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Okay, so I am totally worried about this whole cancellation thing, and I'm not getting any straight answers about if there is any way at all that it might be saved. And if there is, what are the chances that it WILL be saved? PLEASE, my personal research has gotten me nowhere, and someone out there must know something. How is it looking for Young Justice's future?

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@darkwingdan said:


I'm still hoping for a Nightwing centered episode

same here.


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I hope YJ comes back soon...I miss it a lot...

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I think we are talking about Grayson. If that is the case, I still vote Ian Somerhalder.

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Agreed. It was certainly not planned, and was most definitely drastic to the extreme, but it was infact necessary. I trust Kaldur and believe that he will do the right thing, as will Nightwing and Wally. My only concern is at what cost will the mission succeed?

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I can agree with that. Ian Somerhalder would be good too...

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Nightwing is becoming evermore popular, while Batman's popularity stays about the same. I am optimistic that some day Dick will finally rise above his mentor in some way, if not in all ways, just based on the fact that he is so much more adaptable and is still constantly evolving. However, I must agree that he has been belittled just based on the fact that Batman is the "original" and has been around a couple years longer. Yeah, I get it. Batman has been an iconic hero for ages. He is a favorite among all ages. He is the Dark Knight and all that. The bottom line is that Nightwing should not suffer for the image of his mentor. Somehow that undermines their relationship, and Dick's reasons for becoming Nightwing. Frankly, as long as this continues, Dick is still in the shadow of the Bat. And to be honest, Batman is NOT superior to Nightwing in all ways, just like Nightwing is not superior to Batman in all ways. To each his own strengths, basically. THAT is how they should be treated. The same goes for Wally, Donna, and yes, even Tempest. These characters are not sidekicks anymore, nor are they inferior clones of their mentors, so why should they be treated that way? You know, sometimes it just hits me square. That feeling that if DC let these characters grow and function as they should, DC would be so much more successful. DC should really stop pitting these guys against each other and worrying about superiority, and start thinking about how to let each character grow into a unique person that will some day bring DC to the top of the comic book lists. As I said before though, tides are beginning to change. Nightwing is slowly overtaking his mentor in popularity. And if this Young Justice thing works out as well as it could, his popularity could skyrocket even past that mark. I can't tell if that'll be good or bad, but all I know is that change is coming. The only questions now are is DC ready to accept that Dick, Wally, Donna, Garth, and others are getting ready to take iconic positions of their own, and if they are strong enough to let them.

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Interesting...VERY interesting...

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I can't wait for the next episode! This one was so awesome, and it raised a whole bunch of questions over whose side Kaldur is REALLY on. I personally choose to believe that he hasn't really gone over to the dark side and will come back to the team after this whole ordeal is figured out. Now, on the cave front, I think we have not seen the last of it, whether it is rebuilt soon or not so soon. My question is, how is the team gonna get through THIS mess. I mean, BLOWING UP MOUNT JUSTICE? I get that it was neccessary and all, but they are going to be in a world of pain if the league finds out that it was blown up on purpose. I think that all will smooth out eventually, but there is a tiny voice in the back of my head wondering if they have gone too far this time...

(On the bright side, Nightwing, Kaldur, and Wally (maybe not so much Wally, but at least he was there) got a LOT of screen time. I hope the next episode will be the same way. :])

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Yea! Maybe we'll see more than 2 seconds of Nightwing in this one...