of the greatest heroes and villains of all time. Jason was the author of some of the greatest inventions of the 21st century and yet, Jake was his most ambitious one by far.

Jake is the first perfectly created clone in the history of mankind, he is also the first example of DNA manipulation and finally what some experts may denominate as the perfect human. Jake was designed and created to be the successor of Jason, a burden that he would carry through most of his life.

The clone who would become a legend

The death of Nighthunter was a strong blow against the superhero community, but no one felt it more than Neil Hamilton who had been the adoptive father and trainer of Jason for years by now, during his time of mourning a mysterious man came to him and gave him a letter explaining that it was a request of Jason. The letter contained instructions for Neil to follow in order to find a pre-recorded message of Jason where he gave his final will and requested Mr. Hamiltonto activate the mysterious Project 398 which was in reality a yet in stasis Jake.

Even though he knew that the responsability and curse placed on the young man would be too much for anybody, the love and respect he had for Jason was so great that even so he decided to go on with it and thus gave life to Jake, the legend of the Nighthunter would go on.

The search for an identity

Denying his legacy

Jason took many things into account when he created Jake. He thought about the scientific processes that no one had ever reached before, about the uncanny potential that this discovery represented, about how far the human could go if he was pushed to the limits, what he didn't consider though was about the human aspect of his creation, along with the repercusions that free will can bring.

Thus was the case for Jake, who in a few months changed almost completely both physically and mentally. When Neil found him on the test tube he had the physical apperance of a ten years old boy and the mind of a baby, however with the pass of time he started to grow at an extremely quick pace until his body seemed to gain stability at the supposed appearance of a 23 years old, while his body evolved in an accelerated way the mind improved even more swiftly, in a matter of months the clone who by the time still hadn't picked a name developed an intelligence that passed from the one of an infant to the one of an incredibly intelligent man.

That the man is gone doesn't mean the ideals are too

As great as Jason was, his clone didn't want to follow into his footsteps for he believed that he was being forced a destiny that wasn't his own, this created great problems between him and Neil who with every day that passed noticed more and more similarities and differences between the two men.

Knowing that the man would need a better example of superheroics in order to find the inspiration needed he decided to give an offer to the man with no name that he couldn't turn down. He would go in search for Michael Lockhart, the hero who during the golden age of heroism was known as Last Arrow, and study under his guidance. When the training was over he would be left in freedom to be whatever he decided even if he didn't want to be Nighthunter anymore.

The forging of a hero

The journey begins

His travels took him to the middle of the Himalayas where a hidden temple stood in the top, there he met the man formerly known as Last Arrow and requested for his training, something that the world's greatest marksman would agree to do due to the respect and friendship he had with his predecesor.

The first lesson that Michael gave the young boy was that in order to find out who he was he needed to take away all the expectations and requests of others and decide who he wanted to become, in order to do so the first step was to choose a name of his own, after much thought he chose Jake as a first name and picked the surname of Hamilton in honor to Neil and Jason Hamilton, the closest things he could come to consider a family.

Michael Lockhart narrating his history and training

Five years went by before the training between the two of them was completed and in the end Jake became one of the greatest fighters in the world, he also learned what true courage stands for and how much the world needs heroes. Inspired by his teacher Jake Hamilton became a real man and decided to take the legacy that was rightfully his, in doing so he also inspired Michael to return to the world of heroism.

Through the teachings of Michael, Jake also was able to fully develop his intelectual potential and perfectionate the mind that would make him be considered by many as the greatest inventor and strategist of his time. The perfect human had finally be created.

Nighthunter Reborn

Call for a hero

With his return to the United States three big responsabilities had fallen into Jake's shoulders; first the need to continue the footsteps of his creator, second to recover his body which hadn't been found in all this time and finally to avenge the death of Jason. Thus became a new process in which Jake found and improved the schematics of all of Jason's projects, including his power suit and other weapons.

Thanks to his technology he was able to find the body of Jason in a mountain in South America where it had been hidden inside a cave, after examinating the body Jake learned that the murderer of his creator was Andy Summers, better known as Andferne.

The birth of a rivalry

Having fully assumed the mantle of Nighthunter he chased Andferne to the city of Loisiana where Andferne's new team the Outlaws now operated and taking advantage of the confrontation between the Zero Squad and the Outlaws and ambushed a tired and injured Andferne and left him to die when he destroyed the building using explosives, little did he know that the explosion wouldn't kill Andy and that confrontation wouldn't be even closely the last time the two men met, although the circunstances couldn't have been more different.

The Zero Squad

Birth of a new era of heroism

For a long time the members of the Zero Squad continued to operate as the greatest team of the world, stopping the threats that came with the greatest villains. For a long time things were steady and in peace, it was in this team that Nighthunter would come to meet most of the heroes that would one day become his closest friends.

Everything also went downhill after the leader of the team, Renegade Lantern, decided to leave in order to fund a new one in its place known to the world as Mobb Deep. Nighthunter was then assigned the position of leader of the team due to his strategic mind and experience in battle, however as time went by most of the members decided to leave either to join the t eam of Renegade Lantern or find a new path altogether, leading to the eventual disbanding of the team.

