The current Spider-Man story arc and my thoughts about it.

Unless you are living under a rock, you probably know by now that Peter Parker's dead and Dr. Octopus is now Spider-man using Peter Parker's body. This enraged fans to a point that the writer behind it was getting death threats. I've been a Spidy fan since the late 80's. Jumped on board when I seen covers of Venom. I was mad for a day. Not death threat mad but mad. I'm one of those that's still loyal to 616 continuity and treat the Ultimate universe as a side story that doesn't matter but when I heard they were killing off Pete of that universe, I was shocked. This event now is 80 billion times that. But that was day one. As I thought about it and made my theories of where this story could go, I calmed down. I started to look at the uniqueness of story based on the ol switchero routine. It was a shock to the system but that's it, just a shock. Short and sweet. Now I think this could get interesting. I have theories.

I hope we see a story about Pete in the afterlife fighting for his soul. Mephisto owes him one from the way I see it because his stupid deal where noone can know Pete is Spidey or blah blah blah was broken the moment Otto figured everything out. Now I didn't read it yet, I don't have a comic shop in my town, but I've seen countless spoilers and reviews and whatnot on the internet. Unfortunately, that's all I have to keep up. I'm just saying there's some plot hole issues dealing with stuff from way back that could come into play with this arc. Besides, it's Marvel. Peter Parker will be back. Let Otto enjoy the ride for a bit. Watch Otto absolutely fix everything in Peter Parkers life just to have Pete regain his body. Pete would probably piss and moan about how bad he feels for taking advantage of what Otto did for him, blah blah blah. It'll turn out that his greatest enemy's greatest evil scheme would be the best thing that ever happened to Peter Parker. Sets everything right again. Just in time for the Amazing Spider-Man 2: The movie! What a fantastic time for a reboot, huh, Marvel Comics?

So that's my take on a Shocker of a story. Marvel does do a good job in getting everyone to simutaniously crap their pants. Good day ComicVine.

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The New TMNT and my thoughts about it.

I'm 32 years of age. I've been through the 80's and like almost every other child on Earth, I was glued to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was an obsession of mine for a good part of my life. Three years in a row I was Raphael for Halloween. I remember back in third grade at North Elementary in Lancaster, Ohio, I was at a friend's house playing with various TMNT toys we each had. I dropped his Casey Jones. His head came off due to the impact of the fall. This kid auto bawled as soon as it happened. You see, Casey Jones of the 1980's was badass. He was so badass that our 8 and 9 year old brains could recognize they amount of badass Casey Jones really is. If you had a Casey Jones figure, you were a badass. Well, unfortunately, I did not but I really felt the kids pain. It was like loosing his best soldier. He cried and ran in his house and I ran home. We haven't talked since. Well that being said, I really love Ninja Turtles and I was skeptically stoked when I learned of the Nickelodeon remake. Like any Turtle fan, I had to check this out.

Man. Oh crap! That's awesome! was words that came out of my mouth the entire time. I think a couple wow's got in there, I'm not sure. Probably. I'm so impressed with the fluid animation of that show. Ninja's, baby. The fight scenes are like a flowing river of violence. It's beautiful. The different Turtles have their classic trademark personalities and it's great dialog and interaction between the brothers. April is a teenager, that is one major change but it's working out. Splinter is the character I'm most impressed with. He himself is the biggest incarnation of the character yet. He towers over the turtles. I think it kinda give's that Splinter's in charge feel instead of short feeble i need a cane Splinter of the movies. Although he would whoop me in a fight. Any version of Splinter would mop the floor with anyone. Where was I?....oh, Splinter. He has the presence about him as a strong sensei. Very wise and actually funny.

I love how they just blend all the version of the show and the comic and a bit of the movie as well just all together to make the dough of the pizza that we eat every saturday. I'm thinking that this might be my favorite version of the Turtles. Just the way it's written you know that the writers were also fans, just like you, playing with toys on the porch. it has everything that made the turtles amazing and more. I'm 32 years old and still eagerly waiting for the next episode of my favorite cartoon. May the Turtles live forever.


Marvel Comics Character that I really miss.

This blog is about a character who's still around but I feel that they've been writing her wrong for years. That character is Peter Parker's dear Aunt May. You see, I'm a big fan of the 1960's version of Aunt May. Oh yeah, baby, that May. Always making wheatcakes for her nephew! What a lady! More seinial and oblivious than Abe Simpson! I mean she NEVER knows what's going on! Her on again off again relationship with Dr. Octopus, who treated her great! So what if he has metal arms? When he popped the question to May, she was all about it! She believed Triple J's Daily Bugle anti-Spider-man propaganda and took it to heart! Sigh...I love her. I just wish they'd write May as her frail, dog faced, insane, always in the hospital self. I wonder what happened over the years to make May snap out of her constant dymensia? I know she had a blood transfusion using Peter's radioactive spider blood. Did that reverse the process somehow? And if so, why wouldn't Peter want to help the elderly by donating his blood to the Red Cross, or something? I mean, that WOULD help people. Also, I wouldn't mind reading a one shot or limited about the misadventures of 1960's Aunt May. I would definatly put that in my pull! Norman Osborn would totally date her and make Doc Oct jealous, resulting in an epic fight for the heart of dear old May Parker, only to shoot them BOTH down and go on picnics with the Venom symbiote. Best selling book right there, Comicvine!!!

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Quest Blog

Hey I'm just writing a quick one line blog for the Quest Points. If anyone would like to respond to this blog with whatever you want, that'd be awesome. I wanna get this quest set out of the way and who know, we my be friends for life!