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@nickthedevil: ABC logic.

Not ABC logic.

ABC logic would be saying Character C should be able to beat character B, because character A can, and C is better than Character A.

My reason was, quick thinking and skills is what took them down?

Captain America is full of it. It's sort of his thing.

So, Character C beats character B because Character C has replicated, if not done better than character A in the past.

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Yeah, how does a normal mortal human get past these games if these things are around?

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Mvie version does not clear.

stops at Joe

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Matt freakin' Murdock

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@thatguywithheadphones: Well, the OP was using single issue sales in his comparison.

Had he used volumes would it really be any different?

Yes. To add, he only included a limited time frame for sales of comics, (New 52, which has only been around for a couple years) and not using the entire span of the comics' life time.

Ergo, the 80ish years of Superman and Superman related titles would say otherwise.

Okay so lets do that, in it's 5 year run roughly about 2 years older then the new 52 AoT accumulated about 36 million sales(a single series with about 14 volumes). Could a combination of most New 52 titles compare to that? (I'm asking singularly as, I'll admit, I'm virtually still retard to the comic industry as a hold. )

Well, from what I read, and I can't seem to find anymore numbers, DC sold 5.1 million comics in the four months alone, prior to their New 52 event/debut.

Now, that's four months leading to New 52, not counting the year before or the rest of the year, nor the three years after the New 52.

Yet, these numbers I can find only say DC comics, so, there is no specific numbers as to how much Superman-related titles were sold.

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Yes it does. Shapeshifting is molecularly altering yourself. And again, Loki can just go intangible or invisible or both. And loki can transmutate people as well so he can obviously transmutate himself back to his original form. So no, Abra can't do squat to him.

Shapeshifting isn't usually a molecular change as much as a standard physical change. Even then, Loki can't really do much if his brain is turned into shards of glass.

Wrong again. He turns from dragons to butterflies to rats, etc. It's likely molecular. And Loki's survived without a head and without a body. And again, if he's intangible and invisible, Abra can't even see him or affect him.

It's never been stated his shapeshifting works like MMH's and I really don't see how it's going to help him. Abra should transmute him before he can react given his superior speed.

Abra's not faster than Loki by any means. Unlike Abra, Loki has actual quantifiable speed feats placing him faster than lightning and his perceptions/actions are fater than light. Abra just tags fast people which...I mean even Slade does that.

Lost all credit with that statement there, bud.

Anyone who is actually worth their comic book knowledge in debating knows how wrong that is.

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Obscure anime character.

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When I first heard of the Batman 75th anniversary being this year, I got a half sleeve tattoo to commemorate. He's been a big part of who I am, since as far back as I can remember.