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Screw it, throw me in for Leon Kennedy.

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@lukehero said:

I'm rooting for Boyka. He's gonna be fully healthy right?

Nope, we're going hardcore here. Yuri only needs one knee to deal with chumps like these.

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This is Yuri Boyka. A Russian prison fighter who's reputation as the most dangerous man in the world has spread from his humble fighting ring, across the country, and to the world at large. Almost nothing is known about Yuri's backstory besides the fact that he was imprisoned for murder. The details were never mentioned, and they are unimportant. What matters is that Boyka has spent his entire life training, and studying the art of combat from all eras and nations across history, combining their methods and shaping himself into, in his own words, "the most COMPLETE fighter in the world." Right after explaining this, he demonstrates his abilities by effortlessly snapping a man's neck (brutal efficiency) and closing another man's throat (refined knowledge).

This is Boyka's advantage over Bone and Liu. They are both EXTREMELY talented not only at fighting, but in various fields. Bone is shown to be just as good with guns as he is with his fists, he's an expert at chess, he's a ladies man, he even singlehandedly outsmarted a criminal organization. Liu is exactly the same, a Chinese Intelligence Agent trained in almost every field imaginable, just replace chess with acupuncture. Boyka on the other hand? He has no experience with anything else. His ENTIRE LIFE has been single-mindedly dedicated to only one thing: becoming the best fighter in the world. For those unfamiliar with the character, you can watch Boyka explain this himself.

Boyka is not only more experienced in hand-to-hand combat than both Bone and Liu, but his obsession with being the best has given him more knowledge on fighting styles and techniques than either of them.

After watching and enjoying all three of these characters' movies, I can say confidently that I was most impressed by the choreography in Undisputed. Boyka is by far the most versatile fighter here, capable of insane feats of agility and dexterity to fight and escape from almost any position. His training, experiences, and knowledge have been much more extensively shown than either Bone or Liu's, despite simultaneously remaining mysterious, and at the end of the day I just don't see either of them able to keep up with him when he has such a wide arsenal of moves and techniques at his disposal. He reacts so quickly and always counters so perfectly, the Undisputed series is a world filled with master martial artists, some almost superhuman, and out of them all only three have truly challenged Boyka. Three. He basically toys with the other prison fighters just to put on a good show, despite their own considerable skill. Like this guy, he's fighting Boyka and pulling off all of these crazy kicks and leg sweeps, only a true master fighter could pull of combos like these, but Boyka basically dances around him and then counters with a simple jab. That's true skill, efficiency.

When the guy actually manages to grab hold of Boyka's leg, it looks like he has a big advantage. Boyka's ankle can easily snap from this position, and he's off balance. But, being the most complete fighter in the world, Boyka adapts before the guy even realizes the position their in, and uses his acrobatics to break free without even risking his foot being injured.

I'd like to see Bone or Liu display knowledge and skill to this degree. I watched both of their movies, and while their fighting skills were impressive, the problem is that neither of them ever went up against a character with any skill in their own right. For those who haven't seen the films, Bone's most dangerous opponent was MMA fighter Pretty Boy Price, but Price wasn't even that far above the fodder of Undisputed, so that doesn't give Bone good odds against Boyka. Liu fought the twins, but again, their kicks weren't anything that Boyka wasn't countering from the fodder of Undisputed constantly.

Overall, I haven't even gotten into the noteworthy opponents Boyka has faced, but his fodder showings already put him on even ground with Bone and Liu since his fodder are about even with anyone they've ever fought. At best, I can say that they might notice a slight limp on his left side and realize he has a weak knee which they can try to exploit, but given Boyka's level of agility and adaptability, actually getting him in a hold that can do damage is easier said than done. You can see the extent of his acrobatics and how expertly he can use them in combat, here's another section from the same fight where the fodder guy grabs Boyka's wrist and tries to slam him, only for Boyka to break his arm free by flipping with the twist and then counterattack before the guy is able to react.

The fact that I've only brought up one of Boyka's fight scenes and already gathered this much about his skills should say a lot. But let's move on to his second fight. This guy, once again an expert fighter in his own right, is even more outmatched by Yuri to the extent where Boyka is actually struggling to make it a good show. He panders to the crowd, blocks the guy's best moves while standing still and even tanks a few hits just for why not, almost as soon as the fight starts he gets the guy in a headlock only to let him go. He holds himself back just for the sake of a fight, which is saying a lot. In the end, Boyka has this guy so outmatched that he actually ends up beating him to death.

