A few requests

I'm a HUGE fan of the cosmic stuff. I'm loving GotG and Nova and got really into Annihilation, Annihilation Conquest, War of Kings and Realm of Kings. But, I have a few requests that I think would make Marvel cosmic universe better... 
First, bring back Keith Giffen. He needs to write something for the cosmic marvel. After all, he did basically create the current Marvel cosmos. I want him on another cosmic title, maybe the Inhumans or Starjammers... but please make that happen. 
Second, Tom Raney. I needs me some Tom Raney on a title. I would prefer GotG, but if you can team him up with Keith Giffen then I already bought the first twenty issues. 
Third, diversify... I want some of the old-school villains to return. Kubik, Nebula, Terminus, etc... marvel has a truck load of good cosmic characters, we need to see more of them. 
I think this could make Marvel cosmos better, what do you think?

Posted by stu

i agree with everything you wrote. But to be honest ,i would be happy with anything, as long as marvel come up with cosmic stuff.I just want cosmic book to read!!!!