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Neo is going to stomp this, and pretty easily.

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That was my first thought comming into this thread, but the OP nerfed Neo a lot. TK is relegated to stopping bullets, he's grounded and has no weapons.

Wesker is what? 6 tons strength and about 60-70 m/s at top speed?

Neo was sending people through walls/statues with a casual strike, and is FAR more durable than Wesker, something I don't see being addressed here.

In the second Matrix movie he stopped a sword swung by a Superhuman (who cleaved through a stone statue and part of a wall with that same sword later) with his bare hand and it barely scratched him. I saw someone stab a combat knife dang through Wesker's forearm in a video (the one where he's in the airplane cargo section).

Odds are, Wesker can't even HURT Neo, assuming he does manage to TAG him.

So lets list Neo's advantages:

  1. Possibly too durable for Wesker to harm. Or at least vastly superior in terms of durability.
  2. Vastly more skilled than Albert Wester (master of almost every martial arts style, weapon style, master marksman, etc.)

To top it off Neo can see a bullet flying, and easily dodge it. And that was BEFORE he came back to life. He's arguably as fast, if not faster than Wesker.

The same can be said in terms of strength.

The only DISADVANTAGE I see here is his lack of a healing factor. Which shouldn't matter because it's arguable if Wesker can even hurt him (assuming he does manage a hit or two).

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Whoa whoa whoa, slow down there buckaroo. Wesker is a helluva lot faster than 70 MPH, that's just absolutely ridiculous. He can run faster than humans are able to see, that's at least supersonic speed, and he can fight fast enough to handle two bullet timers simultaneously with ease.

Sending people through walls is a peak human feat. Wesker kicked Chris through a solid steel door and left a gigantic dent in it. Stopping a sword is decent, but you're lowballing with the knife thing. Wesker has tanked bullets, rocket launchers, and his forearm is harder than a lead pipe. If he can survive a plummet from the top of the Spencer Estate hundreds of feet into rocks, it's going to take a helluva lot more than wall busting strength to injure him.

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Solid Snake solos all of comic books (effortlessly)

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Ed seriously stomps then.

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Does Ed have a pebble in his shoe/wearing a monster suit/sleepwalking?

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I could go on for days about Chris, Jill, and Sheva feats. I'll just say that Chris's strength does seem considerably higher than most comic book peak humans, being capable of ripping B.O.W.s in half, effortlessly kicking down metal doors, and of course the boulder feat, and his speed is at least peak human, with a couple bullet timing feats and other great reactions. He's also completed more missions than any other BSAA agent and has taken on creatures that would make Keanu Reeves show emotion, so he's far from unskilled. Both Jill and Sheva have at least one bullet timing feat and incredible accuracy. Jill took down Nemesis on her own so nuff said there.

I don't really remember the Matrix though so I can't give a very elaborate debate.

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@tparks: Wow, that is some impressive footage. Gotta say this is a lot cloesr than i originally thought. Based on your response to ancient, Neo has a very limited use of his TK? How about Wesker's endurance? Does he tire? I havent seen Neo tire, except in the 3rd film...and thats not in use here. Also, its not stated in the OP, but Neo has no weapons, correct?

I've never seen him tire in any of the cutscenes he's been in. @nickzambuto could probably give a better answer then me on this though.

In Umbrella Chronicles Wesker sprinted through miles of snow to reach a Russian Umbrella base and wasn't tired at all.

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@tparks: Neo jumps all up in dat

I think it would be close. Wesker is quite a bit quicker then Neo in short bursts.

Wow, really? I dont know much about Wesker, other than in Resident Evil DC. Is Wesker really fast enough to dodge bullets, and pace/outpace Neo? Also, the OP doesnt specify, but can Neo affect the physical environment?

seems like a cool fight.

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@sync1: I've been working on my introduction for a few days now. It got a bit excessive, so sorry for being slow.

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