This is considered by Jake as his greatest failure and still haunts him up to this day every time he is asked to take command of any team or coalition of indiciduals. It also made him drop the team player idea for a long time, now deciding to work on an individual and more global approach, starting with him developing various safehouses across the globe and perfectionating his skills, integrating the abilities that he had learned from his teamates and enemies during this time.

The end of the Zero Squad

The greatest surprise was probably when he learned that Andferne had actually survived the encounter between the two of them, during their encounter Andy explained to Jake about how his actions of betrayal against Jason weren't his own and how a witch named Charmcaster had manipulated the young hero in order to make him turn against the Zero Squad, noticing the truth in the words of the man in front of him Jake pardoned him and both of them parted in good terms only to be reunited a couple of weeks later after such an horrorific event.

Ultimate Betrayal

The day evil won

Andferne's departure of the Outlaws had made him an enemy in Gambler's eyes, which lead to him and his brother Clutch orchestating a campaign of attacks against the patriotic hero. While Andferne and Clutch fought in the streets Gambler took advantage of the distraction and attacked the heroine known as Lexi in order to get to Andy, the attacks almost killed Lexi and triggered the fury of the star spangled avenger. War had begun.

Knowing that no hospital would be safe for her, Andferne took Lexi to one of the safehouses of Nighthunter where he asked his new ally to take care of her while hepaid retribution to Gambler. With the use of nanotechnology Jake cured Lexi and the two of them travelled to New York in order to assist Andferne.

With every passing day Gambler became more and more powerful and influential, thanks to a chain of events organized by him the world's greatest villain became the Secretary of Defense and declared marial law against all of the heroes of the world, this event was so great and important that it led to the coalition of heroes and anti-heroes from all around the world in order to stop Gambler and his Hellfire club. Members of Mobb Deep, We are Legend and former members of both the Zero Squad and the Outlaws all banded together under the leadership of Andferne and made their stand against the new regime.

Words resonate longer than actions

The campaign gained even more risk as Gambler was given the most powerful armies of the world and started a witch hunt of every hero in a way that they couldn't be safe even in their civilian identities, Jake knowing that any violent action against Gambler or his men would turn society aganst them decided to instead send a transmission from a CBS Station where he asked the people of the United States to realize how the actions of Gambler denied the very principles of freedom and democracy that the law of the country was based off. In response of this act Gambler triggered yet another chain reaction which made him become the President of the United States by murdering everyone else that could inherit the spot before him.

It was then that Nighthunter met Gambler in person and a short battle between the two of them erupted, this fight would be cut short though as Renegade Lantern intervened and severely injured the new President of the United States, Renegade Lantern then attempted to try to kill Gambler due to his actions in the conflict, something that Nighthunter wouldn't tolerate.

Nighthunter vs Gambler

Jake knew that if Renegade Lantern or any other hero murdered him now that he had become the new President, especially now that the whole world was recording it they wouldn't be able to regain public trust ever, as well as it could start a chain of events that led to heroes taking a whole new way of operating. When heroes stop acting like ones what do they become? That was the reasoning behind Jake's decision and so in a moment of surprise attacked Renegade Lantern in order to save Gambler, this event broke any friendship between the two and made Nighthunter stand as a traitor in the eyes of most of the superhero community.

Due to this Jake would go into exile for the next couple of months, during this time he lost any and all contact with the rest of the superhero community and everyone else, something that would cause great changes in the mental health of the hero.

Fall into madness

No one is safe

Having fallen into insanity, Jake became more and more paranoic about the metahumans in the world to the point that he not only wanted to take care of the villains but also the heroes even his friends and former teamates. In order to rid the world of metahumans Nighthunter created androids that adapted themselves to counteract metahumans based on their power levels and then continued to attack New York City in an attempt to make the heroes come to his safehouse where he was better equipped to fight them.

The campaign of terror of Nighthunter made the heroes Andferne, Lstpaladin, Hawk, Cryo-wolf, Darkchild, Ronin, Rayne, Lexi and Resonate all band together in order to put a stop to the fallen hero. Using scenarios and robots designed especially to fight each one of them individually, Jake took care of separating them and then followed by fighting Andferne alone in close combat. The fight however was interrupted by a legendary being known as Iceingdeath who chose the heroes gathered there along with Nighthunter to create a new team of heroes that would fill the void left by the Zero Squad.

The ICE Dragons

It was then revealed that the reason why Jake had been acting that way was because an outsider force was influencing on his judgement something that iceingdeath took care of, making Nighthunter return to his heroic roots and become a member of the team, they would be known to the world as the ICE Dragons, the greatest team of heroes ever assembled, in time Jake would become Andy's second in command and the two of them would become best friends.

Vine Civil war

Whose side are you on?

The failure of Gambler at his attempt to destroy the superhero community led him to try a new strategy which was passing a law that made any superhero have the need to register his identity and work for the government, while it was explained that the reasoning behind this move was to ensure the security of the United States the real agenda of the new President was that he wanted to divide the superhero community knowing that a conflict between both parties would surely explode.

In a turn of events Nighthunter ended up allying with the pro-registration side and due to his place in the superhero community was given a spot in the shadow initiative. In a display of his trust to the program if it was used in the right way and in order to prove to the people of America that they could still trust their heroes he unmasked himself in front of a press conference. Headlines of this event appeared worldwide ruining any chance of Jake to keep a secret identity.

