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Green lantern vs gl guardians vs gl corps

Batman vs batman TDK vs batman DC

Superman vs superman unchained vs action comics

Which title would you consider is the "main" title and has most influence on each character and people's view

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Is green lantern going to survive without Johns?

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All the titles that deathstroke was featured have been canceled which really upsets me. Does anyone know what's next for my favorite assassin?

Bonus: any news of captain atom

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DC: batman, superman unchained, wonder woman, flash, green lantern, aquaman and justice league

Marvel: superior spiderman, thor god of thunder, indestructible hulk, new avengers, all new xmen, deadpool, uncanny xmen, guardians of the galaxy and nova

Dark Horse: Star Wars

Anything i should remove because of future changes?

Any other books you recomend that I should try?

Also how does green lantern compare with gl corps and new guardians

And Batman vs the dark knight vs detective comics

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@kingjohnrocks: Where has it ever been shown that wizards are physically superior to humans?

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This post is lacking sources. I haven't read the Harry Potter books in a few years but I don't recall your arguments mentioned in the books. Please quote from the books where it states that non magical items dont work in Hogwarts and wizards bodies differ from humans. I'm no expert about the size of gun wounds but its not the size of the wound but the pain that matters. Its quite difficult to heal oneself if just moving hurts. Also, the books never talk a lot about healing spells and non verbal magic is not something any wizard can do. This makes you look a lit like a fanboy.

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can someone explain to me what wonder woman did that made Orion "AH"! She asked can you live withou these and he said I dont want to. I dont understand help without spoiling the issue

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Deathstroke wins without any difficulty.

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@ciriel said:

@lordofallhumans said:

@jobbernos said:

@ciriel said:

Superman alone could probably do this, but with this much backup it's over

JL curbstomps

How will he take down Phoenix Cyclopes?

That's the Cyclops from AvX right? I was impressed by him beating Thor, but I didn't see anything that showed he had enough speed to deal with Superman. I know when Superman is faced with a lot of enemies he usually flies around really fast and into them.

If Scott has an answer to that then I was wrong, but with the team listed I still say the League wins.

this doesnt prove anything. Superman managed to pucnh darkseid through a boom tube but if it wasnt for the boom tube, darkseid wouldve gotten right up and smacked the living $hit out of the justic league.

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@angryhulks: did you read AvX? It sounds like you didnt because it took a bunch of avengers who were almost torn after the fight to pieces just to beat namor.