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I have to agree, it's simply bad writing, and not just with Liu; Jim McCann and C.B. Cebulski did some really bad work with Surge in the Nation X anthology. 
Moreover, Surge's anger has always been rooted in reasonable circumstances in the past. She's dealing with the stresses of leadership, the threat of destruction, the responsibility of looking out for her friends and the rest of the students. It may not have always been right for her to act as such, but it was understandable in context. Now, it seems that Surge is just being used as the default bitch by lazy writers. Why waste time creatively setting up conflicts and treating the characters with respect when you can just shove one into a designated antagonist role to make your favourite look better? It's really lazy writing and extremely unprofessional, not matter which character is being set up to take the fall.
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Yeah, definitely looks like she isn't. My explanation would either be an art error or she's wearing gauntlets integrated into the greaves of her uniform.
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Ah, thanks for the clarification. I was a bit unsure on that.
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Apparently, Carmilla will be involved in the "Goblin Legacy" arc (not sure if that's the right name) that follows "One Moment in Time", and she'll be one of the players trying to get Norman's baby. So make of that what you will, I just wish we could get some consistant characterization and an understanding of where she stands in the Heroic Age. Is she a villain? A super-powered mercenary? A hero? And who was she spying on HYDRA for, and is she still working with this individual or group? 
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Unfortunately, there isn't really enough of the Young Masters in this ti justify picking it up on those grounds, just two pages worth of content, and that's it. It really sucks, because the Young Masters are an interesting little addition to the MU, I just wish this actually had them in a capacity worth purchasing, but that's just my take.
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Her original New Mutants uniform is pretty good, though admittedly, it looked a lot better when Clayton Crain was drawing it.  The others were okay, but I do have a special place in my heart for her Messiah Complex outfit, very tough-looking.
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I'm having the same problem from my home desktop, which has IE 8. Any suggestions?
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Mine would definitely have to be Surge. Cool powers, with some good combat experience under her belt against some of the best X-Villains, and leader of one of the most kick-ass X-teams around.

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She's not with the Initiative after issue #24, I believe. She's leave to figure out what happened to all the Asgardians. Can't imagine Loki being too happy about her showing up at the door, asking to see Thor.

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Scorpion, Thor Girl and Arana seem like the likeliest candidates to me.