Eventually the trust placed in Gambler proved to be midplaced as the President blew Alcatraz where most of the members of his initiative where, along with orchestrating the destruction of San Francisco.

The return of Renegade Lantern

The corrupted hero

Through the years Nighthunter has met some of the greatest heroes to ever live and the first one to cause a lasting impression and influence in him was by far Renegade Lantern. The emerald warrior was the founder and leader of the Zero Squad and was the one that welcomes Jake into the team when he took the mantle of Nighthunter, they quickly forged a brother like relationship and became two great friends.

It was probably due to this friendship and mutual respect that Jake was chosen to be the new leader of the Zero Squad when Renegade Lantern parted ways, while this leaving didn't affect their relationship the later encounter between the two during the martial law for heroes when Nighthunter protected Gambler from being killed.

After that incident the two friends didn't see each other for a long time, however a turn of events would lead to the two of them to meet once again. Renegade Lantern was driven insane and gained thirteen more Green Lantern power rings that increased his powerlevels to new levels that couldn't be measured and that made him the most powerful and dangerous being in the world. His twisted mind had also made him return to the world and decided to target his former teamates of the Zero Squad, most of them now part of the ICE dragons.

Confrontation between the ICE dragons and the emerald warrior erupted and in an attempt to protect his friends who also had their hands full due to the fact that Darkseid was now being consumed from within making half of the team to travel into his mind. Knowing that sacrifices had to be made, Nighthunter proved two new projects that were still prototypes knowing that it would be the only things that could help him fight the corrupted hero.

Renegade Lantern vs Nighthunter

The first one was a serum that was made of an adjusted version of the nanobots that conformed his powersuit which once injected healed injuries in a matter of seconds, however since the human body can only create a limited number of cells when regenerating for every injury caused to him that the serum cures his lifespan is shortened. The second one was a connection taht made the powersuit grab enough energy from the outside energy sources to increase the strength, speed and reflexes of Nighthunter to high superhuman levels, this however makes the powersuit overheat and burn the skin making it fatal for Jake to use it, even so with the two of them combined Nighthunter became a powerful hero and survived the experience of using both of them if barely.

The two friends fought and in the end Nighthunter released all of the remaining energy of the suit making an explosion that almost killed both of them, this left Nighthunter with such terrible injuries that his serum couldn't be injected on him and that would him in a bed recovering for entire months, actually hadn't it been for Hawk's intervention Jake would have been killed by his friend.

Leaving the ICE Dragons

The world's finest

Nighthunter shared many adventures with the ICE dragons, however as time went by he kept feeling the urge of searching for something more than the superhero life. Every day he continued to feel that he should be somwhere else, these feelings only increased with the injuries he gained during his fight against Renegade Lantern and eventually lead him to leave the team in order to start a journey across the world.

However before he left he challenged Andferne to one last fight, their fight was an epic showing of the abilities of the two rivals and ended with the ultimate triumph of Andferne, Jake would then give his sword to Andy as both a present and a trophy of their fight along with the promise that he would one day return to claim it after defeating Andferne in a battle.

The Nighthunters society

The secret history behind the name revealed

Up to this day it is still believed that the original Nighthunter had been taken by surprise and betrayed by Andferne and that he had died that day after falling in battle against the former second in command of the Zero Squad. However unknown to the general public and the superhero society in general, Jason Hamilton had not only survived the fight, but he had been the one that even without Andferne's knowledge manipulated the situation to make the great hero lose his heroism even if it was for a short period of time.

Months before the great fight between the two former heroes, Nighthunter had been kidnapped and contacted by a group of highly trained persons that all carried the name Nighthunter, between them the man that he originally heard the name from when he was drunk in a bar many years ago. It was then revealed to Jason that the name Nighthunter was way more than an old urban legend and that he wasn't even close to being the original Nighthunter.

Started during the time of the ancient Egypt, the Nighthunter society has always been conformed by the individuals of every country that represent the best combination of fighting skills and intelligence, it's purpose to help humanity by organizing from the shadows the downfalls of any and all civilizations that are in decadence, being responsible of every single important change in history without the knowledge of the world, this organization has had hundreds of different members the only thing that they all shared being the codename they use: Nighthunter.

The organization not only offered Jason a spot in the team, it also offered him the position of the leader thanks to the fact that both his

Nighthunter ambushed

intelligence and fighting skills were way above most humans and any member of the organization, an offer that Jason would accept, however for him to assume leadership he would need to give up any connection to the world and due to his status as one of the world's greatest hero such thing wouldn't be possible if people thought that he was still alive, this lead to Jason manipulating a few factors to make Andferne attack him and supposedly kill him.

With the world believing that he was dead and after various plastic cirugies to change his appearance drastically, Jason assumed the position of the leader of the organization while an altered clone of his took the name of Nighthunter and his position in the Zero Squad. For the next couple of years Jason would keep leading the organization and using it to grain great power in the continents of Africa, Asia and America.

Returning from his most dangerous adventure

Jason would later decide to order his men to kidnap the new Nighthunter in order to tell him about the secrets of the name he carried and offer a position in that place. Jake Hamilton was brought to the headquearters he would start a fighting contest in which like all of the new members of the organization had to fight each one of the members until he was able to find his ranking.

