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Good filler episode and we get an awkward closure with Mogan. I like the mission that Morgan thinks he's on. I'd say he's someone who still holds on to faith and a higher power in the face of Hell. Like this was planned for him and his mission.

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I have a bunch of classic Marvel Team Up! Those books were great reads! Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel meets Spider-man for the first time in MTU. Definitely should bring it back, but with Spidey not the main character. Always make it random and don't limited it to heroes teaming with heroes or villains with villains. Mix it up a bit, after all, there's more depth to these characters these days. Punisher and the Hand. Or the Blob and famine, the apocalypse horse man!

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I also think that we're going to see a Technodrome as well. I think that it's coming through the portal. I also think that the Shredder and the Foot's gonna steal it.

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I think the Krangg have a Technodrome in Dimension X and the Shredder's gonna steal it.

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Maybe she'll play Erma, April's slutty android loving best friend/co-worker. Makes sense.

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@moywar700: it's always great to see an old story arc on a timeline and remembering back when THAT was the biggest twist in spider-man. Like the death of Gwen stacy, which i'm sure it's on the timeline. I wasn't around in those days but I'm sure there's some old schoolers out there that remember where they were when Gwen Stacy died. I'm sure the Clone Saga's on the timeline somewhere. I remember being sooooo mad at the fact that Peter Parker was revealed to be the clone and Ben Reily was the original. i thought that was so dumb that i dropped the title for a while. For the first time in my life, i had no interest in reading Spider-man. I'm glad that Peter was the real deal. I still stopped reading for a while cause it was ridiculous. Point is, time lines help bring back those memories we have of reading when they were new and you get to reflect on how much of an impact it was and wasn't. Arcs that might have enraged me doesn't seem all that bad compared to today's stories! haha.

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I'm all about a marvel/dc fighting game. In the style of marvel vs capcom.

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I liked how they went all mathematical with it. Goku was screwed as soon as he there're Supes into the sun! Goku shoulda never destroyed the Kryptonite. Honor killed Goku.

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They were trained under the same teachings but excell in different areas of fighting technique. They have mutual respect for each other and often help each other when needed. They do battle but its usually a playful spar. Ryun is more serious about training while Ken trains for the sport of it. Iron Man and War Machine is my answer. Their relationship is the most like Ryu and Ken's. this is based on character.

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You mean to tell me that the good doctor never learned to share?