Of course the highlight is when Boyka does a spinning jump kick, misses, only to use his foot to parry the guy's counterattack and simultaneously use his other foot to kick him in the chest. The jump kick was just a ploy to make the guy leave himself open.

More importantly however is the fact that the guy ended up dying from being punched. Boyka is the strongest guy here, I might even say by far. Obviously he's the most agile as well, and I'm positive he's the most durable. Sheer speed might go to Liu since he's arguably a bullet timer, but that's not a big deal. Liu probably isn't durable enough to go toe-to-toe with Boyka for long. When Chambers tried to put a bench in front of Yuri to trip and humiliate him, Yuri just kept running and turned the bench into splinters with a single kick.

He punches a thick board of plywood over and over again just for exercise, but it's shown that once he got mad, he was actually able to shatter it with only one.

Is Liu's ribcage much stronger than a wooden bench? It shouldn't take more than a few well placed hits for Yuri to deal serious damage. Same goes for Bone. He has the power to smash thick, solid wood effortlessly, and it didn't take very many of those punches to beat a man to death. It takes over 1,000 pounds of force to snap a human neck, and Yuri did it in less than a second. I don't think I need to argue that he's much more agile than Bone and Liu. To put it bluntly, Yuri is just a machine. He can jump, he can flip, he can grapple, he knows an encyclopedia of submission moves and also how to counter them, and his sheer power and agility is unmatched. The only problem I can see is his knee, but Yuri proved in Undisputed III that even with a bad leg, he was still the champion and the best fighter.

For those who haven't watched the films, at the end of Undisputed II Yuri's knee was broken in his fight with George Chambers. It's unknown how much time passed between movies, but when the third film opens Yuri has been reduced to a janitor sweeping up the hallways and has neglected training or any form of exercise, and the prison fighting system has all but forgotten about him. A new champion named Psycho came about, and he was slaughtering everyone who challenged him. Despite his look, the guy was fast and skilled, he could kick, chain combos, knew submission moves, and even with a good knee Yuri would likely be physically inferior to him. You can see all this in his fights before Yuri. However, none of this stopped Yuri from jumping into the ring and totally curbstomping him.

This is also another good showing of Yuri's power, as Psycho's bulk made him all but immune to the strikes of other fighters, yet Boyka downed him in seconds.

Overall, I don't think Bone or Liu are really in Boyka's league, physically, or in terms of skill. Their feats don't match up, Boyka could do more than them with a broken knee, as we'll get into, and exploiting that broken knee isn't easy. I don't see a single advantage either fighter holds, again besides Liu arguably being a bullet timer.

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I'm not sure they have the damage output. Brick was fast and skilled so he could probably catch them and end them one at a time.

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I've seen scans of him knocking Solomon Grundy around just for fun, and at the time Grundy was powerful enough that Ted wasn't even actually injuring him, which means that took a lot of skill to constantly keep him off balance (although Grundy was knocked out when Ted threw him into a chimney so he wasn't that strong). He's also fought on even ground with Batman, but was that just in boxing or did he ever face a full power Bruce Wayne?

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Whhhhhhatt hes not beating Hawkeye blackwidow or the kingpin or the punished let alone taliah.....he killed a few assains lastnight ill give it to him but there Conan fodder lets be honest he's got those feats....IMO i think he could take arsenal and speedy(given the environment there fighting)

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Leon f*cking Kennedy and Chris f*cking Redfield


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Stop bumping this stomp

Don't wanna be reminded of how hard Mindy gets her ass kicked?

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@leo-343 said:

@nickzambuto: I always thought SSJ2 Gohan was still above super perfect Cell. Cell came back stronger than ever, Gohan was nerfed because of his broken arm and he still overpowered Cell. So I'm not sure if they will get destroyed even if Cell is super perfect.

This is all assuming that Yamcha amuses himself and holds back for a proper challenge.

True, but if Gohan is fighting both Broly AND SP Cell at the same time, he might get overwhelmed.

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It's kind of hard to judge where The Return of Cooler and Super Android 13 take place in the timeline. If they're post-ROSAT, with Goku being a FPSSJ, Vegeta being Ascended, and Piccolo being the Super Namek, then the two of them oneshot everybody and then stalemate, or possible Cooler wins because of his regen and techniques. However if it's pre-ROSAT, then this is relatively even. All we know for sure is that everybody here can wreck a Super Saiyan with minimal effort. However, whereas 13, Cooler, and Broly have only fought Super Saiyans directly, Cell can not only wreck Super Saiyans, but wreck characters who can ALSO wreck Super Saiyans, and then 16 was his equal. So IMO Cell would win eventually due to his techniques, regen, and general tactics/trickery.