Jake quickly was able to climb the ranks with no problem, leading to a final confrontation between him and Jason, a fight that Jason would win with little to no trouble, however after that Jake was able to escape the building, this made Jason decide to take a more direct aproach to handle problems with his son, taking a new costume and codename in order to return tot he superhero and supervillain world.

Chaos Agent

Who is Chaos Agent?

Nighthunter would later be ambushed by a mysterious man whose face was completely covered, whoever that man was had a level of skills that were among the best that Nighthunter had ever seen and way superior to his own. That mysterious man went by the codename "Chaos Agent" and was able to beat Nighthunter in no time.

After beating the proud hero, Chaos Agent would take him to an abandoned school where he would trap him, there he tortured Nighthunter both mentally and physically to prove if Nighthunter was as much of a hero as everyone believed, after that he took his mask off and showed that he was in fact Jason Hamilton who was a few years older than the last time a picture was taken from him.

There he revealed to Nighthunter how the Nighthunters society had contacted him months before his fight with Andferne and how in order for him to become the leader had manipulated his friend and teamate to betray him, he talked about how his very death had been a charade and how Nighthunter was in fact a way he designed to keep his eyes in the superhero and supervillain comunities and how using a device he had been able to influate him during the last couple of years in things like going to be trained by Last Arrow and the short time of madness he suffered.

Secrets exposed

After that he left Nighthunter to free himself and said that they would cross paths again. The realization that he had been just a weapon of his predecessor and manipulated in thinking he had a free will had devastated Nighthunter, to the point that he almost retired of crimefighting, however knowing how much the world needed him he revealed his findings to Mr. Hamilton who after using surgery was able to remove the device installed on Nighthunter's brain that had been making him vulnerable to manipulation, for the first time in his entire life, Nighthunter was completely free. He however lost one of his mentors as Mr. Hamilton dissapeared without leaving any trace, Nighthunter is sure that he went to be at the side of the man he had raised ever since he was a child.

The trials of a hero

Return to the Zero Squad

After finding out the real origins of his codename, Nighthunter would travel to the Dragons Lair in order to join the ICE dragons once more, however when he arrived he noticed that the place was now completely abandoned, knowing that he now had nothing to go back for he once again parted his way, this time with the temple where he was trained by Last Arrow as his destination.

There he sought to find answers of what to do with his life, as well as tell them that he has spotted one of the monks that were part of the organization, it was then that he would receive a call by his former teammate Ronin for help in a mission against the Les Assassin Silenceaux. Ronin had left the ICE Dragons a few months after they were created and brought back the Zero Squad and slowly brought them to their former glory.

Gambler's dark knight

After assisting them, Nighthunter was offered a position in the new roster, an offer that he would accept gladly. Eventually Ronin mysteriously disappeared in battle and left Risky as his replacement, who then made Jake her second in command. Despite the great leadership of the new leader, for the most part the members of the team didn't have the bond that the original members counted with, making the eventual disbanding of the team inevitable.

His mentor had abandoned him, his idol turned out to be a fake, the Zero Squad had disbanded and the ICE dragons had been separated all across the globe. With no other place to turn to, Jake did the worst mistake of his life; he placed his trust in the hands of someone who didn't deserve it; the world's greatest villain, Gambler. Joining the team known as Dark Reign, there he had a change of personality and methods. He became way more violent and less heroic as a result of that, he started to sink himself on his own negative impulses and almost lost himself completely.


Ironically it was Gambler who made Jake wake up eventually as he revealed his true face when he betrayed the entire squad of Dark Reign and left them to die in the desert, the realization that he had lost any sense of right and wrong had made it obvious to Jake that he needed to return to the life of a superhero surroundered by the world's greatest heroes, in order to do that he set himself a mission to bring back the old team together.

He later found out that Andferne had retired and gone to Greece where he lived peacefully, that made Nighthunter glad and decided to leave things like they were, however as time passed more and more new villains started to emerge, taking advantage of the lack of heroes, that's when Nighthunter left the Zero Squad (That had become a team of the government) and went in search of Andferne to Greece.

The return of the ICE dragons

There he greeted his friend and challenged him to another battle to reclaim his sword. Unknown to him Andferne had also lost his powers during the time he was away; that however didn't stop Andferne of being an incredibly skilled opponent that almost beat Nighthunter during their fight; however after having lost a lot of blood Nighthunter was able to finally beat Andferne in a one on one fair fight. After they finished he injected both of them with a sample of Project 62 in order for them to recover of the injuries they had suffered during their encounter as well as reclaiming the sword he had given his friend almost a year ago.

Nighthunter then told Andferne how much things had gone to hell ever since he had left the field and that no matter what the world still needed heroes and that those heroes needed Andferne as their leader. Andferne agreed to come back to the United States along with Nighthunter where they put the ICE Dragons back in action.

The clone wars

The war for the soul of France

Months later the former President of the United States of America, Gambler, along with his wife would make a coup and overcome the French government, installing a new government that was fully represented by the criminals that were former members of the Les Assasins Silenceaux.

With the help of other governments that were afraid of the position that Jean Luc Lebeau and Esther Cotillard had gained aided the former members of the French government to escape from France and offered them asylum inside their borders without the knowledge of their replacements, after that the former President of France would contact Nighthunter and ask for his help in reclaiming their government.

