The New Age of Comics

It's been debated consistently over what to call this age of comics. We've had the Golden Age in which everything was campy and very anti-Communist. We've had the Silver Age in which the foundation for what has come has been based on with more realistic characters were created and developed. Next was the Bronze Age which brought us classics such as The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen and Kraven's Last Hunt. What I propose is that we call the current age of comics...

The Marketing Age in which decisions and character development is based more upon what accountants feel and less upon the writers who write them


I feel sorry for Chris Brown.

Dude hit a woman 3 years ago! He's being prosecuted to this day for a mistake that he seemingly hasn't repeated and had no prior history of. Every couple of months or so, it seems as if another random woman (for the most part Caucasian) wants to remind us that Chris Brown is a horrible person. If Chris is at the Grammy's and does a performance, some random woman tweets how horrible he is and doesn't deserve to be at the Grammy's. If he's in a picture with a fan and is smiling, some random woman decides that he should never smile again because he is a terrible person. How long is Chris Brown going to be the new Ike Turner? How many people have to jump on his back before he breaks?

In the latest turn of events, a random nobody tweets about Chris and then a producer for a popular TV show responds. This apparently gets Mr. Brown's attention and he responds accordingly. Now I know about 70% of those reading are probably automatically on the side of "random girl" and "producer guy", but in all honesty isn't Chris allowed to live a life? If someone wants to use his name as a punchline for a joke isn't he allowed a retort? It seems to me as if a young black male is allowed one strike in today's society before he is deemed an outcast! What exactly in the past three years has Chris actually done to warrant such ill-regard amongst his peers? I know there was that thing on the "Today" show, but is that honestly that big of a deal?

Now, before everybody decides that I'm anti-feminist or a woman basher, I will say this: Men should not hit women! It's not cool, it's not macho or in anyway a gentleman should project himself. But, women should also play a part in the equation. To provoke someone with a temperament towards a volatile disposition is like playing Russian roulette. I've seen women press a situation towards violence. I've actually seen one of my friend's in an argument with his girlfriend try to diffuse the situation and walk away. His girlfriend punched him in the back of the head and then pulled a knife on him and tried to stab him. He punched the s#!t out of her, she fell and the knife flew out of her hand. I pulled him away and threw him to the ground and told her to go somewhere. She went and called the cops. When they arrived I gave my statement and told them exactly what happened. Long story short; they both spent the night in jail, and to be honest, I didn't feel sorry for either of them. The point is; just because someone hit a woman doesn't automatically make them the bad guy in a situation. It means they made a poor decision, but the circumstances don't always exonerate the woman. I like to let the facts dictate my level of contempt for a person and not the situation.

Also, if Rhianna has forgiven him, isn't time that every other woman in the world give him a chance as well? The more America harps on this kid the more it seems as if it's a racial thing.


My solution to the "Woman problem" at Marvel!

It is perceived that Marvel has a problem with female readers because they only have one title that features a female protagonist in the title role. This is troubling for me particularly because I've always thought of the avengers titles as female led books. But, in order to remedy this I've come up with a solution! Bring back old concepts with female centric themes.

1. Marvel Team up

A Marvel Team up book would be a great addition to the Marvel Universe. The catch is, have Spider-Woman lead the book. Jessica is a good character, just not a great character. However, if you have her showcase the diversity of the Universe I think the book can work. She could essentially play the "straight man" to the different characters that guest star. With the focus not really being on Jessica and really on the guest star we get a compromise that can both showcase a revolving door of concepts and add some depth to an underused character at the same time.

2.Revolving minis

One of the things that really upsets me is the number of pointless titles that get published every month. For instance, Avengers Assemble. The biggest waste of paper and Bendis since the last. If I were EIC this wouldn't see the light of day. Instead, we should have mini-series for lesser known characters and creators. Black Widow, She-Hulk and Shanna have all had their own books. None have been prosperous enough to warrant a long running ongoing. But, if we had a mini series for one out of the three every month, then maybe one would catch on enough to warrant an ongoing. Four issues apiece, for three characters, that's almost a monthly is you follow all three. Annnnd, if you have some newcomer creators, you can use it as a farm system and maybe find some hidden talent that's waiting to become major.

3. Marvel Graphic Novel

A great concept that is definitely worthy of a return. You really don't have to focus on female characters with this concept. This would work itself out that eventually stories featuring female leads would get published and in graphic novel format to boot. The old MGN had it's fair share of female leads without trying and I suspect that the same would be true for a relaunch. With the climate of today's market and Trade paperbacks then MGN format monthly or even bi-monthly could be prosperous.


I just read my superbio!

I've been on this site for a few years now and I've never reread the things I put in my profile until now. I just reread my superbio and I must say...It stands up! Now bear in mind this, I'm pretty sure I put no thought into it because whenever I do things like that, I usually just type whatever pops into my head first just to get it over with. Secondly, I know I put no thought into it because I forgot I even had a superbio until just now. I'm trying to be arrogant; I just was surprised by it.


All out blitz on Top Cow or Wildstorm

So...I'm normally a Marvel guy with a little DC mixed in. But, since Marvel announced Marvel Now!, I've decided that I'm going to cut back my Marvel pulls drastically and all out blitz back issues of either Top Cow or Wildstorm. I haven't decided which yet, so I guess that's what I'm asking. Which should I read and what series should I read? Mind you that I've already started on The Authority and will continue to catch up on it regardless.


