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By definition of the DC Multiverse, they are indeed elseworlds stories.

The DC Multiverses only occupies 52 Universes. So I do not think The Dark Knight films or other live action Batman are intended.

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I do sort of. I consider Batman Begins and TDK some Of my favorite Batman stories. So kinda...

I sort of agree with this now; though I change it for me personally, as all three films (moreso the last two).

Well then omniverse, or whichever one is about how every decision creates a new world leading to infinite universes.

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@nickzambuto: How could you be so sure that another member of his rogues gallery wouldn't be as impactful if they weren't given a comparable amount of spotlight. It's also fair to mention that a lot of the characters were poorly represented or just briefly touched upon.

The proof is in the pudding. Just look at the movies, the games, the shows, and the comics themselves -- the best Batman stories always have the Joker as the main antagonist.

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By definition of the DC Multiverse, they are indeed elseworlds stories.

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Pretty sure Raiden is out of Grievous' league.

Nah. Grievous is fast, even by EU Jedi standards (their only saving grace being precognition), and he's easily one of the best duelists in the entire mythos. That, combined with full knowledge, and his completely unorthodox, erratic lightsaber style, should allow him to take this. He just needs to not get hit (because Raiden is something like a 100 tonner?).. which I guess is easier said than done, but then with full knowledge he'll know not to get into that situation.

Well it's not like Raiden is slow, and he's likewise one of the best fighters in his own mythos, arguably the #1 in all of history by the end of Revengeance, but even during MGS4 he's still among the elites of the franchise. He defeated Solidus Snake while the latter was equipped with an exoskeleton that buffed him up to Cyborg Ninja levels without any enhancements himself, he proved himself Vamp's superior numerous times and even bested him at his own forte, knife fighting, he fought off a whole mob of enhanced FROG Troopers all coming at him simultaneously without any arms, he singlehandedly brought down the entirety of Desperado, the most powerful PMC company in the world, he killed all the Winds of Destruction one after the other, he surpassed Jetstream Sam, and he even managed to overcome Senator Armstrong, who's ridiculously powerful and not a bad fighter in his own right.

Full knowledge is an advantage that goes both ways, and I don't know about Grievous, but Raiden is highly intelligent and adept at exploiting weaknesses and using his opponent's abilities against them. Take Fortune and Vamp for instance, two nigh-invincible super soldiers coming at Raiden together while he himself is completely cornered and doesn't have his cyborg enhancements yet. Fortune's forcefield makes it impossible to actually attack her, and Vamp's muscle reading ability allows him to dodge any attack with ease. So what Raiden does is, rather than aim at Vamp directly, he targets Fortune and fires two bullets at her, predicting their trajectory after being bounced away and managing to consecutively score a headshot and a gut shot on Vamp, successfully KOing him. Fortune is so distraught that she can't even think about attacking Raiden. (Raiden used their friendship against them, this is an example of using knowledge of his opponent to his advantage).

Raiden's ability to think on the fly allowed him to survive many impossible situations during MGS2, where he was still a human. Towards the end of the game, Raiden was pitted in a deathmatch against a score of twenty-five Metal Gear RAYS coming at him in groups of three. Defeating one RAY is a tough job for a cyborg, but Raiden was still a human at this point, and yet he was able to survive by staying on the defensive and targeting their joints until Olga arrived to save him. This is something I don't see Grievous replicating as he is now, let alone with no enhancements.

And Raiden in MGS4 is literally thousands of times stronger and more skilled than his MGS2 counterpart. So basically if you were banking on Grievous's intelligence scoring him the win here, you might want to re-think that.

Likewise Raiden's entire fighting style can be summed up as "completely unorthodox and erratic." He only uses one sword, but he's able to wield that sword with any one of his limbs at any time, constantly freeing himself up for other attacks or maneuvers. Just watch his battle with the Gekkos and Vamp and you'll see how Raiden fights.

For all his skill and speed, Grievous can't move like that. It's clear when you look at any of his fight scenes and compare. My favorite part is how Raiden handles his sword so well that he was able to keep his sword air born and constantly offensive against Vamp while simultaneously deflecting his throwing knives from near-makeout distance (which move fast enough to penetrate steel) just by kicking it while doing all kinds of flips to keep on balance.

Raiden's strength on top of everything else is just too much of an advantage. Grievous can't try to block or parry any of his attacks, he'll lose his saber and possibly his arm. He has to dodge everything, and for as fast as Grievous is, he's not half as acrobatic or slick as Raiden is.

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@kyrees said:

@lukas12: the OP didn't say one saibamen, he said a saibamen on which accounts anyone can add more.

The word "a" is singular.

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@pope052: Gohan was toying with Cell. He wanted to make him suffer.

Plus Cell proves that when he fought Goku, he was holding back. Goku even admits this.


That still doesn't mean Gohan was pulling any punches, and he certainly didn't seem to be doing so. Secondly, I don't recall Goku saying so in the manga canon, so do you mind pointing me out to the scan where he says so?

He's right, when Gohan went Super Saiyan 2, Cell charged up to full power, revealing he was taking it easy on Goku for lulz (which is why he was so desperate to get Gohan's hidden power out in the first place, he needed a true challenge and Goku wasn't providing it)

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I wouldn't say Raditz was playing around, I'd say he fought like a half-decent martial artist, countering and using basic tactics instead of charging randomly. Just because he was having fun doesn't mean he wasn't trying to kill them.

Skill is also a factor, Raditz used several impressive maneuvers and techniques against Goku and Piccolo. Like when they got behind him, he jumped into the air and delivered a boot to each of them simultaneously. A Saibaman wouldn't be able to do that, and might get caught by surprise.

I say Goku and Piccolo wouldn't even need the Special Beam Cannon, Goku's Super Kamehameha would probably wipe the Saibaman out since it wouldn't be able to block it in time like Raditz did. If it survives that, then it'll be so weak that Piccolo on his own can whoop it.

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Pretty sure Raiden is out of Grievous' league.

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Goku gets stomped. 1 was enough to overwhelm Vegeta, so 7 will stomp Goku.


Vegeta and Goku weren't comparable at the Cell Games.

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I wanna see someone debate this, it's certainly an... interesting scenario.