Nighthunter agreed, having his own agenda that could only be fulfilled if Gambler wasn't the President of France. Using his nanotechnology along with the great access he had to various heroes and villains he was able to create clones that would work as an army against the government of France using them without anyone's knowledge as their own coup.

However Nighthunter would be discovered after betraying the former French government and taken into custody as soon as the army

From hero to traitor

of clones was defeated, there Nighthunter was charged with crimes against the French government and humanity and was taken to the most advanced prison in the world where he is locked up until the day he dies, the only reason he wasn't killed being for his former services to the world.

It was later revealed that the real reason behind the false coup wasn't because he wanted to install a new global safe agency directed by him like what he had declared but as a distraction that was part of a deal he made with Chaos Agent during a meeting with him, in which he revealed to Nighthunter that there was a device below the office of the French government planted decades before that had enough power to destroy billions of lives if it was used by the wrong hands.

The light wars

All across the world the new corps rise

Just two months after Nighthunter was transfered to the prison, a war of various lantern corps that used different colors of the emotional spectrum started to rise, each one of them having a general and leader who was chosen by Renegade Lantern in order to let the entire universe be consumed and leave place for the event that the prophesies knew simply as "The Blackest night".

Nighthunter was chosen by the leader of the Green Lantern corps and teamate in the ICE Dragons, Paragon, in order to be one of the extra Green Lanterns of space sector 2814, an offer that Jake would accept after finding out about the attacks of the other corps against Earth, New Oa, Mogo and other locations of the universe.

The newly appointed Green Lantern then would fly towards the North Pole in order to reunite with the other new Green Lanterns of Earth like Ferro Vida, Uchiha Nevann, Nano and Light. On his way though, he noticed how a small building emerged in front of him so he decided to check it because of simple curiosity. In it he found a witch that went by the name Arcana and had the ability to read the cards and predict the future by doing so, interested in what could be told about him, Nighthunter decided to take a lecture which warned him of future events. The cards indicated that Jake Hamilton had a dark future ahead of him and that it would end in tragedy, the witch concerned warned him and told him that he was just in time to step back before he didn't have that chance anymore, a proposition that Nighthunter after ceasing his mind decided to ignore and go into the war of light even when he knew that it was his final battle.

Jake Hamilton: Backup lantern of sector 2814

After joining with the other Green Lanterns, Nighthunter and Paragon would go to Russia in order to investigate about the attack of Darkchild there who had become the general of the bearers of the yellow side of the emotional spectrum. After that they decided to go to New Oa in order to protect it from the hordes of enemies that they knew that were comming, however Nighthunter knowing the dark future that awaited him decided to stay a few minutes more in Russia in order to record a file with his ring which he called "Last will and testament". After that the two Green Lanterns arrived at New Oa just before Renegade Lantern went in a coma and all of the rings shut themselves up.

A month later the war of light restarted and all of the key players started to move to protect various key areas. The big battle was centered between New Oa and Mogo when the Red Lanterns attempted to make Mogo explode while the Blue and Green Lanterns fought valiantly to protect the biggest and most powerful lantern. Several of the world's greatest heroes had also joined the fight on different of the corps. Andferne as expected became the leader of the Blue Lanterns and even acquired the power of Lstpaladin when he gave him his powers for the great battle ahead. Other heroes like Simon Williams, Talon, Feral Nova, Akira Overdrive, Kiara Sullivan, Sha and villains like Warsman and King Hyperion had also joined into the conflict making it become bigger than ever expected.

The war that almost destroyed the universe

While the rest of the lanterns gathered around Mogo and New Oa, Nighthunter decided to go back to Earth when he detected that Renegade Lantern was flying towards there as a way to try to convince him to stop the war of light because he was the only one capable of doing so. Jake was able to meet Renegade Lantern just before he arrived at Earth, however he simply disappeared quickly after that, unknown to Nighthunter, Renegade Lantern had gone to a volcano to get rid of his life to do exactly what Nighthunter wanted. On the meantime, Jake also detected the arrival of King Hyperion who had come back to Earth to cause even more destruction. A great rage started to emerge inside Nighthunter's heart because of this, making him vulnerable for a few moments for a red ring to take over him, however in the end with his willpower alone he was able to get rid of it and go to confront King Hyperion.

Nighthunter vs King Hyperion for the fate of Earth

Their fight was then joined by both Talon/X-23 and Feral Nova who each tried to assist the other fighters, however even with the help of Feral Nova the prophesy that Arcana gave to Nighthunter couldn't be stopped and Nighthunter rushed to teleport himself and King Hyperion to the Vega System as soon as his ring informed him that King Hyperion was a living bomb that would destroy Earth no matter if he was killed or not. After that he released the full power of the Green Lantern ring in a single blast against the two of them, killing the hero and the villain almost instantly and leaving only ashes where the legendary hero once stood. When the explosion was over, Nighthunter's power ring became 6 different rings which went to separate locations aroung the universe to show different messages to the various people that he wanted to say goodbye to. Andferne, Sovereign Son (Formerly known as Last Arrow), Hawk, Lstpaladin, Paragon and Chaos Agent all received their own ring which showed a hologram of Nighthunter saying his goodbye to his friends in a different way.