Hey Marvel! If you really want to copy DC, then try this!!!!

Marvel Now seems to be a response to DC's New 52. I for one, think it's the crappiest idea from the "House of Ideas" since AvX. Instead of keeping books with original numbering and swapping creative teams. They wipe the entire slate clean, change creative teams and entire concepts. Which, isn't at all like anything DC would have thought of.

Let's try copying something from DC that might actually seem original, or at the very least refreshing. How about we wipe the entire Max imprint clean and go in an entirely new direction! How about we do something similar to Vertigo. We have plenty of characters that lend themselves perfectly to mature writing. How about books for Hellstorm, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Deathlok, Punisher, possibly some Golden Age rehashes. Give writers free range on some characters that can benefit from free range. Maybe if when you guys had Grant Morrison on roster, instead of saying "what can you do with X-Men?" you said "cut loose on Hellstorm!" Instead of having Bendis write every company crossover, what if you let him do his thing with Dr. Strange. Instead of following in DC's footsteps with New 52, you could do much better with following in their footsteps with Vertigo. Just a Thought.


The Dark Knight Rises

Everyone is getting over the "Avengers High" and getting into "Dark Knight fever", but I'm a little skeptical. The Dark Knight franchise has been awesome thus far and I honestly hope it continues. I don't want to drop over $45 watching a dud but I have a deep rooted fear that this might happen. I gonna list my reasons why I fear I might get conned

Christian Bale: Let's be honest...He sucks as Batman. The voice is ridiculous, Bruce Wayne has no character and the voice is ridiculous. IMO Bale has been the weak link in the franchise so far. The reason why his Batman hasn't been universally castigated is because we all still remember Clooney's Bat nipples. If we remove Batman and Robin from history then Bale's Batman would probably be the worst.

Supporting cast: This kinda ties into Christian Bale's Batman performance. The supporting cast for me has been carrying the Bat franchise. When there's no action going on Freeman, Caine and Oldman have been carrying the majority of the scenes. Honestly a cardboard box could be in a scene with Morgan Freeman and look like a genius. Morgan Freeman has been carrying lesser actors to Oscar nominations for decades. While not an indictment against the film, I don't think this film has the Major villains that will carry the film like The Dark Knight did.

Villains: Bane is cool as a comic book character...but even 1/100th as big a THE JOKER. I think we tend to forget what really made The Dark Knight awesome...Heth Ledger! Without Ledger it was a decent movie...but not nearly as big as it turned out to be. I don't wanna say "oh, no Joker, no movie" but I think the first two installments have made it pretty clear: The villains are really carrying this franchise. Batman is a prop in this series. Liam Neeson carried the first film and Ledger dominated the second. Can Tom Hardy do the same? Will Anne Hathaway command the same respect? I don't know!!!

Please, Please, Please be a good movie!!!! I want The Dark Knight Rises to be good but I am having some doubts. Am I warranted in these doubts or am I being unfairly pessimistic?


Out Batman(ing) The Batman?

One of DC's "power" characters is Batman. Bruce Wayne has been a fixture in DC in not only stories, but also sales. DC without Batman as a company, is only a shell of itself. With that in mind, you would think that his books would be the best quality books; not only in the company, but in the industry, period. But lately, I think Marvel's "batman-esqe" books are of a much higher overall quality than DC's bat-line. Let's look at them, not individually, but in totality.

First Marvel's books. You have Daredevil, Punisher, Captain America & Hawkeye, Winter Soldier and Captain America. Each comic is excellent and the worst of them are still very good. Daredevil, Winter Soldier and Punisher in my opinion are the best of the lot and each are unique enough to cover different aspects of the same universe and genre. Each is a vigilante book with more crime noir (or espionage in the case of Winter Soldier) elements and stringing storylines. Daredevil is a complete 180° turnaround from the previous series and more fun than almost anything on the market. Winter Soldier continues the aesthetic nature of Ed Brubaker's Captain America run. Punisher is the best it's been since Garth Ennis decided not to write Frank Castle anymore. I can honestly say I get more good "Batman" stories from these comics than any Batman comic on the market right now with the exception of Batman by Snyder and Capullo. As for Captain America & Hawkeye and Captain America, they are very good books. While not quite the exceptional standard of the others they are still solid books that for me are monthly pick ups. I wouldn't rate them as "5 star" books but they are solid "3.5 books" each and every month.

In contrast, Batman's own books are really lackluster. There are two books that to me are top notch. Batman by Snyder and Capullo and Batwoman by J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman. These two really stand out for me; Batman moreso than Batwoman. The whole Court/Night of Owls storyline for me has been about the only thing out of the "New 52" to look forward to. Honestly Batman may be the best book out of all the books being discussed (with a heavy argument for Daredevil). But, is one and a half really good books enough? With Batman, Batwing, Detective Comics, Batwoman, Batman: The Dark Knight, Catwoman, Nightwing, Batgirl and Batman & Robin coming every month is having only one or two "can't miss" reads every month enough? Don't get me wrong some of the other series are good but are much more "hit or miss". I know what I'm getting every month with Batman and Batwoman; the rest have drawn me in at times, and pushed me away at others. That's 2 out of 9, a .222 average for the Batman group for me every month.

I guess what I'm saying is this: Why should I read the Batman books every month when I can get better stories in the same genre somewhere else?