Nighthunter's last moment

Besides giving a last goodbye to Andferne, his copy of the ring also offered him the position of being his new bearer due to Nighthunter chosing so, with that Andferne became a composite lantern that could turn the battle on the favor of the forces of good in their fight on Mogo. Days later a funeral was held for both Nighthunter and Renegade Lantern, none of them had a body to bury due to the way they died.

Unknown to Nighthunter, his death has made alongside other things, make Chaos Agent return to the hero side and rebuild the Zero Squad with a new great generation.

The arrival of Ultimus

(RPG credits go to Sparda)

The return of Nighthunter?

Before the heroic age of the world, before the times that Gambler governed both in the shadows and in the spotlight, even before the likes of Final Arrow and Darkchild terrorized the Earth there was one being that was more powerful than any other of them, a being that had been sleeping in the darkest corners of the world until Mr. Sinister awoke him.

Like so many evil beings, Ultimus desired the complete conquest over the world and to do so he needed anti-matter which was being kept on the pentagon, able to control thanks to his virus any living being that made contact with him and also the ability to recreate the body of someone based on any level of DNA, thanks to this ability Ultimus was able to form a new body identical to the one that Jake Hamilton had when he was alive based on a single hair.

Nighthunter vs Breaker Envoy

With the birth of the new Jake there also came major upgrades, the physical attributes of the former most dangerous human alive went to superhuman levels and his power suit got fused with the superior technology that conformed Ultimus. Having all of the skills and abilities of the real Nighthunter, along with major upgrades and without his moral or conscience, the new loyal servant of Ultimus was able to retrieve the anti-matter and also infect the hero Breaker Envoy, something that lead to the disintegration of the impostor Nighthunter.

The fall of Andferne

The death of the world's greatest hero

When it comes to the life of a hero or a villain there is only one way to end that lifestyle, some of them kid themselves thinking that they'll survive this job long enough for them to retire and spend their last days in solitude, however most of them know that the only way out is with your own death.

At the same time there can only be an outcome when the world's greatest hero and the world's greatest villain decide to have one last match between them: death. Taking place in Las Vegas, the city between the two titans created great destruction in the city until finally being culminated thanks to the arrival of Gambler's daughter, Angelique Lebeau. The daughter of the two greatest assassins to ever live, Angelique is lethal in the use of combat and proved it by killing both with the sword of Nighthunter which had come to be in the possession of Andferne.

The world watched in horror how they lost their greatest champion, and across the globe there was someone else who was observing it, someone important.

The rise of Nighthunter

Death is only the beginning

Instantly after the culmination of the battle that would take away the life of the world's greatest hero and the world's greatest villain preparations started to take place in order to give the proper tribute to the champion among all of the heroes. Presidents, characters that had fought with or against Andferne at one time or the other and an amount of civilians that couldn't be counted gathered around the statue in honor of Andy Summers.

All of these visitors were expected as Andferne was before his death the equivalent of the vine universe to such legends as Superman and Captain America, he wasn't the most powerful out of all the heroes, he wasn't the most skilled or the most intelligent one, but he was always the leader, the one beacon of hope that spread across everyone that ever heard him charge to battle with his famous battle cry.

While most of the people at the funeral were expected to make attendance there were two figures that no one could have foreseen appearing in there, one of them was Chaos Agent who had went M.I.A. months before and now appeared to have lost an eye in whatever the place he had been in, the other one was Nighthunter who without any given explanation was back with the living and was also the sponsor of the funeral for his best friend and fallen teammate.

The ICE dragons mourn the fall of their leader

Jake Hamilton was the first person to speak in the funeral and also the first one to leave when it was over. Soon after the funeral was over the world once again needed the protection of the heroes and so the ICE dragons defended the city of New York from an attack of altered zombies, however before this threat had even started the legendary hero team faced yet another challenge, the member of that same team known as "Editman" would become the Secretary of Defense and attempt to make the team join the USA jurisdistaction once more, this would start a battle between him and Lstpaladin which was eventually stopped by Nighthunter who made the god of thunder realize that it was more important to stop the threat in New York.

And so the god of thunder gave birth to a new land...

It was the might of the King of Asgard along with the sorccery of his brother/sister Loki which destroyed the zombies, at the end of the day Nighthunter would return the shield of Andferne to the headquarters of the ICE dragons and deposit it on his statue where he also wrote the words "The zenith of what a hero can become" in it. The disgust that Lstpaladin had for the actions of America wasn't over though and in a moment of complete might he separated the land in which the headquarters of ICE were from the rest of the United States to create an island which with the help of Chaos Agent would be considered as an independent country and be represented in the ONU.

The time that Nighthunter had spent before revealing his return had brought him many changes, his power suit had been improved to ways that were once only imaginary like with the inclusion of a teleporting device and the strength of his body and sharpness of his fighting skill had become even greater, however he had also missed the chance to tell Andferne that he was now back with the living and had lost his chance to saying farewell to his greatest friend.

The Oracle saga

The new ICE dragons

The death of Andferne had been devastating to the entire hero community, however the team that most suffered because of it was by far the ICE Dragons and the member to take it the worse was Nighthunter due to the great friendship he had forged through the years with Andferne.

On the aftermath of the formation of the Dragon island many heroes tried membership on the halls of the ICE dragons with only a selected few keeping their place on the team after the membership drives, during this time Nighthunter officially rejoined the team and lead them on a mission to defend various corners of the world due to the power of Slight's oracle gone wild.

As it turned out the reason why the oracle was acting strangely was because a Slight from another dimension was killing all his doppelgangers from other universes in order to get a greater control of the oracle power.

Nighthunter's call for destiny

Under the request of Lstpaladin and the words of a pre-recorded message left by Andferne to him, Jake became the new team leader of the ICE Dragons. More than his costume or shield and without any real codename used the real mantle of Andferne resided on the leadership of the ICE Dragons, the team that he had formed from scratch and that represented all of the ideals he had ever lived and died for which was probably the real reason why Jake decided to take the reigns even if he didn't feel worthy of the position; to ensure that Andy's legacy would live on.

Taking the reigns

With no problems from his teammates about his new position as leader of the team the world's greatest heroes gathered together on the lost city of Atlantis where they faced the evil Slight and his minions while their most powerful member, Lstpaladin would take the mission of reviving the protector of ICE, the Iceingdeath.

When the mission was over a ceremony took place giving Nighthunter the official status of leader, time shall tell if the man will be able to keep the incredibly high standards that Andferne left when he died.

A new era dawns

The boy wonder

Taking care of the injured Eclipse

Nighthunter was never the lonely type of man, ever since he was born he had forged strong alliances and friendships that would transform and adapt but in the end endure everything that came to them. He had various teachers and influences like Mr. Hamilton, Sovereign Son, Chaos Agent, Andferne and Lstpaladin to name a few and he had been a member of some of the greatest teams in the world like the ICE Dragons and the Zero Squad, however he never thought the day would come when he would become the teacher of a younger hero.

Eclipse was a founding member and leader of the Vine Titans, his position there had been orchestrated by the villain responsible of the death of his parents named Madros, with the help of nanotechnology he made him secretly spy on the team with the warning that were he to turn his back on Madros' orders he would die just like his parents before him.

The dynamic duo

One day the boy wonder couldn't take it anymore though and betrayed his master, in doing so the triggering effect took place and Eclipse was almost killed, due to his knowledge of nanotechnology Nighthunter was seek by Eclipse who arrived at Dragon island with the help of his teleportation powers. Upon finding the young hero; Jake took care of him and removed all of the nanobots inside the body of Eclipse, with this taken care of Nighthunter promised to help Eclipse to stop Madros once and for all.

Training the next generation

When the mission was over Nighthunter realized how much Eclipse had suffered through his life and how much he needed a mentor in order to make sense of it all, taking his memories to the time when Sovereign Son was Last Arrow and he trained him. Michael Lockhart had taught Jake Hamilton how to fight, how to strategize and how to use almost any weapon, he however had also taught him something way more important: How to be a hero and how to find your own path. Jake then decided that Eclipse deserved the same chance he had almost ten years ago and so offered his position as his mentor, along with a position on the ICE dragons.

World's finest

Zicarra: The last Queen of Ninjeta


The creation of COP

Old friendship

As time went by Nighthunter started to get more used to the idea that maybe Andy Summers wouldn't return from the dead like dozens before him. It wasn't a matter of Jake feeling less sad about it but a matter of getting more used to the idea as time went by.

The position as leader of the ICE Dragons had started to evolve from what he considered a temporary job into a more permanent position than he had wanted. Despite this Jake kept going as the leader of the ICE Dragons for various missions trying his best to live up to those impossible standards.

It was then that Nighthunter finally realized what the death of Andy Summers represented to the world: it had to go on without its greatest hero but with all of its greatest villains. The heroes had to step their games up and that reminded Jake of a conversation he had had with his best friend a long time ago. The dream of Andy was bigger than a single hero team compromised of a dozen individuals, but an united front of heroes and anti-heroes all working as a community.

This led to Nighthunter gathering with Mistress Redhead and Kurrent to propose the idea. They would be the trinity of the team

The Champions of Peace

who made sure that everything kept working on as possible and decide which heroes to send for each missions, they then chose the likes of Eclipse, Cellphone girl, Hawk and Sovereign Son as their lieutenants.

This project was the biggest move in the hero community ever, joining on what was once Dragons island the whole generation of heroes and anti-heroes all working under the same flag. This was the dream of Andy Steven Summers and whether he would be back one day or not to see it fulfilled wasn't as important as the fact that it had taken place.

Skills & Abilities


Jake Hamilton is considered by many as the greatest human mind on the planet due to his great knowledge of chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, tactics, etc. Even though he never had a proper education he was downloaded a great deal of information when he was still being created by Jason Hamilton inside his brain and thus has a pretty good idea of almost every area.

Nighthunter is famous for combining this intelligence with his fighting skills and inventions making him survive and even win the fights he has had against some of the world's greatest powerhouses. Jake is considered as the world's greatest tactician and one of the top five minds of the twenty first century.

Jake is also the man that is usually asked the develop any equipment or machine that the heroes of the world need, making him spend most of his free time in his laboratory where he is constantly creating new inventions.

Fighting skill

Nighthunter is regarded as one of the top fighters in unarmed combat among the superhero community. During his short life he has learnt and mastered a great number of tecniques thanks to his fast brain which enabled him to learn faster than a normal human.

His fighting style is a combination of every single one of the martial arts he has learnt used as an amalgam to try to prevent his enemies from predicting his moves. He usually combines them with his weapons and agility to get the upper hand against his enemies.

Mastered fighting tecniques:

  • Capoeira
  • Karate
  • Esgrima
  • Tahtib
  • Fanchento
  • Maculele
  • Defendo
  • Ninjutsu
  • Kickboxing
  • Red Warrior style
  • Small Circle Jujutsu
  • Pradal Serey
  • Kung Fu
  • Five Animals
  • Jujutsu

Technique in which he is an expert:

  • Hung Fut
  • Shaolin Quan
  • Southern Praying Mantis
  • Sun Style
  • Wushu
  • Gatka
  • Silat
  • Aikido
  • Judo
  • Boxing


Nighthunter counts with peak human agility which he developed in order to avoid most of the attacks of his metahuman opponents to give him a better chance at facing them. Having used this ability for so long only made him better at it and turned him into the most agile man on Earth, at least in human standards.

Weapon Master

Nighthunter is a master of practically every weapon on Earth having been taught by Sovereign Son himself the use of all of them, as well as the best way to use them in battle. Even though he can use them all he still has a personal preference for swords and guns.

The Powersuit

Nighthunter's signature weapon

Probably the greatest invention that Nighthunter has is his legendary power suit which is conformed of nanobots injected on his skin. The powersuit has proven to be one of the best weapons on the planet and a real protector against damage. If a part of the resistant suit is damaged or destroyed new nanobots will get formed and replace the damaged ones making the impression of a self regenerating suit.

Since the original suit was created with prototype technology it didn't have much abilities beyond the ones that a normal costume would give, the biggest ones being the protection for damage, the self-repairing process and several basic gadgets included.

After returning from the dead Jake created a 2.0 version of the suit which was capable of teleporting to long distances but not short ones. Jake has now taken measures to make sure that the 3.0 version of the power suit has everything he is going to need when fighting super villains.

Self-repairing process

The same process of having nanobots cloning themselves and take the spot of the destroyed ones of the original two suits. The only difference being that these are faster in the process and adapt to the attacks of the opponent. For example if the first group of nanobots were destroyed by a fire attack the new breed to replace them gain the ability to resist greater temperatures.

The adaption process isn't as fast though and will take time and in most cases several destroyed nanobots to get to the desired levels.

The Source 2.0

The original Nighthunter developed a program into the first powersuit which told him all the recorded information of heroes, villains and anti-heroes in the world. This however wasn't as practical in a fight as he had hoped for he had to read all of the information and no mater how fast he did it always took him out of the battle for valuable seconds.

Jake's new version of the program went a step further and decided to use the subconscious to learn the information. The text and images that the source provide pass in front of Jake's eyes at a speed that he can't even notice them but slow enough that his superior mind is capable of analyzing it and learning it without him taking his attention out of the battle.

Worldwide connection to internet

The powersuit is capable of entering the internet on any part of the world, even in countries where they've never gotten that technology before. This enables Jake to have a constant entrance to the world's information and use them on missions whenever he finds himself in the rare situation in which he can't come up with a way to solve it.

This also helps him to connect to the various news websites to learn about new problems in the world and be ready to go to action. This connection has helped Jake become the center of the world of information. Nothing big happens without him knowing about it.

Interaction with machines

The new powersuit enables him to "communicate" with machines by giving them mental orders which help him hack, download information and even control machines close to him without having to touch them.


Nighthunter was able to achieve the means of teleportation a long time ago but it was until recently that he had been able to incorporate it into his powersuit successfully. He can now teleport to any spot on the planet as long as he visualizes it first in his mind and sends the mental order, he however cannot teleport to a place that is closer than 50 meters from his last position. Making this useful for escaping or getting inside places undetected but also pretty useless in battle for the most part.


Just like the process of the animals, the powersuit is capable of sending a sonar which allows him to detect things that his human senses normally wouldn't on their own. This helps him to spot invisible enemies as well as move in the dark without being afraid of hitting something or needing his eyes.

Manipulation of the gravity field

Jake devised a way for his powersuit to interact with the gravity field of Earth and change the way it affects his body as long as he has his powersuit on. He is capable of changing his mass and weight, making him jump higher and/or make his body heavier when fighting against an opponent and thus simulating super strength on a basic level.

Since this is still the prototype of this science it still has a long way to go and can only work on his own body and not extend it to someone else. What this means is that Nighthunter's suit can't alter the gravity field of his opponent, only his. The other disadvantage is that he can't hold the changes long before the Earth's gravity field turns it back and injures his body according to the change.

Light reflection

The nanobots can be ordered to stop reflecting the light upon them and thus making it seem as if Nighthunter had become invisible. This process can only take place 3 minutes at a time since it takes most of the energy of the suit.

Hologram projection

The powersuit can project holograms of anything that Jake's mind visualizes. The holograms are convincing if the observer isn't paying too much attention and can only be projected close to him.

Regeneration serum

Otherwise known as project 311091. This serum which is conformed of nanobots that work as artificial white gloves was created by Jake back in the day. An injection of it can help him recover eight times faster than normal but causes headaches, extreme exhaustion and sometime even faints. Jake can only use one injection per day tops or it could kill him. It also shortens his lifespan every time he uses it as the human body only has a limited number of cells to generate.